Science Says THREE Glasses Of Champagne Can Prevent Alzheimer’s And Dementia


We’ve been telling everyone for years how alcohol can be good for your health. OK, maybe not if you’re constantly pounding beers. However, a new study shows that a few glasses of champagne a week can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

According to the Mirror, a group of researchers from Reading University attribute the health benefits of champagne to the chemical compounds in grapes. The fruits used to make champagne can help boost memory and battle illness.

Pinot noir and pinot meunier were tested on rats which yielded significant health benefits in the rodents. Professor Jeremy Spencer, of Reading, told the Mail that the testing had dramatic results.

Unfortunately, three glasses of champagne a week might be too expensive for the average consumer looking to battle Alzheimer’s and dementia. Though we don’t really know yet if brands matter when it comes to health.

Luckily, a spokesperson for the Alzheimer’s Society says it’s still a while before the celebratory alcoholic beverage can actually be turned into medicine. Until then, we’ll have to stick to recreational drinking.

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