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Del Taco Is First Major Fast Food Chain To Add Popping Boba To Their Menu

Popping boba, encapsulated pearls that burst when you bite into them, have yet to make it onto the menus of major fast food chains in America. While they’ve become popular at froyo shops — the concept of boba and its popularity have been a thing for a while now — it has yet to penetrate the biggest chains in food.

Photo courtesy of Del Taco

That all changed with Del Taco’s most recent introduction, Sprite Poppers. Made with popping boba topped over Sprite and ice, the new drinks mark the first time a major fast food chain has added the unique topping to their menu.

Del Taco’s offer consists of two flavors, mango or cherry popping boba, that are piled on top of the iced beverage. The drinks cost $1.29 each, roughly the same price as a small soft drink.

For those curious, popping boba is typically made by encapsulating a liquid, such as juice or flavored syrup, within a “shell” made from a calcium solution and sodium alginate, which is a gelling protein found in seaweed. It’s the reaction between the calcium and alginate protein that leads to the gel-like capsules to form.

They’re typically difficult to make at scale, making Del Taco’s addition of these drinks noteworthy. Whether it leads to more popping boba drinks coming to fast food, or even the addition of real boba itself, remains to be seen.

Del Taco’s Sprite Poppers will be available for a limited time.

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Del Taco Adds New $1 Ice Cream Floats To Menu

Photo courtesy of @archela

With the summer starting to heat up, cold treats sound more and more appealing. Del Taco knows what’s up and is responding to the heat with new $1 mini floats.

Floats are a summer staple and you’d think more fast food restaurants would serve them, but they’re surprisingly missing from most menus, aside from maybe Wienerschnitzel.

Del Taco is now added to that short list, though, as you can get a vanilla shake paired with Cherry Coke, Barq’s Root Beer, Hi-C Fruit Punch, Orange Fanta, and of course the classic Coke.

Celebrating the Wednesday launch, Del Taco will be giving out free floats through the Del Taco app, July 24.

The free deal is also in part a celebration of their 55 year anniversary, as they’re hosting 55 days of deals, up until September 15. Within these 55 days, a new deal will go up on the Del Taco app, such as a Beyond Taco BOGO, free crinkle cut fries, and $0.99 cent quesadillas.

There’s now a little extra incentive to go to Del Taco this summer, aside from their standard Taco Tuesday deal, and the occasional midnight Del Double burger craving.

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Del Taco Rides A New Wave Of Success With New Beyond Meat Burritos And 2 Million Beyond Tacos Sold

Photo Courtesy of Del Taco

Last April, Del Taco shook up their brand by announcing the addition of Beyond Meat as their menu’s newest protein option. This new Beyond Menu included popular items from the existing lineup, swapping out the meat for the plant-based alternative.

Building off that momentum, Del Taco also announced the addition of two new burritos that set to debut this Thursday, packed with chunks of Beyond Meat. These are called the Beyond 8 Layer Burrito and the Epic Beyond Cali Burrito, reports NRN. According to a spokesperson for Del Taco to NRN, the new burritos are the brand’s way of letting fans know that their Beyond campaign isn’t a one-off, but rather a way to build off the Beyond brand for the future.

A little less than two months after Beyond Meat’s Del Taco debut, the company has announced that they’ve sold more than 2 million Beyond Meat tacos, reports NRN. The new tacos have become one of Del Taco’s best-selling products over such a small period of time thanks to a gangbuster collaborative campaign. Take note, Taco Bell, plant-based proteins are the next big move for the fast food industry.

As a lifelong fan of Del Taco, this new direction has me stoked. No longer will I have to avoid the drive-thru when I’m giving up meat for Lent. I now live in a time where I can enjoy a Beyond taco packed with cheese, shredded lettuce, secret sauce and all the other accoutrements of the brand… just without meat. What a time to be alive.

Full disclosure, I own a share of Beyond Meat.

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An In-Depth Look At Del Taco’s Entire ‘Beyond Meat’ Menu, Launching This Month

Del Taco is gearing up to launching their groundbreaking Beyond Meat partnership nationwide, and it’s a whole lot more than just a couple of tacos.

Starting April 25th, you’ll be able to get Del Taco’s exclusive plant-based meat on just about any item on the chain’s entire menu. This includes everything from the Beyond Taco and Beyond Avocado Taco to Loaded Queso Fries and secret menu items like the Bun Taco. Swapping out something like steak or regular ground beef for the Beyond Meat, however, will come at a slight upcharge.

For those wondering on exactly how vegan the menu will be, Del Taco is taking precautions to minimize any chances of cross-contamination. Each location will have tools specific to handling the plant-based taco crumble, ensuring that anything that touches regular meat will not touch the Beyond variant. That ensures that items specifically designed for vegans, like the Beyond Avocado Taco, stay that way.

