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Long John Silver’s Just Became ALL YOU CAN EAT This Thanksgiving Week

Fans of Long John Silver’s fast-food style seafood spread will have something to give thanks for this week. The chain announced that during Thanksgiving week, they’ll be offering an All-You-Can-Eat special at participating locations in celebration of the food-filled holiday.

Starting now through Nov. 30, customers can dive into all the fish, chicken, and sides they can eat for about $7.99.

This includes hand-battered wild-caught Alaska Pollock, fried white-meat chicken tenders, fries, coleslaw, and LJS’s famous hush puppies.

Not going to lie, I’d go just for endless hush puppies alone.

Long John Silver’s AYCE special will be from 11am through 7pm until the end of the month. Not all locations will honor this deal, however, so best check this store locator to find out exactly which ones you can hit to get your fried seafood fix.

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How To Get An Entire Month Of FREE Starbucks Coffee

One of my usual New Year’s resolutions is to try and save more money in the upcoming year. One expense that always chips away at my wallet is the constant need to stay caffeinated in the mornings or after lunch. Maybe I should get more sleep? Nah, coffee’s fine.

Coffee fiends like me looking to save some hard-earned moolah will want to check out Starbucks’ Brewed Refill Tumbler that can be purchased at participating stores in the United States. Customers who buy the tumbler will receive free coffee throughout the month of January 2019.

All you have to do is present the tumbler to a barista at a participating location for one free grande (16 fluid ounces) of either brewed hot coffee or brewed hot tea between January 1 through January 31, 2019.

While the tumbler costs $40, a month of free coffee (at $2.45) costs approximately $75.95 before taxes – and you get a sweet insulated mug out of it.

In the long run, you’re saving. Especially if you’re a habitual coffee drinker.

Those looking to get their hands on one of these stainless steel coffee tumblers can find them at participating Starbucks stores now while supplies last.

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For A Single Kiss, Qdoba Will Give You A Free Entree on Valentine’s Day

Photo: Facebook

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and we’re definitely feeling the love.

Qdoba, in a partnership with No Hungry Kid, is offering a pretty attractive deal to anyone who decides to stop by the fast-casual restaurant on the most romantic day of the year.

Guests who visit any participating location of Qdoba Mexican Grill on Valentine’s Day can get themselves a free entree for the price of a kiss.

Any customer who buys a Qdoba entree at regular price simply has to kiss someone, or something, at check out and they can get a free meal.

This means if you bring your significant other, give them a quick peck on the cheek for a free meal. If you don’t have anyone to spend the day with, bring a tiny action figure you can do the same with and get that second plate for lunch the next day.

If you feel like sharing your love, Qdoba is donating $1 (up to $10,000) to No Kid Hungry for every photo posted on social media with the hashtag #QdobaForAKiss in order to battle childhood hunger.

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For One Day, Sonic Is Selling 50-Cent Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

Who: Sonic Drive-In

What: The drive-in chain is holding a special deal where customers can get Grilled Cheese Sandwiches for 50 cents, reports Brand Eating. The grilled cheeses are made with two slices of Sonic’s thick Texas toast and melted American cheese. Typically the sandwiches cost a little more than a dollar.

Where: Any participating Sonic Drive-In location.

When: Sonic’s grilled cheese deal will be available all day on Wednesday Nov. 15

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Popeyes Launches 10 Pieces for $10 Deal For Limited Time

Popeyes fans and even restaurants who “proudly serve Popeyes” are going to be stoked to hear that there is a 10 for $10 deal that just dropped.

The delicious fried chicken is usually cheap as it is, but now you can go crazy and get yourself boxfulls of its mixed pieces or tenders for dirt cheap, according to Brand Eating.

The deal will run from now until Oct. 29, just before Halloween, as it’s a frighteningly good deal. (Yeah, I know it sounded lame, but whatever, Halloween.)

I’m sure as hell getting myself at least one order, probably two.

Who: Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

10 pieces of mixed chicken or chicken tenders for $10

When: Through Oct. 29, 2017

All participating locations

Why: Probably because Church’s keeps making their chicken cheaper, as well.


For A Single Kiss, Qdoba Will Give You FREE Burritos On Valentine’s Day


Who: Qdoba

What: For Valentine’s Day, the fast-casual burrito chain will give you a free entree, with the purchase of a regular entree, if you give a kiss at the register. The kiss can be given to a significant other, a family member, casual acquaintance, or even a friend.

Giveaway entrees include burritos, bowls, quesadillas, Loaded Tortilla Soup, and smokey Habanero BBQ Brisket.

From Feb. 10-15, the restaurant chain will also donate $1 to No Kid Hungry for every kissing photo shared on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram using the hashtag #QdobaForAKiss.

Where: All participating Qdoba locations

When: Feb. 14, 2017, Valentine’s Day.

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A Restaurant In Japan Is Offering All-You-Can-Drink Beer For Less Than $1


A restaurant in Tokyo is doing the unthinkable: All-You-Can-Drink Beer. What’s more, they’re charging patrons less than $1 to get their booze on.

According to RocketNews 24, Volks is offering multiple all-you-can-drink plans at their Tokyo-based restaurant. The casual eatery is probably best known for their affordable steak and meat dishes.

For 100-yen (88 cents USD), you will get a 10 minute window to drink as much as your heart desires. You can add an additional 10 minutes for another 100-yen. The catch is, the beer clock begins the second you order and you can’t have another drink until you finish the first.

Seems fair for the price.

Patrons can choose from a variety of domestic beers, wines, and select hard liquor cocktails. Thanks to the one at a time rule, they won’t be blasted with people looking to get hammered for hours at their establishment. That can’t be good for business, right?

Volks holds the beer special from 2pm to 7pm.

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Chipotle Is Giving Out Free Burritos For Veteran’s Day

Veteran’s Day is quickly approaching and restaurants are honoring those who served in our military with free food promotions. Chipotle, is celebrating the national holiday by giving away free burritos and other menu items to our vets.

Who: Chipotle

What: Veterans who provide a military ID will get a buy one/get one free burrito, bowl, salad, or taco from the fast-casual Mexican food chain.

Where: Any participating Chipotle location.

When: Friday, Nov. 11 from 3 pm to closing.