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Every Arby’s Restaurant In America Will Serve Deer Meat Sandwiches For One Day

A while back, Arby’s released a sandwich featuring a deer meat patty. The venison sandwiches sold out almost immediately and fans itching to try them had to be at the few select locations selling the sandwich. Unfortunately, it was a little tougher for some folks than others.

Now, Arby’s is bringing their immensely popular venison sandwiches to every Arby’s restaurant in America. Though just for one day.

Customers will be able to find this venison sandwich on Oct. 21 at every Arby’s location in the United States.

The sandwich features thick-cut venison steak that’s topped with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce. The meat is marinated in garlic, salt and pepper, and cooked for three hours.

If you’re set on trying it, be sure to line up before the sandwich chain opens its doors as they’ll only be available while supplies last.

Arby’s will also be launching a limited-edition Elk Sandwich on Oct 21 which will only be served at three locations in popular elk-hunting states: Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana.

Good luck, everyone.

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Arby’s Venison Burger Sold Out IMMEDIATELY, Here’s Why


Arby’s recently announced they were trying out new venison burgers at some select locations in 17 test markets across the United States. It seems they underestimated the popularity of the deer meat.

According to National Restaurant News, the burgers sold out almost immediately at test locations last week at locations in Atlanta, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Some of the more well-stocked stores lasted an entire 90 minutes before running out of the venison burgers. The lesser stocked locations, like in Minnesota, sold out in 15 minutes.

So how come the burgers suddenly became so popular?

Turns out the states they were testing venison in are popular deer-hunting states, appealing to hunters and non-hunters who have developed a taste for venison. It also doesn’t hurt that you can try the meat for $5.

Arby’s venison burgers feature thick-cut venison steak that’s marinated in garlic, salt, and pepper. The burger is topped with crispy onions and a juniper berry sauce.

Here’s hoping this phenomenal response means we’ll see the burgers get a national release. I wouldn’t mind a $5 venison burger at all.


Purple Heart Vets Kill 140 Deer for Food Pantries

4,800 pounds of deer meat are making their way to food pantries in and around Indianapolis, IN.

Happy Holidays!

In an attempt to lower its excessive deer population, the city of Indianapolis opened Eagle Creek Park over Thanksgiving weekend for a special hunt for the veteran organization Wounded Warriors Outdoors. The nonprofit organization provides relaxing outdoor activities for wounded veterans.

Photo by Ryan Sabalow/IndyStar

The dozen Purple Heart recipients killed 140 deer over the weekend, of an allotted maximum of 350. Of the slain deer, 97 have been processed and are ready to be distributed to local food pantries.

Since venison is a leaner and more expensive meat than beef, the pantries are happy to have it as the holiday season rages onward.

The Humane Society of the United States strongly opposed the hunt, but the underfed in Indianapolis will certainly appreciate the protein.

H/t Wish TV


This Zoo Lets You Eat the Animals on Display


Langau am Albis, a zoo south of Zurich, is known for serving game meat at their exhibits. While one’s initial thought would be that the act is appalling, especially with such exotic creatures, it’s quite the opposite. The zoo serves game meat at restaurants and park grounds as a means to control the animal population.

No, they’re not cooking up anything endangered like rhinos, elephants or tigers. Rather, animals like deer and boar are the most common meats shot, the cooked for the zoo’s dining facilities. Since so many animals are born each year to the zoo, if new homes are can’t be found, they are killed for human consumption.

Martin Kilchenmann, a spokesman for the zoo, according to Fox News, says that the process of killing and cooling the animals is actually ecological. It also teaches the park visitors about the “natural cycle” of the animal kingdom.

Some of the dishes include “Braised Roast Wild Boar with Mashed Potatoes and Seasonal Vegetables” and “Venison in Cognac Sauce.”

H/T Fox News




‘Roadkill Law’ Makes Harvesting Roadkill for Dinner Legal in Montana


A law will go into effect this month that makes it legal to harvest roadkill in Montana. The state’s legislation stems from the waste of over 7,000 animals killed by vehicles last year. Before you get too grossed out, the law focuses more on larger game such as deer and moose. Because that makes it better.

The new law would give drivers 24 hours to harvest the meat of animals they accidentally kill with their vehicles. Citizens will be required to complete an application online with the Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks agency within 24 hours of the crash. Upon completion the driver will be able to print out a permit that gives them permission to claim the animal.

There are a few caveats to the law. The entire carcass must be taken, not just harvested on the side of the road for specific parts. The meat must also be eaten not used for bait. Opposers to the bill are concerned that this will encourage motorists to intentionally run down the animals in hopes of getting a free meal.

Another concern is whether or not it’s a health risk to consume roadkill.

Popularity is growing for the statute with many requesting an app to make it even more convenient for someone to harvest their accident in a more timely manner.

H/T HuffPo


Deer Crashes Through Taco Restaurant

I love tacos as much as the next guy, but do I love them more than a deer? Guess not.

A deer crashed through the window of an Atlanta Taco Mac Sunday afternoon. Though the incident only lasted less than a minute, the entire thing was caught on camera by restaurant security tapes. The 200-pound animal was then led out the back patio according to WYFF4 News.

The only injuries sustained were from one customer who was cut by flying glass.

Could this be the beginning of the inevitable animal uprising? Or is this just another case of the munchies?

via: WYFF 4 News