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BAGELRITO: The Breakfast Hybrid We’ve Been Dreaming Of

East coasters tend to be partial to the breakfast bagel, while west coasters often opt for their beloved breakfast burritos. Einstein Bros is combining  both coasts for its beautiful new creation, the Bagelrito.

The Bagelrito is stuffed with two cage-free eggs, thick cut bacon, turkey sausage, a three-cheese blend, hash brown, salsa, green chiles, all wrapped in a flour tortilla, according to QSR.

After that, the burrito is wrapped in a freshly baked Asiago bagel.

Einstein started testing this thing at five Colorado locations, October 18, so at this moment, the Bagelrito cannot be found at all locations.

We can’t imagine the testing going badly, as it is a perfect combination that the needs to be everywhere. Einstein sold out pretty quickly in its initial runs, and feedback from Coloradans was fairly positive:




We can only hope that we get a nationwide release sooner than later.

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News Crew Tries The One Chip Challenge On Live TV And It Doesn’t Go Well At All

The Channel 2 Denver Morning News team, especially anchor Natalie Tysdale, was taken on a trip to hell and back after taking on the infamous #OneChipChallenge live on camera.

The notorious #OneChipChallenge consists of eating an entire Carolina Reaper Madness Chip from Paqui. But before you mock those who suffer under the wrath of a single chip, it’s important to note that this year’s chips were made with Carolina Reaper peppers that clocked in at 1.9 million Scoville units AND are said to be 25% hotter than last year’s chip.

So having tried the challenge ourselves, we knew that the Channel 2 Denver team would not disappoint with their reaction. However, there was one anchor who stole the show: Natalie Tysdale.

You can see Tysdale cautiously inserting a part of the chip in her mouth while taking a selfie at the 1:13 mark and eventually meeting her inescapable demise a mere 30 seconds later at the 1:45 mark.

Some Reddit users found her reaction to be hilarious, while some wanted to see her on the First We Feast’s Hot One’s challenge.

But for those who are worried about her health, don’t worry, she’s alive and kicking. On her official Facebook, she wrote, “I thought I was okay until I had a drink of my coffee to wash down the chip. I threw up, couldn’t breathe and felt like fire was coming out of my mouth, nose and ears. I had a bottle of water, a glass of milk, a tablespoon of honey and 3 mints and still felt on fire. An hour later I had chills and a massive headache. Three hours have gone by and I feel like I was beat up in a dark alley.”

Sure, she got extremely physically ill, but she’s still, you know, fine. And even though Tysdale may have survived the challenge this time, we highly doubt that there’ll be a second go around.

Take on the challenge too, if you dare.


An All Nighter Guide To Getting Legally High And Eating Through Denver [WATCH]


The legalization of marijuana in Denver has only bolstered an already eclectic social scene. In addition to their bustling craft breweries, there is now a host of legal dispensaries ready to serve you marijuana you can smoke, eat and even drink. Of course, one of the most glorious parts about a legal dose of marijuana is the damn near criminal level of munchies that immediately takeover your night.

In the latest episode of All Nighter, a new web series that chases me around different cities in the wee hours of the morning, I hop right off the plane, smoke a legal blunt with a bunch of strangers, and embark on the nastiest, sloppiest, most delicious and inebriated food journey I could pack into one night.

The fine reporters at BroBible have already broken down the episode’s hot eateries, while a journalist at The Kind has dug into the episode’s exploration of craft brewers vs. craft marijuana dispensaries. I also use a marijuana friend-finder app which helped me find people to indulge with, drive me around in a limo, and was able to order a pizza straight to the limo.

Denver is a hell of a place:


I Got F*cked Up On All The New Drinks At This Denver Chipotle

I’m in a jacket, Rudy, of course, maintains his jolliness in shorts and a t-shirt despite the mid-50s brisk Denver air. He curses my pleas to stop at this Chipotle, our flight back to California looming. I promise him this location is not like the rest.

A few weeks prior, I had wrote a piece about Chipotle’s curious and unorganized implementation of alcohol. Some locations have beer and margaritas, some don’t, some let you drink as much as you want, some have a buzz-killing two-drink maximum. In my coverage, I got wasted at several So Cal locations and learned that their margaritas are above average, their beer is bottled (but well-curated) and their wait staff has absolutely no fucking clue how to deal with customers asking for booze.

My feet are starting to feel the weight of the weed gummy bear I ate about 30 minutes prior.

“I’m not drinking anything,” Rudy reminds me, physically hungover from the night before, his nipples like two water faucets protruding through his T-shirt. “Get what you need and let’s bounce. I’m gonna get some tacos.”



I walk through the double doors and am greeted by a chic college-town friendly ice chest filled with cans of Modelo and juice. The stomach-level bin has BEER engraved in a hip font-face, half-empty bottled sangria chilling on the counter-top behind it, and a drinks menu sitting atop what looks like a frozen margarita machine.

My alcoholic boner swells at the sight of the whirring yellow-green frozen mixture sloshing through its circular window.



It’s booze-first here at this Chipotle, and it’s almost an immediate answer to my questions from months prior:

“Why doesn’t Chipotle promote their alcohol options?”

Well, Elie, they’ve completely put their balls on the table with this one.

Born of Colorado sensibility, it’s fair that Chipotle would trial this booze-first location in Denver, 6th and Broadway to be exact. Maybe still reeling from the norovirus scare or people not having learned that there are viable booze options at Chipotle, the place was deserted. The dining area and outside patio of this place looked like it could hold hundreds of folks, but we were the only dudes there at 11:30am on a Tuesday.

New Sombra Mezcal all-natural frozen margarita? Check. Sangria made with organic ingredients, poured out of a bottle and served over ice with lemon and orange garnish? Sure. Beer on tap brewed just for Chipotle? Pour me some.


Everything I ordered was also interwoven into the location’s DNA. Above the drinks menu board sat a well-lit cabinet that housed a row of tequila, mezcal and sangria bottles intermingled with IKEA potted plants. Glowing neon signs touted MARGARITAS, Sangria and BEER. It was gaudy by design standards, but not completely divergent of Chipotle aesthetic.

Rudy and I pulled up chairs at a table outside, a crime to pass up outdoor eats and libations when available. I quickly dove into the margarita. The mezcal was pungent, damn near revolting on my sober tongue. I put it down, longing for the Suaza margarita this one had replaced. Maybe it’s my disdain towards mezcal, but if my remedial tastebuds are any indicator, I don’t know how other customers will like this.


The bottled sangria is fucking delicious. It’s crispy, airy, refreshing and transportive to wherever I last had a sangria. Looking across at Rudy’s smug face, I forgot I was in Denver for a moment. I reach for another sip, my gummy-bear induced hand slaps the sangria by accident and sends the precious liquid across the table. Fuck.


I gather myself and swig a healthy dose of the draft beer. For $3.75 a pour, I’m pumped on the flavor — although I’m longing for a cold glass. Drinking out of a dinky plastic cup makes me feel like I’m smuggling beer at a high school football game. I can’t pinpoint the flavors in this thing, mainly because I’m not a fuckin’ beer sommelier, but it’s good and I’ll cherish the sips I have left. 

With such disappointment in the frozen margarita, I take it upon myself to play mixologist. I pour what remains of my sangria into what remains of the margarita and out comes a visually arresting cocktail. The gummy bear in my veins tells me this moment is beautiful, so I give a cheers to this new Chipotle.



I hope people like you.


Meet Marijuana Mogul Jane West


I hate to break it to you, but Jane West is cooler than your mom. Not my mom, of course; my mom has flirted with Robert De Niro, has an unusual amount of photos of her leaning on expensive sports cars wearing evening gowns in the ‘80s, and can use a power saw as though it were a butter knife.

But West, 40, is a beast of another kind: a weedbeast, if you will. She’s one of the leading names in cannabis industry entrepreneurship and, instead of resting on her dank laurels, she’s dedicated to uplifting women everywhere who are trying to follow in her footsteps…when she’s not busy hanging out with Snoop Dogg or Willie Nelson.

Oh, and she actually is a mom (to two very lucky boys).

Edible Events

West got her start by organizing events in Denver, Colorado, not too long after marijuana was legalized throughout the state in 2014. These shindigs were BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) and classier than a hardcore Pinterester’s dinner parties.

At $125 a ticket, Edible Events sought to offer an alternative to the common weed consumption aesthetic. Instead of dusting Doritos crumbs off their fingers onto their pants and vegging out on someone’s couch, patrons could dress to the nines, enjoy a cocktail, and get their munchies on.

“They said ‘No one’s going to get dressed up and put on their heels to go to these events,’” West said regarding her initial haters. “But they were so successful, it’s illegal now.”


Photo: Cyrus McCrimmon (Denver Post)

Yes, sadly, I am referring to the company in the past tense. Within a few short months, West’s Edible Events started gaining the attention of local law enforcement, who eventually shut her down. She was slapped with misdemeanor charges, neither having anything to do with marijuana, during a 4/20 brunch.

Luckily, this wasn’t before West was contracted to put on summer fundraising events for the Colorado Symphony Orchestra.  It doesn’t get much more ritzy than that.

