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This Map Shows The Food Your State Hates The Most

Photos Courtesy of Hater App

You might be wondering why anyone would hate Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, or chicken nuggets, but there are actually states that thoroughly hate those foods.

It all started with a dating app that’s literally called Hater, which matches people based on their hates. In your search for love (or friendship, I suppose), the app asks you to swipe on multiple things, as it records everything you hate, and voila, you’re united with someone through hatred.

The app has about 750,000 users, and based on their swipes, Hater put together a U.S. map showing the food every state hates the most.

So, yeah, for some reason Colorado seems to hate Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, New Mexico hates nuggets, and strangely enough, Wisconsin doesn’t fancy Lunchables.

Some other notable states are California, who has shown a disdain for Chick-Fil-A (That’s what you get for being closed the only day we want to eat it), New York understandably hates ranch on pizza, and Texas hates well-done steaks (Every state should, really). Oregon hates fast food, in general, Alabama hates Chipotle, and Hawaii hates Coca-Cola.

The app released a similar map earlier this year, which showed what every state hates, overall, not just food. Peep that one below, too, and see if it seems accurate:

If you’ve had trouble finding love, maybe you’re just in the wrong state. I might move to New York with my fellow ranch haters, or Connecticut since they don’t mess with mayonnaise-topped fries.


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A Glass Of Wine Made A Tinder Profile And The Results Are Intoxicating

Last year we learned what happened when an anonymous girl jumped on Tinder and posed as a cheeseburger cleverly named Patty. She used the profile to determine which characteristics men most often displayed in conversations with her: hungry or horny?

It turns out that they were all a little bit of both! Which got me thinking, ‘How would girls respond if they were being hit on by, oh I don’t know…a glass of wine, perhaps?’

So I did the next logical thing…

I signed up for Tinder:

Photo Nov 20, 4 14 09 PM

Since I’m just a glass of wine and don’t have fingers (woe is me), I had my friend Sean Fahmy help me out by typing my responses for me.

Some girls loved the idea of opening up to a glass of wine. Some didn’t care much for what I said, they were just excited to be talking to alcohol. A surprising number completely ignored me altogether (hey, more me for me!). Some marveled at the fact that a charming yet perverted little glass of wine could talk, while others took all of my liquid advances in stride, even volleying back a few clever lines here and there.

I also used a few lines more than once. There are only so many puns about my people that I can come up with, and EVERY SINGLE GIRL swiped right on me, leaving me with over 300 matches in two days. Normally I would have made my way into all of their hearts and bellies, but Sean keeps “wining” about his fingers hurting from typing so much. Dude is acting like a real box of wine. BE LESS SQUARE, BRO.


The Ladies








Photo Nov 17, 3 19 27 PM—–







jordan karen






jackie-front ali










Clearly some of these girls already had some of me before they started Tindering.


What Being a Burger on Tinder Taught Me About Men


This story was originally written by Anonymous for 7Deadly

It should come as no surprise that a Tinder Perfect 10 is a double patty with bacon. In less than three days, over 1,000 men in the Orange County area right-swiped on my Tinder profile featuring a burger named “Patty” before the profile was shut down. Meet Patty, the juicy burger I created that had men sexting up a storm.




The inspiration for my Tinder alterego came after having putting up with a constant stream of uninvited proposals on my personal account. I started to think — does it actually matter if I’m a hot 20-something girl, or will guys sext with anything? Turns out, they will. After filtering through hundreds of messages, I picked out 25 of my personal faves. It’s up to you to decide who is trolling, who has the munchies, and who is looking for love in all the wrong right places.


The Opportunist


That’s right, people. I got numbers. As a burger.


The Stage 5 Clinger




The Connoisseur


Aw, you fancy huh?


The Ketchup Guy




The Soulmate


Too good to be true.


The Guy Who Missed the Point


Try Google Images.


The Thirsty Guy


I hate to say this Rami, but you might want to expand your horizons given the kind of game you got…


The Scientist


Oh Matthew, do me like your homework.


“Dark Meat”




The Vegetarian


After this, he proceeded to try to talk to me about my feelings.


The Poet


“Wet lettuce.” Also, I just threw up a little bit.


The Cheater


We’re done.


The Keeper


Matty, I swiped the seven seas for you.


The Nice Guy


Yeah, you surpassed the previous low, which was right-swiping on a burger.


The Quiet One




The Biter


Okay Hannibal, slow down.


The Funny Guy


Or should I say, the punny guy.


The One Who’s Been Around


Man, what is it with dudes and redheads?


That 90s Baby




The One Who Can’t Spell




The Role Player




The Artist


Picasso would be proud.


The One That Blows Up Your Phone



The Kinky One




The Existentialist


Well, that kind of put a damper on things.


Hope you enjoyed my burger sextcapades. See you on the flip-side… of the grill. Or on Tinder. Next up, Pinky the Taco. #swiperight.


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Japan’s Odd New Sushi Dating Simulator, for Folks Who *Really* Love Fish


With all its nuance and artistry, it’s no wonder so many people love sushi. From silky salmon to fatty tuna to California and Caterpillar rolls, there’s really something for everyone. Now, thanks to a new Japanese dating app, you and all your maki-loving friends can take your adoration to its only logical conclusion: dating anthropomorphized seafood. Sugoi!

Released May 28, “Here You Go! One Order of Romance,” follows the story of one Japanese sushi chef’s daughter, who is left to run the family restaurant when her father accepts a job overseas. One night after his departure, who should show up to help the poor girl than the sushi itself, brought to life in the form of six human boys, who, incidentally, all want to get in her pants?

Like any Japanese dating sim, each character has a distinct personality. There’s the “hot-blooded Yu Guromatsu (tuna), easygoing Kei Sukegawa (salmon), his shy little brother Iku (salmon roe), and somewhat childish Tamaki Marui (egg),” according to Rocket News. Shrimp and Avocado to come in later updates.


The free game can currently be downloaded for Apple or Android under the name “Love! Sushi Rangers!”. Full disclosure: one of our writers may or may not have just downloaded this app to her phone. For research purposes, of course.

H/T Rocket News