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The Harlem Shake Hits McDonald’s, Madness Ensues [VIDEO]

Doing the Harlem Shake at McDonald's.

Some call the Harlem Shake the next Gangnam Style, some call it a rehash of the early 2000’s dance of the same name, but whatever it is, it’s getting a lot of attention on YouTube.

So as these videos keep popping up, of course a group of dudes made one of these videos at McDonald’s.

Coming from “That’s Classic,” a musical duo from Cincinnati, Ohio, the video starts off like a normal day at McDonald’s with customers enjoying their grub and your average crazy guy dancing in the middle of the dining room. Then the beat drops, a mannequin appears, a guy who looks like a reject Chick-fil-A cow and even a disturbing Larry the Cable Guy look-alike begin to wildly do the Harlem Shake.

This has to be one of the better Harlem Shake videos as everyone, from firefighters to the College Humor staff, has been getting into this phenomenon.

Although it isn’t Diddy and Bad Boy’s kind of Harlem Shake circa 2001, DJ/producer Baauer’s Harlem Shake has provoked just as much attention now as the dance did then.

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Suddenly, A Dancing Radish

Or: A Wild Dancing Radish Appeared

Or: “You can’t catch me, I’m the Dancing Radish man”

Truth be told, there’s almost no way you can take a look at this bizarrely formed root vegetable and not burst out laughing


Epically Cute Meal Time [VIDEO]

To be honest, there is absolutely nothing newsworthy about this video (and to be even more honest-er, it’s only vaguely “food-related”). But once you finish this unbearably cute clip of twin baby girls dancing to their dad’s guitar, I promise you won’t even care.


Five Dollar Footlong Extended Dance Mix

The title pretty much tells you what this is. I love to techtonic to this song. Ok not really, probably because I can’t techtonic. I’m not good at anything cool.