Anthony Bourdain Talks “Street Food” on Letterman [VIDEO]

Currently on a press tour for his new show The Layover, Anthony Bourdain stopped by David Letterman’s Late Show to talk food, food television hate and the quality of street food in New York. Bourdain claims his 24-hour stay in Singapore on an episode of his new show revealed some of the best street food in the world, and that street food in New York will give you a mad case of the shits. Yes, stuff we may already know, but still interesting to hear coming from a “professional.”

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Vince Vaughn Comments on Kevin James Weight Loss

It was but a few months ago we were posting about Kevin James Weight Loss, and his hilarious appearance on David Letterman. As part of Vince Vaughn’s press tour for his latest film The Dilemma (co-starring Kevin James), he made a recent and equally humorous trip to David Letterman’s Late Show where he further discusses Kevin James’ relationship with food and his weight loss battle. “We were having some pasta,” Vaughn explained, “and we decided maybe we should lose some weight.”

“Kevin had ambitions of doing some action films in the future,” Vaughn continued, “I didn’t share that ambition, but I was supportive of him.” Congrats to Kevin James on the continued success in his physique, and hopefully both Kevin James and Vince Vaughn keep making hilarious late night appearances talking about food. Eat on!

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Kevin James on Losing Weight, Endorsing Peanut Butter & More

Don’t know how we missed this particular appearance of comedian Kevin James as a guest on the Late Show with David Letterman. This visit from early 2009 discusses James’ battle with weight loss (and gain), being overweight in Hollywood, consumption of peanut butter, George Forman Grill and a myriad of other topics.  Fascinating and humorous, a much watch!

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Celebrity Grub: Bruce Willis Feeds Letterman His Meat Hair

Bruce Willis is no longer bald! This Die Hard playa is able to grow a nice set of ground beef on his head, and just in time for the fall to keep him warm. You have to give it up for B.Willis for his Gaga-ness and his sense of humor. The man is straight up gangster, ’nuff said. While on David Letterman’s Tonight Show, Willis offered Letterman a piece of his meat (???) which pretty much leads to Letterman choking on it (???). I’m not trying to sound filthy, but it’s just writing itself. Enjoy.


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