From Death Metal Band to Starbucks Brand: TAZO Gets A New Look


Since buying Tazo for $8.1 million in 1999, Starbucks recently decided it was time for a change, quietly redesigning the original branding to a more modern, sleeker look. The previous packaging (see above, left) “captured the grunge appeal of the era in a sophisticated manner and established a kind of mythical, ethereal brand for Tazo,” noted Brand New. After nearly 20 years of sporting the angsty logo — which got us all nostalgic for the gothic-black-nail polish days of our youth — Starbucks revamped Tazo’s entire line to exude a friendly, minimalistic look that’s more in tune with today’s mainstream audience.


Personally, I miss the old Tazo. The former branding held it’s own in a sea of ever-growing logos opting for the streamlined, simplistic look. The crossed “O” and the black background were the grunge-rebel kids that smoked ciggies behind the bleachers, but alas! everyone has to grow up at some point and it seems like Tazo has reluctantly conceded to donning its Starbucks uniform big boy suit.

Admittedly, the new look ain’t half bad.

H/T + Picthx Brand New