Dallas Blonde Ale Promises It ‘Goes Down Easy,’ Offends Many


Deep Ellum Brewing Company released their newest Blonde Ale, with a catch phrase claiming it “Goes Down Easy.” The statement has caused quite an uproar in Texas, particularly on the Burnt Orange Report, which claims that Deep Ellum took things too far.

The  brewing company is no stranger to odd names. Numb Comfort, Dreamcrusher, and Farmhouse Wit are a few, tamer examples of their unique approach to naming their brews. However, many point out that the new Dallas Blonde slogan is both offensive and inappropriate.

Genevieve Cato, who writes for the Burnt Orange Report, claims that the label (and the hot pink van associated with the brew) are “hard to ignore” and is insensitive to ” the role alcohol can play in sexual assault.” Of course, the creepy doll plastered on the beer can isn’t helping the company’s case either.

John Reardon, owner of Deep Ellum, thinks this is just a “play on words” and points out that “many beer manufacturers openly objectify women in their ads.” Since the conflict, Deep Ellum has released a statement claiming:  “We’re not saying that all blondes go down easy” and will drop the marketing if enough people are upset

H/T + PicThx The Dallas Observer