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Chipotle Customers Freak Out After Rats Literally Rain Out Of The Ceiling

Chipotle was already having a rough week thanks to the now-confirmed norovirus outbreak, so the following turn of events is just adding insult to injury for the burrito chain.

Bahadir Koseli, a customer at one of the franchise’s locations in Dallas, shot some now-viral footage of mice scattered about on the floor and on the wall of a Chipotle restaurant. Other patrons of that Chipotle that were interviewed by NBC DFW claimed that the rodents fell out of the ceiling. Some customers kept eating as the rats crawled on by while others understandably freaked out and left the restaurant.

Chipotle did issue a statement about the fracas later on, claiming that professionals identified a “structural gap” in the restaurant as a potential access point for the mice to have crept in. The gap was immediately sealed upon discovery. Chipotle also emphasized how unlikely this event was to occur, claiming that “this is an extremely isolated and rare incident and certainly not anything we’d ever want our customers to encounter.”

I kind of feel bad for Chipotle at this point, to be honest. Suffering a norovirus outbreak and having rats tumble into one of your restaurants in the same week? That’s just a ton of really bad luck.

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Someone Spent $1000 On Ranch Dressing For The Best Reason


A while back, a pizzeria made headlines after it started charging customers $1000 for some ranch dressing. While some like to enjoy dipping their pizza slices into the sweet and tangy buttermilk-based dressing, Cane Russo would rather have you eat their pizza as it is than request the addition.

So they “jokingly” started adding a $1,000 bottle of ranch to the menu for customers.

Last week, a tragic fire burned down the Human Society of Southeast Texas and killed 74 dogs.

Cane Rosso decided to hold a fundraiser to help the shelter, reports the Dallas Observer. Among those who pitched in for the Humane Society was meat shop and restaurant Caviar who purchased the infamous bottle of Ranch dressing that’s been sitting on Cane Rosso’s shelf for years.


The restaurant posted a photo on Facebook, seen above, with the caption:

Some men just wanna watch the world burn…WE JUST SOLD OUR FIRST BOTTLE OF RANCH DRESSING!! Big ups to the boys at Caviar for dropping a cool $1000 to help the Humane Society of Southeast Texas. Josh, you disgust me, but you’re alllllriiight.

Another bottle of Ranch will more than likely find a home on that display case sometime in the near future.

Glad to see a community come together for a cause in need. We talk about it more on this week’s Katchup.

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7-Eleven Taking Cheese-Stuffed Doritos Loaded on Nationwide Food Truck Tour


In case you’re not willing wait for the official nationwide roll-out in July, 7-Eleven is taking their latest Doritos/mozzarella stick hybrid on a multi-city Doritos Loaded sampling tour starting this week.

7-Eleven’s “Cruncheesy” food truck popped by select 7-Eleven stores in Dallas to sling the overloaded cheese triangles yesterday, and will be visiting two other locations in Los Angeles on Friday. More details can found at Or you could just make your own (they’ll probably taste better anyway).

H/T Grubstreet


RUDE: Mobile Starbucks Truck Gives Away Free Coffee in Front of The Pearl Cup


In a major party foul, Starbucks’ mobile cafe promoting their new “Blonde Roast” coffee posted in front of a local coffee shop in Dallas, Texas. The coffee joint, The Pearl Cup, was infuriated, to say the least, and took to their Facebook page to post the following:

Real Classy Starbucks! Sitting outside my coffee shop giving away your coffee.. Am I threatening your large corporation that much that you are bold enough to put a mobile unit outside my shop? Have some respect!

The move sparked a fervor among local fans of the independent shop on St. Paul Street, as many rallied together to show their support. One patron, Olivia, cleverly protested by having her picture taken next to the Starbucks truck while holding a sign saying, “DAMN THE MAN” and “We <3 PC” in the corner.

starbucks shame

According to Eater, the mobile Starbucks truck has since relocated a few hundred yards away and yesterday Pearl Cup gave away free drip coffee at their downtown location in retaliation of “big corporations.”

Way to kill everyone’s caffeine buzz, Starbucks.

H/T Eater