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Del Taco Revamps Buck and Under Menu, Includes New Chicken Taco

Next year, expect some of your favorite fast food chains to bring back their value menus. Hungry patrons looking to alleviate the stress on their wallets after the holiday season will be pleased to hear another popular chain will relaunch its dollar menu.

Del Taco has now announced that they will be joining McDonald’s, Taco Bell, and Jack In The Box, by revamping their Buck and Under Menu.

This lineup includes items like breakfast rollers, breakfast tacos, bean and cheese dip, quesadillas, burritos, and tacos.

The newest addition to the Buck and Under menu is Del Taco’s Salsa Chicken Taco. Priced at $1, the taco features grilled chicken, roasted chile salsa, lettuce, and tomatoes wrapped in a warm flour tortilla.

Looks like we’ll be very cozy with this menu after the holidays.

Customers can find the new Buck and Under Menu at Del Taco locations nationwide beginning Dec. 28, 2017.

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The Best $1 And Under Fast Food Items To Satisfy Your Cravings

For years the fast-food industry has centered itself around the value of the American dollar. Now, it seems that every eatery under the sun boasts an affordable chicken sandwich, a value cheeseburger, and a small side of french fries — but let’s be honest, it doesn’t get any better than your total coming out to $1.  

Regardless of how much you’re willing to spend, you can always cure your hunger without spending a fortune. Lucky for us fast-food lovers, there’s a handful of $1 menu items that will remain superior to the regular menu, no matter what their price tag.

Jack In The Box Two Tacos // $0.99

Jack in The Box tacos have existed since the early days of the famed fast-food eatery. In fact, earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal reported that more than 554 million Jack In The Box tacos are sold annually, so it’s only obvious to put this irresistible pair of tacos at the top of this list.   

White Castle Original Slider // $0.71

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Think about it, there was an entire movie series dedicated to two stoner friends, overcoming fear, anxiety, and finding love — all because of White Castle’s Original Cheeseburger slider. Plus, these bite-size burgers are perfect for eating on the go. While the price can range between 0.70 and 0.75 cents depending on location, we’d consider spending less than a buck on lunch a steal.

Del Taco Half-Pound Bean & Cheese Burrito // $1.00

While Del Taco remains a West Coast staple, if you ever find yourself near a location, do yourself a favor and slide through the drive-thru. Del Taco’s original tacos are always a perfect way to satisfy any late-night craving. But, if you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, go for the half-pound bean and cheese burrito.  

McDonald’s Apple Pie // $0.99

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While McDonald’s may be known for its Big Mac and chicken nuggets, their apple pie is a classic. Dessert for only $1 basically means dessert all the time.

Taco Bell Cheesy Roll-Up or Spicy Potato Soft Taco // $1.00

#Truth be told. I’ve been waiting for this night for a few weeks. #spicypotatotaco #tacobell #donthate

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Now that you can get married at Taco Bell, just have your guests order from the dollar menu during the reception. JK, the wedding package comes fully catered. It’s for the better because it might be hard to choose between the Cheesy Roll-Up or taco. Both, perhaps?

Wendy’s Frosty (Small)  // $0.99

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The Frosty has been a staple on the Wendy’s menu for years. While there may be a debate on what flavor — chocolate or vanilla bean — is superior, everyone seems to agree on the fact that it’s the best $0.99 milkshake ever created.

Burger King Hamburger & Cheeseburger // $0.99

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Burger King has always been home to the charbroiled burger patty, and best of all, it comes topped with melted American cheese, crinkle cut pickles, yellow mustard, and ketchup on a toasted sesame seed bun. Winning.

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Del Taco Queso Blanco Is The Chain’s Latest Game Changing Item

Del Taco has been one of the leading innovators in fast food for decades, continuously dropping unique menu items perfect for late nights or early mornings. The chain is about to change the game again with their new, premium Del Taco Queso Blanco and Queso Crunch Taco, both hitting stores on August 31.

As the restaurant bids adieu to nacho cheese from the menu, fans will now have a chance to add premium Del Taco Queso Blanco – a creamy dipping sauce made with real cheese, real milk, and jalapeños – as a go-to side for meal customization.

del taco queso blanco

However, that’s not the only new addition to the menu, as Del Taco is also introducing a new line of exciting and crave-able Queso Blanco menu items, that Barry Westrum, Del Taco’s Chief Marketing Officer, anticipates will surely become fan favorites.  

