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DoorDash Launches Dating Site With Shake Shack

Navigating the many pitfalls of online dating in this day and age is precarious, and finding common interests can be just as tricky. But what if there was a way to find your next boo simply by matching up with the spice preference of their chicken sandwich? For single foodies, this just might be the winning formula.

Thanks to anew partnership between DoorDash and Shack Shack, a new dating app named Eat Cute is now up for singles to mingle and possibly munch. The limited-time dating site aims to help folks find their perfect match over their shared love of Shake Shack’s new Buffalo Chicken Sandwich.

Here’s all the details if you’re looking for love:

  • Starting Thursday, February 3, singles can visit to build their profile and kick off the search for their spicy match. 
  • Singles nationwide simply upload a selfie, share how spicy they like it, then begin tapping on the flame icon to find a sandwich-loving better half. 
  • Upon matching with a compatible Buffalo Chicken Sandwich lover, a unique promotional code for a FREE Buffalo Chicken Sandwich from Shake Shack on DoorDash will be presented on a separate pop-up screen to share with their match to spread the love.
  • This quirky dating site is only here for a limited amount of time, from 2/3 until 2/15. 
  • Whether or not folks find their “Eat Cute”, singles have a chance to win a $5,000 DoorDash gift card to buy all the Shake Shack Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches their heart desires. 

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Kissing And Eating Frogs: A Female Foodie’s Dating Adventures

It’s no secret the food world is overwhelmingly dominated by men. That doesn’t mean great female culinarians don’t exist, because they totally do. Some of my personal idols include Alex Guarnaschelli, a total sweetheart yet hardass known for her scrutiny as a judge on the show Chopped, Amanda Freitag, an almost docile woman who can turn on the heat literally and figuratively in the kitchen, and Chrissy Teigen, because she eats whatever she wants and doesn’t give a fuck.

I’m not saying I’m even close to these professionals on the totem pole – I’m not an officially trained chef – but I do know a lot about food. My entire life basically consists of developing recipes for my blog The Bacon Princess, eating food, photographing food, writing about food, reviewing restaurants, maybe sleeping, and then repeating the whole cycle every day.

When I meet new people my age, I feel almost like a circus attraction. Living in Washington, D.C. it’s rare to find a millennial employed by someone other than the Federal Government, and when they find out I “do” food as a living, the fact usually leaves them agape. In this case, I’m just talking about meeting new friends. Dating is a completely different story. When a guy first hears that a) I love bacon (hence my blog name) and b) I eat a lot of food, it’s almost like their brain short circuits for about 30 seconds straight until they know how to process it.

Here are some of the guys I have encountered in the dating world after they find out I’m a girl who is passionate about food:

1. The Showoff

I went on a date with a seemingly pleasant gentleman to a restaurant in Washington, D.C. called Thip Khao. The joint serves traditional Laotian cuisine, and it is fantastic. I actually think the guy picked this place, which was refreshing. But when the meal started, I could tell why.

This fucker had apparently traveled through Laos on some janky boat, and because of this, considered himself an expert in everything Laotian. It took nearly 45 minutes to place our damn order, because he kept engaging the server in detailed conversations about the most obscure things on the menu, proving that he knew what they were, in an attempt to dazzle me with his vast knowledge of Laotian cuisine. On the walk back to the metro, I finally thought we had landed on a normal conversation about childhood pets, but after I mentioned my family had a dog he replied, “I’ve never had a dog as a pet, but I’ve eaten one before.”

2. The Boozehound

Just because I appreciate great food doesn’t mean I need to eat like a princess all the time. But when a guy suggests we have our first date at a grungy bar known for buckets of unidentifiable liquors and blacking out on Saturday nights, I just can’t. So instead, I suggested one of my favorite restaurants in the city I knew had great happy hour deals, and an impressive assortment of local beers on tap. Guys like beer, right?

Turns out the dude was already two vodka cranberry’s deep by the time I arrived fashionably late by a whopping two minutes. The vodka cranberries continued throughout the duration of the date, which by some miracle lasted ninety minutes instead of thirty. Turns out we should have just gone to the dingy bar…or maybe he could have just gone and imbibed without me.

