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Watch Daym Drops Give His Spicy Take On McDonald’s Szechuan Sauce

McDonald’s is dropping a limited release of their Szechuan Sauce this coming weekend, meaning that curious fans will finally get a chance to try the much hyped condiment out in stores. If you want to get an idea of what the sauce tastes like beforehand, YouTube fast food critic Daym Drops just dropped his spicy take on the Szechuan Sauce on his YouTube channel.

Daym got an early hookup on the condiment from McDonald’s and grabbed some McNuggets to dip into it and share his thoughts. Based on the video, Daym is clearly a fan of the new sauce, proclaiming it to be “the truth” at one point as he inhaled the McNuggets. His sharpest insight on this Mulan McNuggets Sauce is a comparison to “your local hood Chinese spot,” so if you frequent those restaurants, you’ll be able to get an inkling of what the sauce is like for yourself.

Peep the video above to get Daym’s full take on the returning condiment. If you’re inspired or skeptical of Daym’s feedback on the Szechuan Sauce, grab some when it drops to see if you’re down with it or not.