There’s Now a My Little Pony-Flavored Ice Cream, Of Course


Oh, Derpy Hooves, what would the My Little Pony fandom be without you? Chocolate chip muffin flavored ice cream-less, that’s for sure.

A homemade ice cream shop in Omaha, Nebraska has just introduced a My Little Pony-inspired ice cream flavor in response to an overwhelming customer demand. And can you blame them? As John Farrier of Neatorama notes, not only is Derpy Hooves – the hapless-looking Pegasus pony who originally started as a nameless background character before audiences fell in love with her – absolutely adorable, she’s also known for her love of muffins. Her iconic blue-grey skin color doesn’t hurt the branding tie-in either.

Let’s hope this is just the start of a whole line of MLP-inspired treats. Just think: Rainbow Dash sherbet? Apple-Pie-Jack? Of course, Fluttershy wouldn’t have a “real” flavor, but you can bet her ice cream would taste like music and kindness and haute couture. Obviously.

Check out the Ted and Wally’s Homemade Ice Cream shop Facebook page, here.

H/T + PicThx Neatorama