“Queso Blanco represents Del Taco’s continued innovation within the premium ingredient space, a strategy that has led to strong results for the brand,” Westrum said. “Queso Blanco will replace Del Taco’s nacho cheese, a step that aligns with Del Taco’s guest promise to serve quality and flavorful menu items at an unbeatable value.”

del taco queso blanco

They’re starting strong with the Queso Crunch Taco, which is the “Del” Taco kicked up to another level of deliciousness – picture a crunchy taco shell layered with seasoned beef, crisp lettuce, hand-grated cheddar cheese, and fresh diced tomatoes wrapped in a warm flour tortilla with a layer of creamy Queso Blanco in between.

del taco queso blanco

With that said, Del Taco’s riding the Queso Blanco wave even further, with Queso Loaded Nachos, the Queso Bean Burrito, and their famous Crinkle Cut Queso Fries that will be served at Del Taco’s more than 550 locations nationwide.

Head into your nearest location to try this cheesy goodness ASAP!

Photos by Peter Pham

Created in partnership with Del Taco

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Del Taco’s Delicious Shredded Pork Carnitas Have Returned Once More

Just when you thought you knew what you were going to have for dinner tonight, Del Taco makes a strong case for you to change your mind.

Back by popular demand, Del Taco’s fabled shredded pork Carnitas have made a return to all their restaurants for a limited time! And this time around, it comes in a flurry of new options: A brand new Carnitas Street Taco plate and Carnitas Wet Burrito, an Epic Carnitas Burrito or Carnitas Loaded Fries

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With so many options to try, and a limited time to do it, you’ll have to make multiple meal trips to your nearest Del Taco very soon.



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Del Taco Just Dropped A Huevos Rancheros Epic Burrito

Here at Foodbeast, we’re more or less obsessed with all things burrito, and without a doubt we’ve always considered the king of burritos (and breakfasts) to be the Breakfast Burrito. Thus, you can imagine our excitement when Elie was tipped off about the newest ‘rito from Del Taco: the Huevos Rancheros Epic Breakfast Burrito.

I’ve learned from experience that Elie always comes correct with all things Del Taco, because he knows it’s sacred to us lifelong Californians. And when it comes to their newest breakfast offering, DT did not disappoint.

Huevos. Rancheros. Burrito. Oh. My. God.

Photos by Pete Pham

For starters, Del Taco has taken the classic Huevos Rancheros and made it portable by double-wrapping it with two warm corn tortillas cloaked within a giant flour tortilla (the corn tortillas totally set off the classic Huevos Rancheros flavor). This massive burrito is also stuffed with Mexican chorizo, fresh sliced avocados, slow-cooked pinto beans, scrambled eggs, hand-grated cheddar cheese, sour cream and a roasted chile salsa.

With more than 30 years in the breakfast game, Del Taco knows exactly what they’re doing. The Huevos Rancheros Epic Breakfast Burrito is not only the largest breakfast burrito on the menu, but arguably one of the coolest and most nuanced breakfast burrito concepts on the market. Show me who else makes a Huevos Rancheros burrito. I’ll wait.

Having grown up in Southern California local my whole life, Del Taco has always been a go-to spot after a late night — or for an early morning. Everything on the menu is fuego, so, it was only fitting they added delicious Huevos Rancheros to their menu. (Don’t sleep on their three newly added breakfast rollers though — filled with scrambled eggs, hand-grated cheddar cheese, zesty red sauce and the option to add chorizo sausage or crisp bacon for only a buck.)

Thanks for the tip, Elie.

This post was created in partnership with Del Taco


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Del Taco’s Shrimp Game Just Got A Jumbo Upgrade

deltaco jumbo

If there’s one thing I learned from Nickelodeon’s Drake and Josh, it’s that the bigger the shrimp, the better.

Del Taco must have thought the same thing, debuting new Jumbo Shrimp Tacos and Burritos today.

The golden Jumbo Shrimp tacos have a bit of a chili lime taste and are topped with shredded cabbage, pico de gallo, and Del Taco secret sauce, all in a flour tortilla. The burritos have the same ingredients, but add some fresca lime rice to the mix.

If you’re really hungry, Del Taco is also debuting an Epic Surf & Turf Burrito that not only has the Jumbo Shrimp, but grilled carne asada as well.

With the religious observance of Lent right around the corner, Del Taco knows damn well that putting out a new seafood menu will help make up for the customers who might be cutting out red meat.

“With the Lent season beginning March 1, we’re giving our guests even more delicious options at the value for which Del Taco is known,” Noah Chillingworth, Del Taco’s Vice President of Marketing said.

Like Del Taco usually does with their shrimp offerings, the Jumbo will only be around for a limited time, so don’t sleep on these big boys for too long.


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This Is What Y’all Thought About Taco Bell’s New Vegas Cantina and The Sriracha Big Mac [Feedback Nov. 18]

Welcome to another edition of our weekly Foodbeast “Feedback,” where we feature your Facebook comments, and respond directly to your views on our recipes, videos, and stories.

We’re finally dipping into the holidays, and food news is getting pretty hype.

This week was full of exciting food news stories, and you guys provided some fantastic comments, per usual.

This week McDonald’s announced it’s testing a Sriracha Big Mac, Matt Stonie chugged a giant pumpkin spice latte, and Taco Bell opened a sick 24-hour cantina in Vegas.

You guys responded to those stories through Facebook, and now it’s our turn to respond back.

We always appreciate that you read our posts, and take the time to add your own commentary.

Here’s what made the cut this week. Think you can make next week’s list?



STORY:Watch Pro Eater Matt Stonie Drink The World’s Largest Pumpkin Spice Latte

That sounds like a pretty decent estimate. I think consuming large amounts of food like this, combined with scrolling through Instagram, and maybe even catching up on Black Mirror on Netflix, will cause you to spend a good amount of time in the restroom, but “No Ragrets” right?

Story:Taco Bell’s Vegas Cantina

Nothing says romance like dollar tacos and boozy slushies in Vegas. Taco Bell’s out here helping relationships thrive.


STORY: Watch Kids Try Authentic Chinese Food For The First Time

Yooooo! They’re just kids, man! But yeah, they are little assholes.

STORY: Del Taco Has A Chicken Soft Breakfast Burrito I Can’t Stop Thinking About

I, too love them thick. There’s something about a curvy burrito that gets juices flowing and makes me feel some type of way.


Story: 7 International McDonald’s Burgers The US Needs To Get Their Hands On

We live to torture you guys with delicious food stories. The hungrier you get, the more it fuels us to find photos and videos that’ll challenge your diet, and make you a stronger person as a whole.


Story: McDonald’s Is Testing A Spicy New Sriracha Big Mac

Mmhmm, mmhmm. Or you can not waste all that time creating the sauce yourself and just order the Sriracha Big Mac.

Story: Cheesy Egg Shell Taco

That’s the spirit. Everyone’s seems to be hating on the egg yolk for this video, but we think it’s beautfiul. Just accept the calories.


Del Taco Has A Chicken Soft Breakfast Burrito I Can’t Stop Thinking About

Don’t sleep on this breakfast burrito, don’t you even dare. When it comes to wrapping breakfast in a tortilla, I’m just as snobby as any other full-blooded Californian with a penchant for championing the So Cal region as having the best Mexican food outside of… well, Mexico. 

Let it be known, one of the best breakfast burritos you’ll ever have will now come from Del Taco… and it’s all thanks to something that is not on their breakfast menu: the Chicken Soft Taco. Yes, the same Chicken Soft Taco that people can’t get on the East Coast, the same seemingly simple medley of warm tortilla, grilled chicken, shredded lettuce, grated cheese and cool secret sauce. 

I’m gonna show you how to order the off menu Chicken Soft Taco Breakfast Burrito, because for some weird reason, Del Taco hasn’t put 2 + 2 together and realized this is one of the greatest breakfast burritos experiences you’ll ever have. Go ahead, grab your pitchforks and join me on inducing a food orgasm so strong it’ll reverberate through your own body and the bodies of your last two lovers.


Every Sunday, I find great pleasure in hunting down a new breakfast burrito. It’s this weekly journey that has led me to find gems like the Doughrito from Orange County’s Surfin’ Donuts, and has even led me to experiment at home on things like the In-N-Out Breakfast Burrito.

Today, it has led me to Del Taco to try out what a few people in my circle of friends have recommended as the Chicken Soft Taco Breakfast Burrito.

For any fan of Del Taco, you’re likely also a die-hard advocate of their Chicken Soft Tacos. They’re the most defining item on the Del Taco menu. Their appeal lies in that it is simple, potentially offensive to snobby taco purists, yet unabashedly delicious. Here’s what it looks like if you’ve never seen one:



Ordering this in breakfast burrito format is quite simple. Put in an order for a Carne Asada Epic Scrambler, which by default comes with their fresh scrambled eggs, pico de gallo salsa, cheddar cheese, zesty red sauce, and hash brown sticks. Then the custom order comes in, ask for additional chicken, white sauce, and lettuce. Whoever is ringing you up will look at you sideways, not because they can’t make it for you, but mainly because they haven’t thought of it first.

And there you have it. A wondrous, massive breakfast burrito filled with an array of different accoutrements that make breakfast burritos such a euphoric treat to begin with. On top of that, remember how special the item you just ordered is.

This Chicken Soft Breakfast Burrito is defined as such: the fluff of scrambled eggs, the crunch of hash browns, the tang of the red sauce, the cool of the white sauce, the spice of the grilled chicken, the girth of the carne asada, the refreshing cool of the shredded lettuce, the melt of the cheese throughout, all pouring down your mouth with every last bite. 

Keep enjoying your favorite breakfast burrito spots, but don’t miss out on a wrapped-breakfast experience that you essentially can only experience at a Del Taco. It’s David Blaine magical: