Fully-Loaded Cutting Board Will Change The Way You Cut


An ideal cutting board is more or less an even slab of wood, and that’s pretty much all you really need. However, if you want to indulge yourself and your culinary arsenal, there’s the Ultimate Cutting Board.

Michael Motamedi created a Kickstarter that features his kitchen creation. Similar to the Batman’s utility belt, the board features a variety of functions. This includes a storage compartment for knives, a detachable serving platter, a juicer, measuring cups, a cheese grater and a prepping station.

The project has already been fully funded with those spending $100 or more receiving their an Ultimate Cutting Board. Backers can expect their board sometime in April.

Those who aren’t able to get their hands on the cutting board will receive a magnetic bottle opener that’s catches the cap for you. Not a bad consolation prize.


1Up Your Cooking Game With The NES Cartridge Cutting Board


This is a wood NES cartridge cutting board made by Etsy shop Cutting Boredom. Ooh, CuttingBoredom — I see what you did there. And I like it. The boards start at $40 and come in walnut, maple, mahogany, or cherry. They do NOT come packaged in a Nintendo, nor do you clean them by blowing in the end. Just saying. Full disclosure.



Written by Brittany High of IncredibleThings


Bodoki Cutting Board Will Solve All Our First World Food Prep Problems

bodoki main

Cutting boards can be such a pain sometimes. You have to wash the whole damn thing to avoid cross contamination, they don’t clean themselves when juices get everywhere and you have to remember which side’s for meat and which side is for product. Lame.

Lucky for us a Kickstarter project is underway that will alleviate all our first world cutting board problems. Bodoki is a reversible cutting board that does it all. It’s marked on each side with a cow head for meat and a carrot for produce, its beveled edges helps force excess liquids into the food grade sealed basin and it’s made from a renewable resource, bamboo. The basin holds up to five cups of liquid ensuring your counters don’t end up soaked with meaty juices.

Screen Shot 2013-12-28 at 4.20.13 PM.jpg

The original project goal was $5000 which was raised in a single day. With 10 days remaining Bodoki has already raised four times that amount and currently sits at over $21,000 raised. Right now the only way to get your hands on a Bodoki board is by pledging $39 as part of their “Early Bird Special”. If you miss out on being one of the first 300 to snag the special you’ll have to pledge $55 to guarantee yourself this all-in-one cutting board.

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Picnic Backpack Guarantees First Date Success


Ladies and gentlemen, it’s about damn time we stepped our first date game up. Dinner at your go-to Italian restaurant isn’t going to make her swoon and watching Fast and the Furious 273 isn’t going to make him tumble head over heels.

No, it’s time to take things to the next level with the Picnic Backpack.

The canvas pack comes decked out with plates, goblets, utensils, cloth napkins, and a cozy blanket for you and your date to cuddle under. There’s a detachable wine cooler on the side for pinot noir or some bubbly, plus a large insulated compartment to keep your food cool.

Of course, the impressive part comes in the attention to detail, as the backpack also includes salt and pepper shakers, a wooden cutting board and a corkscrew (which you know how elusive those can be).

So, next time you’re trying to impress, invite your date to a modern-day picnic. Break out the wine and cheese plates, then follow it up with a steak dinner while soaking in Mother Nature. Might as well do it proper the first time around.


As you can see, we got ours personalized. Swag.






Picnic Backpack, $80 @Red Envelope