‘Hangover-Preventing’ Beer Adds Electrolytes, Decreases ABV, Is Practically Useless


What happens when Gatorade starts breaking into the beer belly market? Making “sports drinks” tailored specifically to those stalwart individuals who, much like Gatorade’s usual clientele, dedicate hours of their days to doing exactly what they do best (rain or shine, sickness or health, standing up or, more likely, lying down)?

Well when it does happen (and in a few years it will, trust us), we’re guessing it’ll look a little bit like this.

A group of Australian researchers has been working on a way to make beer more hydrating, i.e., less-punch-in-the-gut-hate-yourself-in-the-morning-oh-god-why-and-never-again. They discovered that by adding electrolytes (you know, those tiny invisible fireflies that make Gatorade and Vitamin Water magically good for you) and lowering the alcohol content, they could keep all of beer’s taste and only a margin of the “ugh!”.

Australia’s Sydney Morning Herald reports the researchers found the best results with the electrolyte-fortified light beer, which was up to a third more effective at hydrating drinkers than a normal beer. But you can’t help but wonder, what with the lower ABV and all, exactly how much more you’d have to drink just to get the same buzz? Or in other words, when I’m finally done drinking this stuff, will I still have the same level of hangover in the morning because I just so happened to overdo it, again?

Let’s just hope there’ll be plenty more research done between now and when Gatorade inevitably commercializes this idea, say three years down the road. Seriously guys, just do it.

H/T + PicThx HuffPo