Fast Food

McDonald’s Actually Serves BONE-IN Ribs In The Czech Republic


Every year, McDonald’s bring back the McRib – a pork-patty slathered in BBQ sauce and served between two pieces of bread with some pickles and onions. While the sandwich itself is shaped like a rack of traditional ribs, it’s still missing those delicious bones BBQ lovers can’t help but gnaw on. Probably because of potential choking hazards.

That’s not so much a concern in other countries, however.

Brand Eating reports that McDonald’s locations in the Czech Republic have begun serving bone-in ribs at select restaurants.

The ribs, served in pieces of three, coincide with the launch of the fast food chain’s new Big Tasty Bacon and Big BBQ Bacon sandwiches and will be available at participating McDonald’s locations in the Czech Republic. You can enjoy the ribs with a choice of dipping sauces like sweet & sour, mustard, bbq,  and sweet chili.

Man, those actually look amazing. Wonder if they just fall off the bone…

Photo: McDonald’s Czech Republic