3. The Plain John

Washington, D.C. has some pretty awesome food places. One of my personal favorites is a local chain called &pizza, where you can customize your pie and wait while it’s made right in front of you. However, the best thing about &pizza is that there is only a base price for customizable pizzas, rather than charging you extra per topping, for which many pizza places are notorious.

I don’t know about you, but I go wild with that shit. I’m going to get everything that will physically fit put on that pizza. If you’re a little more modest, I can understand opting for maybe two or three toppings. But I went here with a dude and he legit ordered a straight cheese pizza. Not even three-cheese or four-cheese. Literally just crust with sauce and cheese on it. Do you know what this tells me about your moves in the bedroom? Bye.

4. The Tinder (Douchebag)

Admittedly, I hopped on the Tinder bandwagon in its early days. It was good clean fun to me. I swiped at work when things were slow, on the metro when I could get service, whenever I was on the toilet – you get the picture. My profile definitely mentions my affinity for bacon, and this has turned out to be a great conversation starter.

One day, I opened a message from a pretty attractive guy. He was impressed I liked bacon. Most guys are. He checked out my Instagram, did his homework, and asked an incredibly reasonable question: “Do you get paid to promote bacon?” I replied that I didn’t but have been given ample supply of the fine meat in the past by certain purveyors. He then says, “Cool. You eat a lot of bacon, but I like that you’re still trim.” Glad my body is good enough for you, bro.

5. The Carnivore

A few weeks ago I was speaking with another guy from Tinder about food. He worked in the restaurant industry and also sold fine wines, so I felt at home. We had a good amount to talk about. For some reason he was really shocked when I said one of my favorite foods was chicken wings, so we set a date to get our wings on. I would assume many girls are overly conscious about what they look like while eating wings, or if they have sauce on their face, but I don’t really give a shit.

I met with the guy in-person, ready to get some wings in my belly, but he decided to go for the gold and order ostrich. I’m not really sure why this barbecue place decided to have ostrich on the menu, but they did and the dude ate every bite. I have to admit, I was a little turned on. I love a man who can eat adventurously.

6. The Guy That Makes It Weird

When I was living in Chicago, I got a lot more messages about the bacon aspect of my Tinder profile. I am correlating this to the fact that Chicago is a meat-eater’s dream, with hot dogs, cheese steaks, and deep-dish pizzas loaded with pepperoni around every corner. One day, I received a first message from a guy that literally said, “How about you come over, I cover you in bacon, and let’s get busy.” I briefly decided to entertain his fantasy by asking “Cooked or raw?” to which he replied “raw.” Strange. Am I Lady Gaga, or something? Even I’m not into that. The same guy actually happened to walk into the restaurant I worked at one night and we exchanged a very awkward glance of recognition for a painful amount of time.

7. The One Who Just Really Doesn’t Get It

I have a weakness for cocktails. Not rum and cokes or bourbon gingers, but carefully crafted cocktails. Obviously I drink the shitty ones too because I’m not rich and I am indeed a human, but I can appreciate the time and skill it takes to make a good drink. In a surprising twist of events for me, I actually “dated” a guy for nearly three months. He was alright. Except, he did not share my affinity for skillfully composed food or drink. This turned out to be an issue.

Knowing that he liked whiskey, I took him to Jack Rose Dining Saloon, a well-known whiskey bar in the Adams Morgan neighborhood of DC. This place is legendary. They have so many different types of whiskey, they literally have one of those library ladder things to move around just so they can navigate the whole collection. I thought he would love it. But then he saw the price of one cocktail was $13. Sure, that’s steep, but for the quality, is it really? Good whiskey can be pretty expensive.

He explicitly said, “I’m not going to buy a cocktail at that price when I can buy a whole unit of whiskey for less.” Bruh, what kind of piss whiskey you drinkin’? I’m out.

8. The Wine and Dine-r

Every once in awhile, I am impressed by the culinary aptitude of a man my age. I don’t mean to sound degrading at all, but there are a lot of people in the “eat to live” camp versus the “live to eat camp.” One time, a dashing gentleman invited me over to his apartment for a home-cooked meal. I obliged mostly because I thought this would be pretty entertaining for me, watching a guy struggle in the kitchen.

