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Deadmau5 Drops A Staggering $15,000 On McDonald’s Coveted Szechuan Sauce

After McDonald’s gave away a few bottles of their famous and coveted Szechuan sauce on Twitter, one user decided to sell theirs off for a good cause, and it paid off big time.

WWG writer Robert Workman, who goes by @TheDCD on Twitter, put his bottle of Szechuan sauce that he won up for auction on Ebay, and it turned into a total bid war. The price eventually ratcheted up to a staggering $15,000, which is a lot to pay for a half gallon jug of a condiment that people used to get for free with their McNuggets.

In a strange turn of events, the top bidder of the initial auction never paid for the item, forcing Workman to file an unpaid claim and contact the second place winner. That runner-up turned out to be acclaimed record producer and DJ Deadmau5, who also bid around the $15,000 mark for the Szechuan sauce. The artist then officially agreed to pay for the sauce and obtain it after he finished getting married over the weekend.

It seems that all of the paperwork to make this happen has gone through, and Deadmau5 has posted a picture of his brand-new Szechuan sauce on Instagram. Workman, meanwhile, has pledged to give a fourth of the proceeds to at least five different charities.

Holy fuck!

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For those of you who were hoping to score some of McDonald’s Szechuan sauce on this auction but got outbid by the celebrity DJ, there’s still more chances. One other winner from the Twitter giveaway has put over half of their sauce up for auction, and we’re pretty confident that McDonald’s will have it available in the near future for the upcoming live-action Mulan flick. We’ll just have to wait and see if we’re right on that one.

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Deadmau5 Looking for New Occupation, Tries Cooking

Those who are familiar with popular musical artist, Deadmau5, know him for his iconic mouse headgear and dropping dope beats. He’s already good at what he does, but could it be true that he wants to put down the DJ headset for a knife? No, not really, and we can all be thankful for that.

In this promotional video for the Wynn Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas called “Job Fail,” we can see Deadmau5 horrendously butcher up a fluke in front of renowned sushi chef, Devin Hashimoto in an attempt to discover new occupations at the hotel. Why? Because I guess he needs more to do with his life now that he is not traveling around from city to city. Deadmau5 has signed exclusive residency for the next year at the Wynn starting January 2, 2012 and will be putting on shows exclusively at the hotel’s venues.



Epic Meal Time x Deadmau5 Collab on a Giant Octopus Bacon Burger

As part of Epic Meal Time‘s least appealing food recipe to date, the band of renegade YouTube chefs have put together an homage to Cthulhu, an octopus, dragon and human hybrid caricature. Their version, involves layers of extremely oversized burger patties (stuffed with fast food burgers), layers of grilled octopus, and several bacon weaves. The final chow down occurs live at what appears to be a Deadmau5 concert.

I recall reading an interview someone had with the fellows over at EPT, and at the time, they had yet to incorporate seafood into any of their dishes. Maybe they could use some direction?


Deadmau5 Cake

Family friend of Foodbeast, Amy Kim continues to show off her cakestress abilities with this crazy Deadmau5 inspired cake. In the creation of this cake, Amy utilized 5 layers of alternating chocolate and vanilla cake with a buttercream frosting. The ears are made of sugar cookies, the eyes are the tops of muffins and the entire thing is covered with colored fondant.