A Baker’s Dozen

Although West prefers smoking marijuana “flower,” her renewed use of it was actually due to a friend’s edible. Since that auspicious evening, living in Denver has allowed her to watch the edible market evolve, albeit not in the way she’d prefer.

“I would like to see people buy marijuana more like they buy doughnuts,” said West “’Okay, I’ll take two of those and three of those.’”

And with good reason. Different strains produce wildly different effects from person to person, so consumption shouldn’t be viewed as a monolith. Denver budtenders have responded to tourists’ desires for micro-doses and variety with cannabis flights, but West doesn’t think those should only be marketed to out-of-towners.

A steadfast believer in micro-dosing marijuana (particularly in the female demographic), West is betting on sublinguals, like lozenges and mouth sprays, to be the next big thing. Their compact nature makes dosing extremely customizable depending on your mood, plus they’re faster-acting than a traditional edible.

Other artisanal edibles haven’t hit their stride, suffering in taste and overall experience due to their high THC concentration.

Helping Women Grow

But that’s the problem with the marijuana sector as a whole, according to West. By pushing macro-doses and the male-centric consumption associated with them as the status quo, this budding industry risks alienating its growing clientele, intimidating more casual users, and shutting out innovative entrepreneurs.


Photo:  C. Roese Ramp (Fortune)

“Based on the press from Edible Events, I was getting daily emails from women who wanted to make their mark on the cannabis industry,” said West regarding the birth of her two-year-old networking company Women Grow. “I don’t want to read an article in 10 years where everyone’s going ‘Oh shit, there are no women here.’”

With monthly networking events and access to valuable webinars, over 50,000 members of Women Grow are making sure that doesn’t happen.

This weekend, we’ll be joining Jane West at the Further Future festival where she’ll talk about the future of marijuana.

“What intrigues me the most about Further Future is their approach to culture and the evolution of culture. One of the things inspiring about the marijuana industry is that we’re doing everything from scratch. What we want this [industry] to look like and what we fight for it to look like is what it will be.” -Jane West


This Deli Created Weed-Infused Smoked Salmon


A Jewish Bagel shop has reimagined the phrase “Smoked Salmon” as they claim to have created the world’s first weed-infused smoked salmon.

Last April, Denver-based Rosenberg Bagels decided they wanted to do something special for 4/20. Since the consumption of cannibis was legal where they were located, the bagel shop and delicatessen decided to combine it with smoked salmon to create something truly worthy of the special day.

Two ounces of marijuana trim was infused with alcohol in order to safely extract THC. After the trim was strained and the alcohol cooked off, the extra was poured over the salmon to soak. The fish was then cured for 72 hours and then smoked.

Because there were so many unknown factors in this specific method of cooking that Rosenberg Bagels couldn’t put a label on, the salmon wasn’t sold in the store.

Rather, it was just made for personal consumption.


Denver Wants to Ease You Into Weed with Rookie Cookies


Colorado is one of the first states to legalize marijuana and while potheads might know exactly what they’re doing, if you’re not experienced with weed products, you could easily trip out like this New York Times columnist did when she overdosed on weed candy.

According to the Daily Mail, there is now a cookie to ease you into the high life.

The Rookie Cookie is being sold in Denver by the Growing Kitchen, and has a very mild dose of active THC, one of the main components of marijuana. So if you’ve never had a mind-altering, Snoop Dogg-like experience, this cookie lets you get your feet wet before you dive into the cannabis pool.

Colorado state regulators recommend 10 grams of THC per serving of recreational marijuana product and this cookie meets that standard. That dosage is low enough that most can still operate a vehicle without being too impaired.

So come to the dark side. There’s cookies.

H/T Daily Mail+Pic Thx


Taco Truck Meth Bust Would Disappoint Heisenberg


Did you ever watch an episode of “Breaking Bad” and think to yourself, “Man, this show is basically giving a step-by-step blueprint to drug dealing. Some idiot out there is going to try these things”?

So, some idiots out there tried these things. Except they didn’t keep their businesses separate the way Gus Fring did in “Breaking Bad.” Instead, the methamphetamine was sold straight out of a taco truck in Denver, CO. Customers could walk up to the truck, order some tacos and literally order a side of meth.

The Denver Post reported that this was one of the biggest drug busts in Denver’s history as 55 pounds of meth were seized in the investigation called “Operation Cargo.”

Seventeen arrests were made. The operation used several stash houses, a storage unit, a Mini Cooper and, of course, a taco truck.

In the words of Saul Goodman, “You suck at peddling meth.”

H/T Denver Post