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People Waiting In Line For Cronuts Ignore A Dead Body

Everybody knows how delicious a cronut is, that should be common knowledge by now. If you don’t know, please stop reading this right now and go try one. I’ll save your spot in the article. Well, go on then.

Soooo, how was it? I know, right!? Ok, now that you know how amazing they are, this story might have a little more meaning.

A small bakery in SoHo responsible for creating the cronut had a line of people eager to try the local treats. They were so excited for their baked goods that they didn’t even notice the man slouched over on the bench right next to them, according to CBS New York.

It gets worse.


After the medics showed up and eventually put his body in a bag, a majority of the people waiting in line mere inches away reportedly stayed in line.

One woman visiting from Indiana didn’t seem to think there was anything wrong with that. “I just heard that they’re so good, so might as well just wait,” she said.

Another bystander said he would have left, as it would have been “too much of an experience” to deal with just for a cronut.

It was later reported that there was no suspicious activity involved in the man’s passing.

So what would you have done? Would you have waited for a cronut?



Photo Credit: Tia Nakai, Dominique Ansel


Vegan Dies Climbing Mt. Everest Trying To Prove That Vegans Are Strong

Vegans have this incessant need to prove to everybody that their way of life is the best. It’s understandable, especially since the entire premise of being a vegan relies on saving animal lives, theoretically. So why wouldn’t they try to convince everyone that their way is the right way? Hell, I know I would.

That’s partially what led to the unfortunate demise of Dr. Maria Strydom, lecturer at Melbourne University.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 3.47.27 PM

Strydom and her husband were both practicing vegans, and both stuck to their diet wholeheartedly and vehemently. Strydom was tired of people constantly berating others who practiced the vegan lifestyle. Many people regularly asked her and her husband about their supposed iron and protein deficiencies, to the point where they felt they needed to address the stereotype once and for all.

“It seems that people have this warped idea of vegans being malnourished and weak. By climbing the seven summits we want to prove that vegans can do anything and more.”

According to the Times report, the Strydoms decided to start climbing the Seven Summits (the seven tallest peaks in the world, one on each continent) just to prove to everyone that the stereotype isn’t true. They knew they would have to get to Everest eventually.

Before reaching the peak, Strydom suffered from a pulmonary embolism and passed away. Whether this was brought on by the cold, her diet, a combination of both or an entirely different reason is still unknown. Her husband also suffered from a pulmonary embolism, but was treated and taken care of before it was fatal.



Photo Credit: I’m Nepal, The Australian


Man Boiled To Death In Horrific Tuna Accident, Bumble Bee Foods Forced To Pay BIG TIME


In 2012, an employee of Bumble Bee Foods died as a result of being cooked alive in an industrial oven. Now, years later, a settlement has finally been reached in the record sum of $6 million. This makes it the largest criminal prosecution case for safety violations in a workplace involving a single victim in California.

Jose Melena was doing some maintenance work on a large industrial oven at the canned-tuna factory in Santa Fe Springs, Calif. Another worker, believing Melena was on a break, filled the cooker with 12,000 pounds of tuna and turned on the machine.

When management noticed the 62-year-old employee was missing, they conducted a search across the plant and property. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA) reports that Melena’s body was found two hours after. Tragically, the pressure cooker had already reached a temperature of 270 degrees Fahrenheit.

RT reports that the settle meant will be divided up into multiple parts.

  • The company will use $3 million to update any outdated tuna ovens and will bring in automated ones with video cameras, so that no worker will ever have to set foot inside the cookers again.
  • Melena’s family will receive $1.5 million in restituation.
  • Bumble Bee will also donate $750,000 to the Distrcit Attonrey’s Environmental Enforcement Fun for the investegation and the prosecution of OSHA criminal cases .
  • Finally, an additional $750,000 will go towards combined fees, court costs and penalties.

Bumble Bee Foods will also plead guilty to the misdemeanor charge of willful failure to implement and maintain an effect safety program within 18 months of complying with the terms of the settlement agreement.

The two managers in charge at the time of Melena’s death were also charged with counts of OSHA violation.



Well-Known Chicago Chef Found Dead In The Brewery He Planned To Open


Homaro Cantu, the creative mind behind the Chicago-based restaurant Moto was found dead, Tuesday. Cantu’s death appeared to be the result of a hanging, reports the Chicago Tribune. The authorities are currently investating the death as a suicide.

The body of the 38-year-old chef was discovered in a building on West Montrose Avenue. He was in the middle of renovating the space and turning into a brewery, reports say.

The chef was known for his elaborate menu presentations involving molecular gastronomy. This included tabletop-cooked fish in a box, carbonated fruit and even edible menus.

Cantu’s approach to his food stemmed from his family growing up in poverty. His innovative dishes were a combination of both food and science.

Earlier last month, Cantu was in the middle of a lawsuit between a former investor of Moto. The investor, Alexander Espalin, claimed that the chef had used Moto’s bank account for personal use. These allegedly included business trips, legal fees, meals and other forms of personal spending.

Cantu’s death is currently under police investigation. His autopsy is scheduled for Wednesday.

Photo: Facebook


Deadly, Erection-Inducing Spider Found Living In Supermarket Bananas

A Welsh woman got the surprise of her life when she discovered the cocoon of a deadly spider on a banana meant for her daughter.