Del Taco’s nationwide partnership with Beyond Meat makes it one of the largest in fast food to have a permanent plant-based option. It also gives consumers flexibility to adapt their diet, whether it be for health or sustainability purposes, so they are able to cut meat out of their diet more often at an affordable price.

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Beyond Meat Is Coming To All Del Taco Locations Nationwide

As plant-based options continue to proliferate in the fast food industry, Del Taco has decided to take their Beyond Meat partnership and go national with it.

del tacoPhoto courtesy of Del Taco

As of right now, a few locations in Southern California and Oklahoma carry the plant-based taco meat. In a recent investor call, however, Del Taco CEO John D. Cappasola said that his chain would begin rolling out Beyond Meat to all 594 locations. The Los Angeles Daily News reports that this should be completed by the end of April.

While there are two official tacos (a vegetarian Beyond Taco and vegan Beyond Avocado Taco) available, customers can also swap out ground beef for the vegan crumble on any menu item for a slight upcharge.

This news makes Del Taco the fourth major national chain to incorporate a plant-based meat option nationwide. Fatburger, Carl’s Jr., and White Castle have already done the same, but with their variations on burgers.

It also shows that the plant-based movement is rolling with a full head of steam, and it’s only a matter of time before all of the major chains have their own vegan options.

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Del Taco Just Created Soap Bars That Smell Just Like Their French Fries

The future of marketing gimmicks is apparently making stuff that smells like your food. KFC has been doing it for a bit with chicken-scented Valentines and firelogs, and Jimmy Dean came out with a sausage-smelling wrapping paper.

Del Taco is now jumping in the game as well with bars of French fry-scented soap, aptly named “Eau De French Fry.”

Photo courtesy of Del Taco

The soap is meant to promote the new Fresh Faves Box Meals at Del Taco, each of which contain their crinkle-cut fries. Each bar of soap is “lightly scented” with French fry aroma, so you’ll feel the scent around you but won’t be necessarily embalmed in it.

Only a limited amount of these French fry soaps will be sold online. If you really want to cop one, they’ll drop on March 13th at Del Taco’s web store, costing $3.95 per bar plus shipping and handling.

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Del Taco’s Spread Of Beyond Meat Is Proving A Success

Earlier this year, Del Taco became the first major fast food chain to serve Beyond Meat on their menus with a test launch in Los Angeles. It seems like those tests have been going well, as the Beyond Meat menu is expanding to the rest of SoCal.

del tacoPhoto courtesy of Del Taco

In total, 16 locations in San Diego, plus another three in Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties, will now have the option to put the plant-based protein into their meal. You can swap out any meat for the vegan option in burritos, tacos, or bowls, or get one of the two Beyond Tacos crafted specifically for the protein. There’s a vegetarian Beyond Meat Taco with cheddar cheese and a vegan Beyond Avocado Taco as well.

This brings the total number of Del Taco locations selling Beyond Meat to 21, which is still a small number compared to the chain’s 570-plus total. Nonetheless, the fact that the test market effectively tripled after just three months is promising, and there’s always a chance that one day, that plant-based option will be available at all locations.

As fast food giants look at their own menus for potential plant-based additions, Del Taco’s partnership with Beyond Meat is definitely one to keep an eye on, especially given on the favorable feedback and success.

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Del Taco Is Now The First Major Fast Food Chain To Serve Beyond Meat In The USA

Fast food is really starting to get into the meat alternatives game. You have the Impossible Sliders available nationwide at White Castle, McVegans in Europe from McDonald’s, and Impossible Burgers at Fatburger. Now, Del Taco is adding their name to the vegan “beef” game, teaming up with Beyond Meat to bring a plant-based option to their menu.

del tacoPhoto courtesy of Beyond Meat

While other chains, like Veggie Grill, have Beyond Meat in their stores already, Del Taco is the first major drive-thru restaurant to carry the product in-house. They’re also the first Southwest/Mexican fast food restaurant to carry a plant-based meat on their menu.

The two brands worked together to create a unique vegan “beef” crumble that has all of the same seasonings as Del Taco’s standard ground beef. Customers can use it as a protein replacement in the chain’s lineup of loaded fries, nachos, burritos, and other items.

Del Taco also created two new tacos exclusive to the new Beyond Meat crumble. They both consist of the plant-based meat, lettuce, tomatoes, and your choice of soft flour or crunchy corn taco shell. The differences between the two are that the Beyond Meat Taco contains cheddar cheese, while the 100% vegan Beyond Avocado Taco replaces that with avocado.

For now, the Beyond Meat/Del Taco partnership remains a test that is limited to two locations in Santa Monica and Culver City, CA. Del Taco CMO Barry Westrum said in a statement that the test has “no scheduled end date as of now, as we want to gauge acceptance prior to making further decisions on product availability.”

It is possible, therefore, that the Beyond Meat tacos will eventually spread to all of its locations. Though it is all a matter of whether they are successful in this trial run or not.