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A DC Comics Restaurant Featuring Superheroes Could Be Coming To London Soon

Marvel may be getting a few sections of Disney theme parks coming soon, but the DC superhero universe could possibly be getting its own immersive restaurant.

Documents filed with the city of Westminster within London reveal a proposal for a multi-experience DC Multiverse restaurant, featuring superheroes like “Batman, Superman, and Wonderwoman.” What currently exists as a larger fine-dining steakhouse will be broken up into multiple parts, with at least four different dining sections present in the new restaurant.

The four areas include a lounge bar, a dining area with live entertainment, a fine dining experience, and an “immersive experience.” There’s also a back area called “Arkham Asylum,” named after the fabled psychiatric hospital in the Batman series. It will have a separate, speakeasy-esque entrance via a corridor, and will reportedly sell street food.

The restaurant itself isn’t going to be heavy on theme park vibes, with a lack of props and costumes heavily featured throughout. Instead, according to the documents, it will “invite guests to experience the DC Universe without breaking the fourth wall.”

Eater London reports that the development is being led by an unknown “high-end restaurateur.” The appropriate paperwork has been filed with the city of Westminster, whose council should reach a decision on the future of this concept by mid-April 2019.