Maria Layton noticed a little more than potassium on the first banana she pulled from the bunch, but when the more visible cocoon on the second one began to move, she sprang into action. She locked the bananas in a sealed container and threw it in her freezer because she had read it was the way to kill such spiders.

Layton knew what to do because Brazilian wandering spiders, aka banana spiders, have garnered substantial media coverage in the UK over the past couple of years. More often, they make their way into people’s homes, carefully hidden in the bananas. But in 2013, a Tesco supermarket had to be shut down for several hours after one was found in a box of bananas.


The spider gets its name from the way it wanders the forest floor at night and hides in bananas during the day. Banana spiders are considered the deadliest arachnids in the world and can kill victims in as little as two hours.

Their venom can also create a four-hour erection in male victims (and is being studied for use in erectile dysfunction medication), but is more likely to bring about a rapid and painful deterioration of bodily functions if untreated.

So, don’t get any ideas.


Layton’s bagged bananas were in her house for an entire day before she discovered the spiders, so she frantically tried to get help from authorities or Tesco, to no avail.

“I spent about an hour and a half ringing round trying to get some help,” Layton told the Bristol Post. “[Mean]while I had this potential killer spider in the house.”

Though she managed to get hold of several Tesco customer service representatives, they didn’t offer more than an apology or a refund. A spokesperson stated that it wasn’t their policy to send a professional out to the home to assess the potential danger to the family, despite the company doing so in other cases in Essex and Staffordshire, England.

Tesco’s borderline indifference could be simply attributed to the company not wanting to send anyone to Wales. I get that. It’s the New Jersey of the UK with more complicated accents.

Thankfully, no one’s been hurt in any of these situations, but this is additional bad press for the already ailing Tesco. Good thing corporations aren’t people.

Oh, wait.

H/t Bristol Post


Chef Murders and Cooks His Girlfriend, Then Commits Suicide


Marcus Volke, a chef from Victoria, Australa, has been identified as the man behind the murder of his Indonesian girlfriend in their Brisbane residence. Brisbane Times reports, Volke had been caught by police boiling the victim’s body parts on his stove. According to reports, the officers were there responding to a welfare request at the apartment.

Volke fled when police arrived and hid in a trash bin in an alley near the complex. He then used a knife to take his own life. A woman who lived in the building across the street discovered Volke’s body covered in a blanket in the alleyway. Prior to his death, Volke had been apparently working as a chef overseas before returning to Brisbane.

Parts of the victim, Mayang Prasetyo, were found in garbage bags in the apartment. Neighbors had noticed a stench similar to “rotting meat” coming from the couple’s residence a few days before the gruesome discovery. According to police, there’s no way yet to know how long Prasetyo had been dead.

Volke’s death is being further investigated by the Ethical Standards Committee.

H/T Brisbane Times


Once Again, Science Says Coffee Can Kill You


I’d like to think of myself as a pretty reasonable coffee drinker. One cup in the morning and that’s it, unless I simply can’t make it through the rest of the day without a mid-afternoon latte. But no matter what I do, someone’s always telling me that I’m drinking too much or not enough, and that my coffee is actually full of cockroach pheromones.

Usually coffee news is pretty good: it helps reduce the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, protects your brain, and can even reduce potential suicide risk. But now, drinking too much coffee has been linked with a higher risk of death in people under 55. Uh, thanks, science. WTF.

In a recent study, presented by Mayo Clinic and written by several “leading” cardiologists, researchers observed over 40,000 people between the ages of 20 and 87, who filled out questionnaires about their life habits between 1979 and 1998. After following up with subjects seventeen years later, over 2000 people had died, and researches found an association between the deaths and subjects who had consumed more than 28 cups of coffee a week.

What does this mean? Well, if you’re under 55, you are 21 percent more likely to die if you drink a ton of coffee. That means all nighters, chugging the brown stuff to make it through work, and an endless barrage of coffee dates could someday be fatal. Ugh. First froyo, now this.

I’m hoping the health benefits might still count if I stick to my reasonable habits. But for you coffee junkies out there, maybe think about switching to green tea for now. At least, until science ruins that for you too.

H/T Huffington Post + PicThx Olma


The Colossal 12-Pound Big Fat Fatty Sandwich Challenge – Anyone Game?


Josh Stone had a dream. His dream was to create the biggest, fattest sandwich around. And perhaps he has. The owner of Fat Sal’s Deli, located in Pacific Beach, set out to make a monster behemoth of a sandwich. And, weighing in at 12-pounds, he might have accomplished his goal.

Broken down to its basics, this phat sandwich includes:

Five cheeseburgers, 1.5 pounds of pastrami, 1.5 pounds of cheesesteak, 10 chicken fingers, 10 onion rings, 10 jalepeno poppers, bacon, five fried eggs, two cups of chili, two cups of marinara sauce, and a basket of french fries topped off with a cup of Fat Sauce. 

Stone told NBC San Deigo he wanted to have a competition sandwich that would attract an adventurous man, woman or child.

The Challenge: Eat the entirety of the Big Fat Fatty within a 40-minute time frame and it’s free. Winners also get to create a sandwich named after them. However, fail to do so and you have to cough up $49.95.

Any Foodbeasts out there think they can handle it?

H/T NBC San Diego + PicThx Yahoo