Denver Ice Cream Shop Scoops Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Trix, and Cocoa Puffs-Flavored Ice Cream


Let’s face it, as much as we reminisce, the chances of us actually buying and eating any of the sugary cereals of our past is slim to none. Eating ice creams that taste exactly like them though? Um, yes. Pls. Pls pls pls pls. Pls.


At the Ice Cream Riot parlor in Denver, Colo., there are, at any given time, four rotating cereal-flavored ice creams — all made in house, all guaranteed to make you both wish you were a child and grateful you’re a grown up with money and no one to tell you no at the same damn time. Each flavor both tastes like and contains pieces of the cereal it’s named after, from Fruity Pebbles to Cinnamon Toast Crunch to Cookie Crisp, Apple Jacks, Crunch Berries and most recently, Pumpkin Pie Pop Tarts.


Back in August, store owner Jim also nabbed himself a bit of internet infamy when he posted a note to stating he closed the store early due to rain and could be found on his couch “taking bong hits” and hanging out with hippies.


Coming from a guy selling everything from cereal to Doritos-flavored ice cream, hell, we believe it.

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Hershey Suing Weed Candy Maker Over Punny Knock-Offs


Hershey has filed a lawsuit against TinctureBelle LLC and TinctureBelle Mari`juanka LLC, who make medicinal marijuana laced products in Colorado, because of the alleged likeness to their “Reese’s,” “Almond Joy,” and “York” products.

At first glance, “Hashees,” “Ganja Joy,” and “Dabby Patty” candies might have a fimiliar look, and that’s good enough reason for Hershey to take an edible weed candy company to court.

Although the punny names are cute, Hershey says they’re misleading and thinks the products could be dangerous if people mistake the marijuana chocolates for their own.

The lawsuit states that the “Defendants, who are well aware of the fame and popularity of these Hershey products and marks, are manufacturing and selling cannabis… in order to increase sales and… draw additional attention to their products.”

Not only does Hershey want them to stop selling the marijuana candy, but return any profits made from those candies as well.

Tincture Belle also sells Medicated Rub, Lotions, Soaps and Lip Balms, but they might have to soon change the way they package their candy.

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‘Brews Wayne’ Batman-Themed Beer is Strangely Not a Stout


If superheroes didn’t exist, Bruce Wayne would probably be an alcoholic. Thankfully, instead we got a hyper-aggressive masked vigilante/billionaire playboy with a flair for dramatic costuming. Oh, and this Batman-inspired beer, fittingly dubbed — of course —the Brews Wayne.

For the third year in a row, Denver Comic Con enlisted the help of Breckenridge Brewery to create an official superhero-themed beer for its upcoming annual convention. Following last year’s “Caped Brewsader,” 2014’s submission is also Gotham themed: an amber ale with a “hearty malt base and lively hop character,” meant to represent the duality of its “playboy by day and superhero by night” namesake, reports the Denver Post.

With 6.1% ABV, the limited-edition beer is perhaps a even more fitting a tribute to the Dark Knight than a black-as-vengeance stout or porter would be. Then again, considering how bleak and beefed up Affleck’s version is looking, maybe we will need something with a bit more brooding.


Wake and Bake at Colorado’s ‘Bud and Breakfast’


With recreational marijuana now legal in Colorado, businesses both in and out of state have been inspired to create such offerings as weed and sushi pairings and melty weed pizza. Now, the owners of the Adagio Bed and Breakfast signed a one-year lease with a company that will soon be known as “The MaryJane Group, Inc.” Ahem.

According to a press release, the soon-to-be MJG plans to transform the quaint bed and breakfast into a “pilot project in the marijuana-friendly lodging industry.”

The all-inclusive “Bud and Breakfast” will include unlimited food, drinks, and “the best marijuana and marijuana edibles Colorado has to offer.” Let us repeat: all-inclusive marijuana. Oh, and there will be an in-house chef on deck to prepare gourmet meals cooked to order. Insert heavy breathing here.

If the concept Bud and Breakfast proves successful, Joel C. Schneider, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pladeo (aka The MaryJane Group), says they plan to “expand through the leasing or acquisition of additional inns and Bed and Breakfast establishments.”

