Minnesota Cooks Up Some Deep Fried Lamb Testicles for the State Fair

Well, at least they’re not human.

Rounding out (pun completely intended) the list of 40 new foods coming to the Minnesota State Fair this summer is a little something called “Lamb Fries,” which isn’t nearly as innocuous as it sounds. Served in the International Bazaar by the Holy Land Deli, Lamb Fries are actually a “Traditional Middle Eastern dish of lamb testicles marinated with Holy Land spices.”

Because marinades and spices make everything better.

Actually served in several cuisines such as Italian, Turkish and Chinese, Lamb Fries, like Rocky Mountain Oysters, are touted to have oodles of health benefits, like reducing cellulite and increasing immune response. The fair’s version will be served grilled with sautéed onions or deep fried, covered with crumb coating.

Because these suckers are being branded as “fries,” I personally want to know how many people will have an experience like Chevy Chase’s character in “Funny Farm,” who broke a restaurant’s record of 30 “fries” before realizing they were, in fact, sheep balls and fleeing from the scene.

Among other gnarly concoctions cropping up around state fairs nationwide this summer are the Deep Fried Girl Scout Cookies in Texas, Deep Fried Mashed Potatoes in Florida, and the Camel Meat Burger Sliders back in Minnesota.

I think I’ll stick to my Chocolate Covered Bacon, thanks.