Twitter Had A Field Day With The Deli Meat Truck That Crashed Into The Bread Truck


Bread and deli meat were spewed across several lanes of a New Jersey Freeway Friday morning after two delivery trucks collided. The crash resulted in a pile up of deli meat and hamburger buns, which scattered across the freeway in the accident, covering all but one southbound lane.

The collision caused backups for several miles, spanning multiple exits. The accident on Interstate 287’s Southbound Lanes occurred just before 6am. First responders on the scene cleaned up the sandwich ingredients. Most of the cleanup was contained by 7:30am.

The irony of the crash was not lost to the many Twitter users who took full advantage of the delicious collision.

Even T-Mobile’s CEO took part in the fun.

No one was injured, but somewhere sandwich lovers may be going without some key ingredients.

Cravings Health

7 Surprisingly Dangerous Foods For Pregnant Women And Babies

Sushi and alcohol may be the obvious culprits, but you’d be shocked to learn there’s a much broader list of foods and drink to avoid when you’re expecting or feeding a baby. Keep those cravings in check with this guide.

1. Caesar Salad


This classic dish contains one potentially harmful ingredient in its dressing: raw egg. Consumption of undercooked yolk may result in that familiar bacterial strain known as Salmonella.  Often associated with raw chicken, avoiding infection means cooking eggs above 160-degrees. Too bad cooked dressing isn’t trending.

2. Parsley


A seemingly harmless herb, this infamous garnish is not recommended. Ingesting an abundance may encourage uterine contractions. In layman’s terms, it’ll lend itself to an early delivery. While consuming an excess of anything is never recommended, it’s easier to avoid this green altogether than wonder how much is in that batch of pesto.

3. Deli Meat


Cold cuts, bologna, and we might as well throw charcuterie in the mix– sandwiching these slices can be a cause for concern. It’s not so much the mom-to-be as much as it endangers the unborn child. The chances of acquiring Listeria are generally low, but expectant mothers are more at risk and may pass it along to baby. Complications may occur, leaving the child with complications. Or worse, resulting in death.

4. Water


Odorless, colorless, and without taste; babes in arms should not be drinking tap water. Newborns aren’t known for their immune systems, and receiving infections from drinking water would likely spread throughout their bodies and affect multiple areas of their already fragile body. In addition, for every time they pee, they’re losing sodium. Sodium loss causes seizures and brain swelling. Seriously.

5. Cinnamon


We know, we know. That fun stick in our spiced cider can’t possibly be bad for you. For all the benefits it seemingly promotes (fights off colds, acts as a bug repellent, cures athletes foot, etc.), excessive use results in premature labor.

6. Juice


Specifically, unpasteurized juices are not baby’s preferred beverage. You won’t always know if what’s being offered has gone through the process, so just avoid the option altogether. Need a good reason? Diarrhea. Yeah, we knew that would shut you up.

7. Eggs Benedict


Before you diss poached eggs over ham and English muffins, remember what this brunch staple is dressed in. Hollandaise is the enemy, so get irked because of that. That’s just bananas, if you ask us. See Caesar salad if you’re seeking more justification.

Fast Food

Arby’s Becomes Largest Chain Ever to Launch Gyros


Arby’s attempts to stay relevant by adding two new gyros to their menu. The move will make the company the largest fast food chain to serve gyros. Although, seeing as the Arby’s version is stuffed with deli meat, we’re using the term “gyro” lightly.

The Roast Beef Gyro wraps a pita around sliced roast beef covered in tzatziki sauce and comes accompanied by lettuce, onions and tomatoes; the Turkey Gyro has similar accessories, but swaps the roast beef with roast turkey slices. The turkey also clocks in at 450 calories vs. the beef’s 520 calories.


The new items roll out nationwide on September 1st.


This is Why Some Of Your Meat Has That Technicolor Glow to It


You ever notice how when that Italian sub you’re nomming on hits the light just right, it get’s all sparkly? Not in the Edward Cullen way (hopefully), but more in the double rainbow all the way across the sky kind of way.

Fear not: it does not mean your sandwich has been dunked in bubble solution. Apparently, it’s just boring old science, as per usual.

Simply put, that iridescent sheen is a result of light diffraction. In a piece of (cooked) meat, the muscle fibers all align just so; when cut, the meat forms a freaky magic meat pattern, which bounces light back at us, so we can magically see a rainbow. Basically, your sandwich is as equally amazing as the sky after a thunderstorm. You ought to savor that mess.

There are a whole bunch of other factors that dictate whether you’ll have a beautiful sandwich or not. The color of the meat, for example: roast beef and cured ham are prime suspects, because they’re dark enough to show off a sheen. Chicken and turkey? Not so much. It also depends on the cut (against the grain, folks!), the fat content (the lower, the prettier), and the curing process used.

In other words, there is nothing magical or icky going on with your glowing meat. In fact, it probably means that stuff is pretty choice.

That said, if you’ve got a leg of beef (or whatever) and it’s uncooked and shining? Wipe it down with a paper towel. If the sheen goes away, so does that meat – ideally into a trash can. You’ve got a bad batch, buddy.

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Deli Tray Party Stackers

Looking for something interesting to do with that left over deli meat and cheese tray from the holidays? Well, if you don’t know how to sit and enjoy the meats and cheeses on their own, here’s an idea our friend Nick brought up for some insane Deli Tray Party Stackers. While these sandwiches may prove more visually humorous than efficiently eaten, they do use up a fair amount of smoked turkey, smoked ham, pepperoni and Cheddar, Swiss and Pepper Jack cheeses.  Slather those buns with some mayo and get to eating (that’s what she said!).