While Schneider did not disclose the room rates and the date the transformation will take place, we hope it’s very very soon. 

Fast Food

Chipotle Expands into the Fast-Casual Pizza Game


Having conquered the world of fast-casual burrito bowls, Chipotle is applying their concept to the pizza business.

This past May, the company invested in Pizzeria Locale, a Denver-based restaurant that just so happens to also be owned by Chipotle founder Steve Ells’ longtime friends, restaurateurs Lachlan Mackinnon-Patterson and Bobby Stuckey. Ells brought Chipotle’s unique format to the table, suggesting the new restaurant adopt an assembly line counter and lower it prices by using more affordable ingredients. However, although Chipotle became an equity partner in this new venture, Mackinnon-Patterson and Stuckey maintain a majority stake and run day-to-day operations.

Pizzeria Locale offers a total of 10 customer-created combinations. Pizzas are fired up on a rotating oven at 1000 degrees Fahrenheit and are baked in less than two minutes, eliminating the need for constant tending and turning. “It’s really central to making this thing work in a fast-casual format,” a Chipotle spokesman told Huffpo. “With the type of oven that they used at the original Locale, it would be really difficult, given the volume that you you do in a fast-casual environment, to keep all of the pizzas cooking perfectly without tremendously skilled pizzaoili.”

While Pizzeria Locale was inspired by a partnership with the original Pizzeria Locale in Boulder, a sit-down restaurant, the company plans to expand its fast-casual format to two more locations in Denver.

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New Starbucks Ditches Tables & Chairs For Compact Makeover

Starbucks will be opening a slew of stores around the country that are strictly drive-thru and walk-up only, in an eco-friendly experiment.

For these new stores, the traditional sit-down area will be completely out of the picture.

The first store has already opened in Denver, Co. and while Starbucks said that every one of the new stores will have a different look, the Denver one is a compact 500 square feet, made with local materials, certified by Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design and has just enough space to fit three to five people plus work equipment.

Starbucks has been making big moves all year including a food makeover, a juice bar with no spell-check and a caffeine jolt in the Magic Kingdom.

The new Denver store was constructed with wood from old Wyoming snow fencing and is designed to let light through the walk-up window, giving it a “lantern effect” in the morning.

One of the crazier things about this building is that it was constructed in a factory and delivered by a truck!

It’s pretty fancy looking, but the ordering concept is also recycled from several old-school restaurants including, most notably, In-N-Out.

Starbucks has been riding the “going green” train for a while, though. Its Starbucks Shared Planet plan has pushed out LEED certified stores, meaning they’re making an environmentally friendly attempt, and among other things, have stated that it grows its coffee responsibly and ethically.

The idea for these new stores sparked in 2008 and have finally been unleashed.

Starbucks plans to replace several of its current stores with these newly designed ones.

Is this the future, or will people prefer their soft jazz, dim lights and Wi-Fi filled restaurants?

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Could this Denver Restaurant be the First Ping Pong Eatery?

On Wednesday, August 1st, Denver, Colorado opened its doors to perhaps one of the only ping pong eateries around. Known as Ace, the highly anticipated restaurant boasts tons of open space, an open kitchen, a bar that leads to a patio, and most of all, a ping pong game hall inside and ping pong tables outside.

The unique restaurant is covered from head to toe with recycled and reused materials, for a truly distinctive look. While half of the menu is inspired by the film Big Trouble in Little China, the food is said to have an Asian influence, with “an emphasis on fresh juices and homemade ingredients and sodas” as reported by Eater.

Check out their website here for an exclusive look at their restaurant and what you can expect to eat.

Fast Food

In-N-Out Possibly Coming to Denver?

California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and now… Colorado? That was the talk of the town when Denver City Councilman for District 8, Albus Brooks made a Facebook post about the possibility of the CA-based burger chain making its debut in the Mile High City. Brooks reportedly has ties to the current CFO of In-N-Out and has stated that bringing the fast-food chain to the city of Denver is part of his agenda for 2012.

Along for the ride of possible California chains rumored to be coming to Colorado include Trader Joe’s, the privately held chain of specialty grocery stores with approximately 365 locations. Half of those locations are in California, with the other half spanning across 30 states. How you feelin’ Denver?

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