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A Dead Bat Was Found Inside A Salad Bag At Walmart And Now We’re Done With Salads

We thought last year’s giant spider was the most terrifying thing you could find in a bag of pre-packaged salad. Turns out we were wrong.

Two customers discovered what is believed to be the decomposing corpse of a bat inside a bag of salad they purchased from a Florida Walmart.

According to the Guardian, the discovery has prompted a regional recall as well as an investigation by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While the decayed mammal was sent to a CDC lab to see if it contained rabies, the state the corpse was in prevented conclusive results. Luckily, both the consumers showed no signs of rabies after receiving treatment.

The brand in question was identified as Organic Marketside Spring Mix. Fresh Express, the company that produces this brand of salad mix, issued a public recall to their item.

Details of the product are shown here:

Walmart has since removed all of the bags from their grocery aisle shelves. Though, bat or no bat, the CDC recommends anyone who ate from the bag of recalled salad should contact their health department just to be safe.

If you happened to purchase this item, you may want to throw it out immediately.


This Indian Restaurant Lets You Dine with Dead Bodies


Turns out there’s a place in India that lets you experience a meal among the deceased. At the New Lucky Restaurant, located in Ahmedabad, you can order tea and butter rolls and park it next to a raised coffin.

In Indian customs, it’s actually good luck to dine with the deceased.

The restaurant features 16-century coffins scattered throughout the dining area with railings placed around each to prevent customers from accidentally stepping them. While the novelty of the restaurant is what brings customers through the doors, they have been open for decades and actually kept regulars thanks to the quality of their food.

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Canned Unicorn Meat

Hopes, dreams and magic all in one can-Canned Unicorn Meat! The unicorn truly is a magically creature that once only existed in childhood fairy tales. Now, you can have your own dead unicorn. So, there really isn’t any unicorn meat in here (I’m sorry), but you do get a dismembered unicorn toy! I can deal with that compensation. (Thx ThinkGeek)