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Brace Yourself For Mess Hall Canteen’s ‘SPAM Bomb’

FOODBEAST’s upcoming meat festival, Meat Street Presented by the Makers of SPAM Brand at Main Place Mall, is about to turn the wildest dreams of SPAM lovers and meat aficionados into a never-before-seen experience that will showcase unique, MEAT STREET exclusive recipes you won’t find at your local county fair. (Get your tickets here!)

One of the vendors at the festival is Mess Hall Canteen, who has become a model innovator in the mobile food industry, creating share-worthy gourmet dishes that push the limitations of what can be accomplished in a food truck. And they’re bringing plenty of that artillery to MEAT STREET.

Brace yourselves, Mess Hall Canteen is about to set off the SPAM BOMB: a crispy, and cheesy take on Spam musubi. Imagine melty mozzarella and pepper jack cheese, with sliced HICKORY SMOKE SPAM wrapped in a tempura battered nori, and deep fried until golden brown.

Get your cameras ready, because the SPAM BOMB is about to blow up on social media.

Earlier this month, the world was introduced to Mess Hall’s other MEAT STREET item — The Beef Shank, a deep-fried sous vide beef shank, smothered in chipotle barbecue sauce. But, you know that’s wasn’t all the ammo they were packing.

As MEAT STREET gets closer, stay tuned in and you’ll get a chance to preview all the juicy exclusive items that will be available for those in attendance at MainPlace Mall in Santa Ana, Calif., April 22.

Earlier, the world got its first look at Doner Saltado, a MEAT STREET specific recipe created by So Cal-based Doner G Turkish & Mediterranean Grill.

For more MEAT STREET event information visit or check out the event page on Facebook!

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8 Regional Foods McDonald’s Should Deep Fry

Every corner of the country, every section  of the world, has its own unique dishes. In fact, there are some foods that have become so associated with these areas that they’re downright iconic. Enjoying a bagel in New York or cheese curds in Wisconsin just seems right, doesn’t it?

Most often, to enjoy these regional favorites, you have to travel to that part of the country to enjoy the best of that food. But there’s one restaurant that could very easily change all that: McDonald’s. Mickey D’s is the one thing that unites every part of our great nation, after all.

So, without further ado, we would like to present our eight suggestions for regional foods that McDonald’s should really consider deep-frying. No pressure, of course, just some friendly suggestions. (But seriously, fried key lime pie would be everything.)

California — Avocados

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This is a prime opportunity for McDonald’s. We’d like to think that getting their hands on one of the trendiest, most healthy superfoods in recent memory and turning it into a deep-fried treat is what the company exists to do. If that’s the route they decide to take, California avocados are an obvious choice. It might be difficult to imagine a deep-fried avocado, so allow us to paint you a more accessible picture: deep-fried guacamole. This exists, friends. Crunchy pockets of guac are an actual thing, and we would very much like to see them available worldwide.

Georgia — Grits

If you’ve ever been down South, you’ll probably see grits on a breakfast menu. Like, in every diner on every street. There’s a good reason for this; grits made right are like the cheesier, more savory older brother of oatmeal. Keep that thought in your head. Now imagine with us the majesty that could be deep-fried grits. We imagine them in little balls — kind of like fried mac n’ cheese bites, but with cheesy grits inside. Best of all? McDonald’s now has all-day breakfast, so we could enjoy these cheese-filled grit balls whenever we wanted. (Note: we don’t suggest “cheese-filled grit balls” as an official name.)

Ohio — Buckeyes

You might recognize these little guys from your holiday cookie platter! You probably didn’t even know that they’re a treat native to Ohio, unless you put together that it’s the “Buckeye State” and the whole Ohio State Buckeyes thing. Yeah. For those of you unfamiliar, buckeyes are actually peanut butter balls that are dipped in chocolate and chilled. We don’t have to tell you they’re extraordinary, you’ve probably already figured that out. The only way they could be better? If they were freakin’ deep-fried. Looking at you, McDonald’s.

Florida — Key Lime Pie

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To stick to the vein of desserts, what would the world of pie be like without Florida key lime pie? This sweet and tart whipped filling is perfectly complimented by the buttery graham cracker crust and the whipped topping. Now dip the whole slice in a vat of oil and deep fry that ish. Honestly, some of these suggestions might seem a little ridiculous but this one is dead serious. This would be huge, McDonald’s, we’re just saying.