But this man did not struggle. When I arrived, there was already a bottle of red wine in the decanter. A DECANTER! I didn’t know people actually owned those things. When I asked him what was for dinner, he said sushi-grade Ahi tuna with freshly sliced (not pre-packaged!) kiwi as a garnish. This was impressive. Needless to say, that date went well.

9. The Exhibitionist

There are always those guys on Tinder, whatever dating app, or even in-person that are trying to see you naked from the get go. You may call these people “males,” but I prefer to refer them to exhibitionists. I was approached by a scantily clad muscle man on Tinder who was trying to get the conversation started, but instead of asking for a nude, he decided to mix it up. He said, “Hi. How’s it going? Care to exchange Snapchat? Send me your best food baby photo and I’ll send back a photo of my abs. Fair deal?” Whether this guy is turned on by food or baby bumps, the world will never know.

While I’m not certain whether other females who chose food as a livelihood have encountered the same near-freak incidents as I have, I do know that food is and will always be my most loyal love. As long as I remain the type of girl who values humor and a great story, I shall toil forward through the dating game, ready for whatever characters I meet next.


‘Delusion Curry’ Allows Lonely Guys In Japan To Eat With A Fake Girlfriend


Lonely bachelors in Japan no longer have to eat curry dinners by themselves anymore. A novelty bookstore, Village Vanguard, now offers their customers a tasty instant Japanese curry meal along with a DVD of a sexy female model who will act as their girlfriend while they are chowing down.

Curry appears to be the popular meal of choice that Japanese men want their significant others to cook for them, according to Rocketnews24. The curry and girlfriend bundle, titled “Men’s Delusion Curry-Orange Flavor,” features model Mao Harada.


The 27-year-old model, known by her nickname “Haradan,” is from Ehime Prefecture, an area of Japan known for growing mandarin oranges.

The DVD is organized into three chapters that include “The Younger Girlfriend,” “The Older Girl Who Lives Next Door and is Sort of Risque,” and “Haradan Made a Home-Cooked Meal.”

The bundled package includes a 200-gram (7.1 ounce) serving of instant orange curry.


New Trend On Tinder Has Desperate Guys Sending Girls Free Pizza

So there’s a new game on Tinder. Apparently girls are hitting up desperate guys on the dating app and asking them to send over free pizzas. Y’know, to see if they can.

They’re calling it the “Tinder Games” and it’s totally working, for obvious reasons.

It looks like dudes are looking for any excuse to these girls’ good graces and this includes buying and sending over free pies for them. In some cases, there’s also sushi and wings.

Check out some of the cringiest screenshots of the Tinder Games in progress.

Tinder-Games-01 Tinder-Games-02 Tinder-Games-03 Tinder-Games-04 Tinder-Games-Wings


Science Says Women Still Want Men to Pay for Dinner


Ladies, are you staring at the tab hoping he’ll reach over and say those three special words, I got this?

Gentlemen, are you staring at the tab, hoping she’ll reach over and say those three special words, Wanna split it?

It’s that funny situation where both parties wonder what the appropriate thing is to do. Many will argue that the chivalrous thing would be for the guy to swoop up the bill. Others, will argue that in this day and age, expecting the man to pay is archaic and women should be willing to go halfsies.

Well, a study by Chapman University’s David Frederick offers a sliver of insight on what women and men really think. According to Frederick’s research, survey data gathered from more than 17,000 subjects revealed that women still want men to pay for dinner.

Consistent with conventional norms, most men (84 percent) and women (58 percent) reported that men pay for most expenses, even after dating for a while. Over half (57 percent) of women claim they offer to help pay, but many women (39 percent) confessed they hope men would reject their offers to pay, and 44 percent of women were bothered when men expected women to help pay.

Apparently, while the majority of both genders appear to support the idea of going dutch, some women are more comfortable with the idea of men picking up the tab. However, while a large majority of men (76 percent) claimed feeling guilty when accepting a women’s offer to pay, 44 percent of men said that they wouldn’t date a woman who never pays. It seems that there are just some old school tradition we just can’t shake. Well, at least not yet.

Picthx College Crush


What Your Valentine’s Day Plans Say About Your Relationship Status


Since we fancy ourselves to be highly unprofessional advice givers when it comes to love, we here at Foodbeast present to you the ultimate guide to Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re taking the boo out to a swanky candlelight dinner or snuggling in your PJs while knee-deep in Chinese take-out, what you choose to do on that special night speaks volumes about the dynamics of your relationship.

