Watch How Cheese Is Made On A Real Dairy Farm


Me trying to feed a baby cow.

I know milk comes from cows and cheese comes from milk…but that’s where my knowledge of all things dairy comes to an end. Sure, I could ask the Google machine more about the process, but how much more fun would it be to just go to a dairy farm and find out for myself?

The folks at Red Head Creamery, a young 20-something couple highlighted by Alise’s red hair (hehe, highlights) and hubby Lucas, were kind enough to take the day and show me around. Here’s what they look like just as a point of reference. It’s fair to note how impressive it is that such a young couple is running their own cheese making operation:


Alise (above) laughing at something.


Lucas (above) laughing at something unrelated to what Alise was laughing about.

Making our way through the farm, we spent the day learning the elementary facets of cow life, procreation, cow milking and cheese making. Amidst trying to feed a newborn calf, the journey was fruitful and I walked away with more knowledge than I had before.

How cheese is made: