World’s Greatest Mom Creates Nintendo Easter Eggs

Mario Eggs

Since Easter is less than a week away, it’s time to start strategizing the egg-decorating situation. Most people (guilty) usually settle for the store-bought dye that usually makes eggs a charming puke color instead of bright magenta. If you’ve fallen victim to said unfortunate situation, you might want to take a cue from Instructables member Imnopeas.

This awesome mom recently surprised her son with these Super Mario Bros. eggs, all hand painted with acrylics. So how did they come out so cool?! Imnopeas explains that she used pictures on her iPhone to replicate the characters and a pencil to do some rough outlines. Then she went to town painting, and the result is pure awesome. Looks like her son has to come up with one heck of a Mother’s Day gift.

As Imnopeas warns, if you take on this Nintendo challenge, don’t eat the eggs since acrylics are involved. They’re way too impressive to chow down anyway.

H/T Laughing Squid + PictThx Instructables


Munch On Your Favorite Calvin and Hobbes Facial Expressions

Husband always knows best. At least according to redditor hungryhippopotamus, who uploaded his/her cookie art (using, the decorator later explains, the royal icing recipe from Wilton) at the behest of his/her husband. To, apparently, resounding success. Can’t you just hear the quirky yet timeless advice pouring out of these edible masterpieces?

H/T reddit + PicThx The Hungry Hippopotamus


Super Kawaii Lemon Cookies Are Too Cute

Cakeb0t is a blogger that posts lots of great cake decorating techniques and tutorials. I’m a fan of a lot of her stuff, but this technique for decorating sugar cookies has got to be my favorite. By cutting out the designs of these cute lemon faces out of acetate she can decorate each cookie quickly and consistently. This a great trick, especially for decorating professional looking holiday sugar cookies.

Watch this video and see how she does it: