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Delta Airlines Is FINALLY Bringing Free Meals Back To Long Flights


I remember the days when we used to get free meals on long flights. International flights still always get the free meals, but we used to get free meals if we were traveling from San Francisco to Boston, New York to Hawaii, or something along that length.

However, when the economy got bad in the 2000s, airlines stopped providing those free meals and everything became extra. Nobody wanted to eat the airplane food, so people usually got stuff in a food court in the airport or just waited it out until they arrived at their destination.

Now, with profitability going back up for airlines, some have considered bringing back free meals on their longer domestic flights. Delta just decided to go all in on that.

CNBC reported that Delta will begin rolling out free meals to a dozen different cross-country routes on March 1st. It will begin with two routes: from New York to either Los Angeles or San Francisco. On April 24, the free meals will then expand to include the following routes:

  • New York to Seattle, San Diego, or Phoenix.
  • Boston to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle.
  • Washington, D.C., to LA.
  • Seattle to Orlando and Fort Lauderdale, and Raleigh, North Carolina.

Anyone on these flights, including economy-class passengers, will be able to get one of the free meals, which includes veggie wraps, turkey sandwich combos, and breakfast sandwiches.

The new program comes after a test program in flights between New York and California. Those flights had much higher customer satisfaction scores, leading Delta to decide to implement the program over a wide range of long flights.

According to the same article, American and United Airlines will also consider implementing their own free meal programs for longer flights as well, leaving you with a choice of airlines when it comes to the food. If you fly cross-country with those airlines, you no longer have to spend extra money just to be able to eat on the trip.

If it means saving some extra money, I’m all for it.


Hero Pilot Throws Pizza Party For Passengers After Flight Gets Stranded


Yesterday, a Delta flight scheduled to fly from Philadelphia to Atlanta was diverted to Knoxville after torrential rains in Georgia prevented the aircraft from landing, stranding passengers on the tarmac in Tennessee for hours.

How did the pilot appease the disgruntled and hungry passengers?

He ordered pizza, of course.


The 2 p.m. Delta flight from Philadelphia to Atlanta was supposed to land at 4 p.m. but instead was diverted to Knoxville, Tennessee because of the storm, leaving passengers stuck for hours in the aircraft. Passenger Khoury Ashooh told the Daily Mail:

“We circled in the air for a while [and] then the captain said we were diverting to Knoxville because of storms over the airport in Atlanta.”

Pizza from Pizza Hut delivered to the plane via a baggage cart immediately cheered passengers up.

Naturally, passengers took to social media to let others know of the unexpected delivery.


When Vasquez’s tweet went viral, he added:

Another passenger, @BillyTheKidWitt, tweeted:


The Philadelphia to Atlanta flight finally landed in Atlanta three hours late, a little after 7 p.m. It wasn’t the only Delta flight that had a pizza party. Because Atlanta is a hub for Delta, the bad weather hit many other Delta flights, and Delta fed its passengers with similar feasts as well.

And it turns out that the pizza is part of Delta’s plans to keep passengers happy during delays. Delta spokesman Morgan Durrant told CNN:

“It’s part of an effort company-wide when weather disrupts our operation to get food and beverages to delayed customers.”

Daniel Baker, head of, thought Delta’s gesture was a successful way to deal with dreaded flight delays. In an email cited by CNN, Baker wrote:

“A meal can go a long way to calming nerves, and it raises the observation that there were far fewer incidents of air rage when airlines gave out food and cocktails for free!”

Or Xanax or Attivan.

Just saying.

Written by Augustine Reyes Chan of NextShark