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Jack In The Box Released A Hilarious 360 Virtual Reality Video

Recently, Jack in the Box developed an entire brunch menu they called “Brunchfast.” The all-day menu included items that combined the best of breakfast and lunch, with a dab of dinner.

To future hype Brunchfast, the fast food chain released a new virtual reality experience that’s completely in 360 viewing.

The video, created by David & Goliath and VR Playhouse, features a journey into a trippy world made of Jack in the Box’s menu items.


Prominent social influencers include Bart Baker, Josh Elkin, and Daym Drops. Baker, the self-proclaimed king of music video parodies, wrote and performed the original song for the video himself.

Check out the video, above. You can move your cursor throughout the video to take in the complete experience.


Chick-Fil-A’s New Egg White Sandwich Pissed Off Daym Drops

When Chick-Fil-A replaced it’s Spicy Chicken Biscuit for a healthier Egg White Grill, there was a bit of an uproar from fans, as they didn’t appreciate the menu change.

I’m sure they had their reasons, but it doesn’t mean we have to like those reasons.

YouTuber Daym Drops, the utmost authority on fast food reviews, got his hands on the Egg White Grill, and in his usual honest way, let us know that the sandwich was not a banger

His review started off promising, as the melted cheese looked like it was ready to be a part of something special, but all it took was one bite before Daym’s excitement turned into disappointment.

While Chick-Fil-A usually comes correct with their chicken sandwiches, Daym dubbed this one the, “Egg White Not Aite.”

He said it wasn’t even so much the egg white that ruined it, it was the grilled chicken that didn’t fit well.

I think it’s safe to say that Chick-Fil-A blew it by getting rid of the Spicy Chicken Biscuit. Not only did they get rid of a fan favorite, but they replaced it with something that’s not Daym Drops approved, and that might be the biggest “tell” of all.

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Feedback: Top User Comments Of The Week [Sept. 30]

Welcome to another edition of our weekly Foodbeast “Feedback,” where we feature your Facebook comments, and respond directly to your views on our recipes and stories.

The week was wild, and full of some crazy food stories, and your comments were just as crazy, per usual.

We saw 2 Chainz drink expensive cat poop coffee and watched Daym Drops lose his shit over Pizza Hut’s “nasty” grilled cheese crust. You guys responded to our stories through Facebook, and now it’s our turn to respond back.

We always appreciate that you read our posts, and take the time to add your own commentary.

Here’s what made the cut this week. Think you can make next week’s list?


STORY:This Is The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Corn On The Cob You Need In Your Life

Booty Squirts sounds like it could be Young Thugs next album name, but it’s not something I think I want to experience in the bathroom. The way you paint this experience is very Shakespearean. “Red Cheeto Ass Water” really drives home the point.


Story: Watch This Butcher Cut Whole Lambs With Robotic Precision

That’s part of his magic and skill. Any normal man would have lost every single one of his fingers.


Story: All It Takes Is One Bite To Be Defeated By The World’s Hottest Chip

Damn, bro, that’s SAVAGE! If you do ever pull this off, Please film it and send it to us. We’d love to see your friends writhe in agony as the fiery chips clog their innocent throats.


STORY: Eat Breakfast With Giraffes At This Unique Hotel/

Come on, Fernando. You can’t tell me it wouldn’t be cute AF to eat breakfast with a giraffe. Sure, it’s “big head” might be a little intrusive, but it’s a freakin’ giraffe!!! You have to take this experience 100 out of 100 times.

Story: How Arnold Palmer Awkwardly Ordered Arnold Palmer Drinks

Bruh. Bruh. Bruh. The man was a legend. Find something else to stick your dick out for.

Story:2 Chainz Drinks A $100 Cup Of Coffee Made From Cat Poop [WATCH]

I wish it was a mistake. I really do. 2 Chainz looks like he’s down to eat anything, but cat poop coffee sounds like a big fat, ‘No’ for me.

Story: Daym Drops Literally Shook In Anger After Trying Pizza Hut’s Grilled Cheese Crust

I haven’t tried this pizza, and I’ve never hated Pizza Hut that much, but I think we can all agree that the product should be of high quality. I don’t know if it’s dollar store quality at the moment, but if Daym’s right, I might just start saving my money.

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Daym Drops Literally Shook In Anger After Trying Pizza Hut’s Grilled Cheese Crust

Daym Drops is the unquestionable king of fast food reviews, giving you the unadulterated, stone cold truth about any new fast food item, with grace, and nonstop humor.

With Pizza Hut introducing a new take on its stuffed-crust pizza via a grilled cheese iteration, Daym picked up a box of the new Grilled Cheese Crust pizza, and didn’t mince words about how disappointed he was.

“I’m not coming back, son,” Daym called out to Pizza Hut. “You’re allowing for your pizza to be up in the club watching everybody else dance with all the pretty women, and you’re posted up in the corner, taking an ‘L.'”

Daym pretty much just called them the Meek Mill of pizza chains. It was sad seeing the instant heartbreak in his face, like Ralph Wiggum after getting rejected by Lisa Simpson.

Grilled Cheese Crust sounded like a good idea, but I trust my boy Daym. If he went out of his way to put together a 4 minute roast, Pizza Hut did something really wrong.


WATCH Daym Drops’ Hilarious Review Of The LOBSTER-FILLED McSurf & Turf Burger


In a bit of food bloggerception, one of our favorite YouTubers reviewed a freaky creation from one of our favorite Instagrammers.

Let’s back up a bit.

In states like Maine and Massachusetts, where you can find great lobster anywhere, McDonald’s thought it’d try its hand in the lobster game.

Insert the infamously foul-mouthed Vulgar Chef.

He took the questionable McLobster and mashed it together with a Big Mac to create a pretty dank looking McSurf & Turf Burger.

One of the funniest YouTuber’s out there, Daym Drops, has a special name for crazy mashups like this, as he often has reviews what he calls, “Hood Burgers.” Daym put together a McSurf & Turf himself and gave his always-honest opinion on it.

Check out Daym’s review of The Vulgar Chef’s McSurf & Turf burger:

picthx The Vulgar Chef


Watch This Amazing Human Being Eat And Review Bacon-Crust Pizza

Daym Drops should be on your radar for no other reason than he reviews food out of the comfort of his car (awesome). Oh yeah — he’s also hilariously passionate about every last fast food item that enters his mouth.

In his latest YouTube installment, he’s stumbled upon Little Caesars’ new Pizza with a Bacon-Wrapped Crust. Safe to say, he’s a little excited: