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‘Brews Wayne’ Batman-Themed Beer is Strangely Not a Stout


If superheroes didn’t exist, Bruce Wayne would probably be an alcoholic. Thankfully, instead we got a hyper-aggressive masked vigilante/billionaire playboy with a flair for dramatic costuming. Oh, and this Batman-inspired beer, fittingly dubbed — of course —the Brews Wayne.

For the third year in a row, Denver Comic Con enlisted the help of Breckenridge Brewery to create an official superhero-themed beer for its upcoming annual convention. Following last year’s “Caped Brewsader,” 2014’s submission is also Gotham themed: an amber ale with a “hearty malt base and lively hop character,” meant to represent the duality of its “playboy by day and superhero by night” namesake, reports the Denver Post.

With 6.1% ABV, the limited-edition beer is perhaps a even more fitting a tribute to the Dark Knight than a black-as-vengeance stout or porter would be. Then again, considering how bleak and beefed up Affleck’s version is looking, maybe we will need something with a bit more brooding.


Watch These Foodie! Bane Outakes From The Dark Knight Rises

Who knew that behind all that muscle and malcontent hid a man who just wanted to make sure everyone got their daily recommended amount of fiber?

The guys from Auralnauts, apparently. That is, if their YouTube video description is to be believed, Bane’s lines in The Dark Knight Rises had to go through several revisions before making it to the final cut. I guess monologuing about strawberries and belittling Gotham’s taste in pizza makes a guy seem less menacing from some reason.

Check out the full range of Foodie!Bane’s TDKR outtakes below.

:07 seconds, in which Bane kills a guy for eating a bagel and cream cheese:

:51 seconds, in which he decides he wants market-fresh strawberries:

1:17 seconds, in which he feels his dietary expertise is being questioned:

3:38 seconds, in which he would have gone with the mixed greens over the iceberg lettuce:

And a bonus clip of Bane rapping, just because:

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