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Someone Tried To Attack M&M’s Caramels Packaging And The Internet’s Not Buying It

Have people actually become so sensitive in this day and age that they would get outraged over the littlest things, like something on a candy package? Thanks to food news site Delish, the answer to that question is now clear: Hell no.

A few days ago, Delish wrote an article picked up by several other news outlets about the “downright alarming” packaging “flaw” on the wrapping of the new M&M’s Caramels that just launched this past month. Their argument was that the red and yellow M&M characters pulling apart a lifeless orange caramel M&M was “mildly disturbing.”

Delish tried to hype up the piece over the fact that the orange M&M was another character, but given the fact there’s no arms or legs present, we’re pretty sure that isn’t the case.

In this attempt to get the internet outraged over seemingly nothing, Delish found themselves getting quite a bit of backlash from their followers:

What’s not even mentioned here is that this wouldn’t even be the most sadistic thing showcased in a food commercial before. I mean, Cinnamon Toast Crunch has a commercial of their cereal pieces eating each other and Pop Tarts get eaten or toasted in most of their commercials as well.

That’s not even the point, though. The point is that it’s a cartoon of slapstick humor, and the packaging is just meant to show the flowing caramel inside the new sweet.

Celebrity Grub Humor

Chrissy Teigen Admits To Being Hospitalized After Cooking Scalloped Potatoes


A photo posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

Chrissy Teigen is one of our favorite celebrity foodies, often tweeting out her food life, and even writing a best-selling cookbook. As great as she is in the kitchen, she recently admitted to having a bloody incident with her hubby John Legend.

She told Delish of a past incident that involved the couple trying to cook up some scalloped potatoes. During their cooking sesh, not only did she slice off the tip of her finger, but so did John.

“I gave John the task, and within the first three swipes, he cut the tip of his finger clean off,” Teigen told Delish.

A video posted by chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen) on

The two were hosting a football game at their home, wanted to make their guests some food, and decided to use a new mandoline. John gave it a crack, and immediately sliced himself up. Teigen, not learning from Legend’s mistake, tried to slice the potatoes herself, and did the exact same thing to her finger.


They both ended up going to urgent care to patch up their fingers, and thankfully it wasn’t worse for the cooking couple.

We’re willing to bet both will be more careful next time, as they both make money off their hands.

Hit-Or-Miss Sweets

This Fireball S’mores Shot Brings The Campfire Straight To You

As a society, and especially as of late, we’ve been trying to find ways to make our alcohol sweeter (Fireball Whiskey, Pinnacle Cotton Candy Vodka, etc.). Well, human ingenuity and the desire to get drunk have joined forces again with this newest creation, the Fireball S’mores shot.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.14.55 PM

The sweet drinkers over at Delish have made it clear that this shot will incite vivid daydreams of nostalgic childhood memories spent around campfires, bonfires, brushfires, virtually anything that ends in fire. Hell, one whiff of this could convince soldiers on opposing sides to end the crossfire and have a drink together during the ceasefire!

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.07.29 PM

The shot is made by caking the rim of the shotglass with melted marshmallows or a marshmallow cream, then you “salt” the rim with crushed up graham crackers. Finally, the actual shot itself is created by blending two parts chocolate liqueur, one part vanilla Schnapp’s, then the most intriguing part of the shot, the Fireball whiskey.

Screen Shot 2016-04-11 at 1.07.57 PM

Of course, this shot is one of those “drink it because it tastes fun” shots, not a “drink it to get drunk” shot. Still, sometimes having fun is more important than getting drunk. Sometimes.

You can find the exact recipe for the shot here.


via Delish


Possible E. Coli Outbreak in Trader Joe’s, Delish Salads and Sandwiches


Quick, check the date on your sad desk lunch. Salads and sandwich wraps packaged by a California catering company between September 23 and November 6 have officially been recalled due to E. coli contamination.

The Glass Onion Catering Company in Richmond, Calif. supplies foods for several large retailers, including Trader Joe’s, Super Fresh Foods, and Delish, according to Contra Costa Times. The contaminated products, which contained cooked chicken and ham, where shipped to locations in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Texas.

According to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service. the bacteria causes dehydration, bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping, and possibly even liver failure.

Moral of the story? Make your own damn sandwiches.

H/T Contra Costa Times