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This Mind-Blowing Daikon Chain Was Created By A ‘Bored’ Japanese Chef

Boredom can yield fantastic works of art in virtually any medium. A good example of this, is a recent photograph of a daikon radish has gone viral over the past few days. What’s special about this napiform root?

The radish has a perplexing design that draws you in almost immediately.

According to Rocket News 24, Twitter user @Zoe_Aishiteru uploaded this spectacular photo of a single piece of radish carved into a perfect linking chain.

According to the caption the head chef gave the daikon to the Twitter-using patron, claiming he was bored when he carved it up. The wachigai (linked-ring daikon) was a result of this apparent boredom.

No, it’s not a staged photo. In fact, another Japanese chef shows the process on how to create the chain in this instructional video here:

It’s just a simple matter of technique and consistent knife work. We have to admit, we’re very impressed with the skill that goes into carving up something like this.

We’re just not sure how bored a head chef can get in his own restaurant, he’s probably got a million other things to do. Maybe the guy just wanted a little fun to break up his duties.


Apparently This is What a Radish Orgasm Sounds Like


Move over doggies and dolphins and, for the handful of you still living in the dark ages, people – Japan’s newest source of sexual play doesn’t even need genitalia for you to have a good time.

TL;DR: Japanese people are groping vegetables now. What.

Dubbed the “Sexual Harassment Interface,” this project by Miss Etsuko Ichihara features daikon which have been retrofitted with electrical sensors causing them to moan erotically whenever and wherever they’ve been touched. Guy radishes, girl radishes—at one point the video even has multiple radishes going at once for a virtual radish orgy. The reason has something to do with concretization and abstraction. Though what sort of statement on sexual harassment groping vegetables makes, especially vegetables which seem very much to be enjoying it, is far, far beyond me.

Check out the uncomfortably NSFW-ish video below and then turn off your laptop and go to sleep. Because that’s . . . just about enough internet for today.

H/T Rocket News