So, in honor of bad chocolate and fat babies shooting arrows in the sky, here’s a comprehensive look into what your Valentine’s Day plans say about your relationship status.



The 5-star restaurant with $$$$ on Yelp

You looked up this place at least 2 weeks ahead of time and made sure it had a Yelp rating of at least 4 stars. You also double checked the reviews to make sure it wasn’t one of those fancy places where they charged $50 for a plate of soggy fettuccine but justified it by the fabulous ocean view. You’re definitely getting laid tonight. That, or you’re both 60 years old and hate each other.


“The Happiest Place on Earth”

Why are you on the teacup ride right now with a bunch of screaming 5 year olds? Oh, yeah, because your S/O is convinced that the churros here are super authentic and the 2-hour wait for “It’s a Small World” is a great time for both of you to beat each other’s single-digit Flappy Bird highscore. On the brightside, you successfully snuck in a handle of vodka — hello, Space Mountain!


Netflix and Chinese Food Night

You’ve been together for at least 3 years and you both know what’s up. You’d rather throw on Ocean’s Eleven and order take-out from your favorite Chinese spot. You’re also the couple that farts around each other and hold contests on who can let one go the loudest. Ew.


The Buffer Group Date

You literally met each other last night but didn’t want to be forever alone, so you invited your friends as a buffer in case your date turned out to be psycho who owns 20 cats. Now you’re awkwardly standing next to each other at a loud dive bar and debating if you should hold hands or not.


The “Surprise” Picnic

You’re either a modern day Casanova who makes bomb tuna sandwiches or you just wanted an excuse to play “Such Great Heights” on the guitar while you both boozed up on two buck chuck.



The Overpriced Gastropub

You wanted to do something “different” for Valentine’s Day. At first you considered sky diving but after you came to your senses, you figured an edgy gastropub would be the next best thing. Now, you’re both nibbling on overpriced truffle fries and feeling super “hip.”


The Mini Golf Date That Precedes First Base

You’re in high school and you have a curfew at 10 pm. That, or you both just really love greasy arcade pizza and you definitely can’t be mad at that.


The Romantic Dinner at Home

You’re a romantic and after watching a few episodes of Iron Chef thought, “Shoot, I could do that.” Now you’re covered in spaghetti sauce and trying to throw in jalapenos for “taste.” It might not be edible, but gosh, aren’t you two the cutest?



The “I Thought You Didn’t Want to Do Anything” Date

You’re the chump who listened to your S/O when they said they “Didn’t feel like doing anything for Valentine’s Day.” You fell for the trap and now you’re alone eating SpaghettiOs and drinking sad beer tears.


The Anti-Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Party

You’re single and wanted to show all your friends in relationships what a poor life decision they made. So, you’re throwing a Pinterest-worthy party and only inviting your single friends. There will be strong martinis and you’ll be Instagramming the whole time to make everyone else jealous.


The McDonald’s Date


You did this for Valentine’s Day. Strangely enough, you are now single.


Date photography by Marc Kharrat, 5-Star Restaurant Picthx malteeze


Martha Stewart Has a Profile & Her Avatar is Pretty Hot


On Monday, Martha Stewart announced on the TODAY Show that she was joining the legion of hopeful singles on online dating website Of course, soon after the announcement, Stewart’s inbox was overwhelmed by a flood of emails requesting a date with the 71-year-old business magnate.

Stewart, who successfully grew a small catering business in her basement to the “Martha Stewart” empire it is today, needed an entire staff to sift through the piles of potential beaus.

“I’d like to have breakfast with somebody. I’d like to go to bed with somebody. Sleep with somebody,” she told audience of the Today Show.

In our opinion, Martha Stewart looks smashing, and gosh, she sounds like an absolute doll. Her profile reads:

So while I’m open to all kinds of people, and love to be surprised, here’s what I know I appreciate in a man: Someone who’s intelligent, established, and curious; and who relishes adventure and new experiences as much as I do. Someone who can teach me new things. A lover of animals, grandchildren, and the outdoors. Young at heart. Please send me a message if you fit the bill. I travel frequently, so geography is but a detail.

Men, 55-70, take note.

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