Pennsylvania — Philly Cheesesteak

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When you think of Pennsylvania, you probably think of Philadelphia. Not the incredibly sad movie, but the capital of the state. And when you think of Philadelphia, your mind probably goes to a couple things. The only edible one? The one and only Philly cheesesteak. (Unless you consider the Liberty Bell edible, in which case, bye.) Now we’re not sure how the logistics of this would work; would these be deep-fried bites of steak, prepared Philly style? We can see that, but we can also see a full-blown, deep-fried Philly cheesesteak sandwich. The options are both there, McDonald’s. Get on it.

Illinois — Deep Dish Pizza

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Chicago deep dish pizza has been a traditional food of Illinois for nearly a century. If you’ve never enjoyed a slice, picture your typical pizza but a thousand times thicker. This brings us to our one qualm about this potential McDonald’s menu item: adding a layer of fried batter around this may be problematic for eating. We would all have to evolve with the ability to unhinge our jaws at will to be able to eat a deep-fried slice of Chicago deep dish. But I think we speak for all of humanity when we say it’s worth it.

New York — Pastrami

New York City is known for many things. Bagels and Coney Island hot dogs immediately come to mind. But what New York delicacy would be best deep-fried and available at the drive-thru? Pastrami. This might be literal blasphemy for the deli-goers of NYC, but for the rest of the world, imagine being able to pick up a McStrami (patent pending) whenever your heart desires. It’s pretty great, right?

Hawaii — Spam

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While to some of us Spam might seem like something suited only for doomsday preppers, this canned meat is one of the most beloved comfort foods in Hawaii. In fact, they already have a Spam and Egg McMuffin at McDonald’s Hawaii locations. But we’re looking to take things one step further: a fried SPAM sandwich. Honestly, I think it would help us on the mainland see this island favorite in a more favorable light. Anything in a coat of deep-fried batter is sure to win our hearts. That’s basically in the Constitution.


How To Make Deep Fried Pepperoni & Cheese Bites For The Perfect Game Day Snack

Our buddy Nick Chipman from Dude Foods has been known to fry up a thing, or two, and as the Super Bowl nears, he pretty much created the ultimate game day snack. Not sure if that was his intention, but I’m sure as hell making this for Super Bowl Sunday.

These Deep Fried Pepperoni-Stuffed Mozzarella bites are so easy to make, they’ll leave you wondering why you didn’t think of it yourself (The quick answer to that is, this dude’s a freakin’ genius).

Chipman stacks a piece of mozzarella cheese on top of a slice of pepperoni, Lunchables style, then proceeds to cover them in flour, egg wash, and panko breadcrumbs, before going straight into the deep fryer.

That’s literally it.

The result is a batch of gooey little pepperoni bites that you’ll demolish before the end of the first commercial break of the game.

I probably won’t wait until the Super Bowl. These things are happening tonight, by any means necessary.

If you think my description was garbage, peep Dude Foods’ complete recipe and upgrade your appetizer game, immediately.

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There’s A Restaurant Devoted ENTIRELY To Fair Foods And It’s Inside A Walmart


Imagine if you didn’t have to wait for the fair every year; that there was a single place open 365 days that served nothing but fair foods. According to Dallas Morning News, that dream just came true. A Walmart in Plano, TX, will open the first-ever State Fair menu restaurant inside the store.

Set to open on September 20th, State Fair Treats will be the first in a region-wide expansion. The restaurant will be run by Isaac Rousso, an all-star veteran of the State Fair of Texas. State Fair Treats will feature an ambitious 45-item menu featuring classics you can only find at the annual event.

While the menu remains pretty secret, we can expect to see a fair amount of deep-fried foods.

Walmart is already known for housing fast-food chains like McDonald’s or Subway. Though they do sell state fair-like items like deep-fried Twinkies and Donut Cheeseburgers in their frozen food aisles, the new restaurant will be a sizable addition to the usual assortment of sit-in dining choices.

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This Dude’s Version Of Bite-Sized Jalapeño Poppers Is LIT

We’re huge fans of jalapeño poppers. Any incarnation of those cheesy, deep-fried wedges of heat we can get our hands on, we’re more than happy to pop into our mouths. Big Tym, also known as the infamous Tym Bussanich, created a miniature version of the iconic appetizer.

Bite size jalapeño poppers!!!

A video posted by Big Tym (@tymbussanich) on

Taking fresh jalapeños, he slices them up and neatly smears cream cheese into the now hollow pepper. The pieces are then breaded and submerged into white-hot oil. As it resurfaces, it’s reborn as a delicious bite-sized snack with a 1 to 1 cheese to heat ratio.

This was a perfect combination when it comes to jalapeño poppers. Check out his video above, for the incredibly straightforward recipe.

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5 Awesome New Foods To Try At The LA County Fair

It’s time for the LA County Fair once again. Our entire Foodbeast crew got a sneak peek at some of the newest offerings from this year’s veritable fried food expo, held at the Pomona Fairgrounds.

We’ve got returning favorites like bacon-wrapped fried chicken, deep-fried pizza, deep fried avocado bombs, funnels cakes, and many other dishes that took the shallow plunge into a pool of searing oil.

Check out our Facebook live stream to get an up-close look at fair foods the little devil on your shoulder would shy away from.

Deep-fried Hot Sauce


This is Frank’s RedHot Sauce mixed with some batter, balled, and deep-fried. The hot sphere of solidified sauce is served with a spicy ranch and a jalapeño pepper. With its incredible kick, we see it as a fiery hush puppy. If you’re not a fan of buffalo-style heat, however, this is definitely not for you.

Found at Chicken Charlie’s.

Bacon S’mores on a stick


Imagine the best s’mores you’ve ever made during a childhood campout. Got it? OK, now let’s deep fry it and throw some bacon crumbs on that bad boy. Now, to actually see that dream come to life, hit up Chicken Charlie’s and feast on his newest dessert that takes marshmallows and fries them up in a corn dog batter. The sweet entry is then topped with chocolate drizzle and chopped bacon to stake its claim as the most intense item at this year’s fair.

Found at Chicken Charlie’s.



We LOVE anything that has to do with fried chicken and waffles, though it can be tough getting both components onto your fork. The best part of this year’s Chicken-in-Waffles is that the iconic dish is everything’s fused together in one majestic, hand-held treat.

Found at Chicken Charlie’s.

Bacon-Wrapped Pork Belly Corn Dogs


Pork belly fans’ already-clogged hearts will skip a dangerous beat with this one. The culprit here is a piece of pork belly that’s wrapped in bacon, coated in batter, and deep-fried like a corn dog. This fatty tour de force inspired many heated bacon discussions.

Found at Biggy’s.

Jackfruit Vegan Tacos


We were shocked to find that our favorite dish at the fair this year was actually something vegan! These shredded, seasoned jackfruit tacos are topped with a vegan chipotle mayonnaise and coleslaw. Completely plant-based and indistinguishable from its porky counterpart, these tacos just might win over some carnivorous fans.

Found at Plant Food For People.

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Deep-Fried Twinkies Are Now Available At Walmart

Deep-fried Twinkies are now something you can binge on from the comfort of your own home and I can hear my arteries starting to clog now.

Hostess has answered our deep-fried prayers as they just brought to market one of the original, sinful fair snacks. The dream begins at Walmart’s across the nation tomorrow, August 16th.

“How consumer trends tell us to focus on both products that are healthy and overindulgent – those “sometimes” foods that are so good they’re worth the calories.” –Walmart’s John Pearson

The brand is hoping that THIS is the snack that consumers will reach for when they feel like indulging.

According to Walmart, the product will be available in two flavors, original and chocolate.

But will they taste the same as the fresh-out-the-fryer, doused-in-powered-sugar, deep-fried Twinkies that state fair food stands have stolen our hearts with for years?

We’ll definitely be finding out for ourselves!


Photo Credit: Aaron Bogert


This Restaurant Serves A Monstrous Deep-Fried Spam And Egg Musubi


I had just wrapped a story about this dude who created Lobster Elotes, when I found myself looking for a bite to eat before hopping on the freeway home. As most Southern Californians know, sitting in traffic after work hours simply sucks.

Instead of driving onto the ramp, I drove straight into the relatively unknown (to myself) streets of Orange and scanned the nearby shops for somewhere to eat. As I settled on Carl’s Jr., Pete playing it safe, my eyes locked on to a sign a little further down the road: Musubi Monster.

The Hawaiian dish traditionally features a square of rice that’s topped with a slice of grilled spam that’s wrapped together with a piece of dried nori seaweed.

Guess Pete wasn’t playing it safe. I parked and went inside to scope what they had to offer. What I found on the menu, however, was something monstrous.

Behold, the Deep-fried Spam and Egg Musubi.


I texted a couple friends who happened to be in the area to come and share the experience with me. They were more than happy and eager to grab some dinner. When our food was ready, each piece of the musubi came out to nearly a pound each.

Seriously, it was like a burrito.

This “snack” was coated in a crispy breaded shell. The egg was cooked over hard, the spam with a nice sear and the rice moist despite going through the deep fryer.

After I finished my musubi, I headed straight for the office to take a nap on the couch. There’s no way I could drive after eating something so deliciously heavy. 

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