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If You’ve Been To Chili’s Lately, Check Your Credit Card Right Now

If you’ve been to Chili’s within the last couple of months, you might want to check your card statements because the popular family restaurant announced that its payment system was recently compromised.

Brinker International, who owns Chili’s Grill and Bar, formally announced that a data breach was found in their system, May 11.

“We believe that malware was used to gather payment card information including credit or debit card numbers as well as cardholder names from our payment-related systems for in-restaurant purchases at certain Chili’s restaurants,” Brinker said in a statement.

Brinker also believes that the breach could have occurred within the months of March and April, so if you enjoyed some of Chili’s baby back ribs in that time, make sure that some creep isn’t using your identity to get $300 worth of lingerie at Victoria’s Secret.

The breach is still under investigation, as they’ve brought in a forensics team to get to the bottom of this, but apart from that, they’ve not given specifics on what kind of malware was found, nor how many people were potentially affected.

As with all data breach situations, make sure to monitor your payment cards carefully, and if you see any suspicious activity, report it immediately.