Chocolate’s Shape Can Change Its Taste, Says Science


When Britain’s beloved Dairy Milk got a makeover, the country was in uproar, claiming that the taste had completely changed.  The chunks of chocolate are now curved, and according to some reviewers, taste “oily and sickly.”

Even though Cadbury said the recipe hadn’t changed at all, scientists, chocolatiers, and chefs all agree that shape can absolutely affect the way chocolate tastes.  It influences how quickly the chocolate melts, which in turn affects the order and speed with which certain food molecules are released onto the tongue and into the nose, creating our experience of taste.  In regards to the new Cadbury bar, the change in shape potentially changed the way these chemicals are released, leading to a new, if less pleasant flavor.

It’s important to note that our memories of food and shape can also affect our perception of the food’s flavor if it changes.

H/T BBC + PicThx Cadbury