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This Machine Will Turn Any Bottle Into A Reusable Glass

If you have a hard time letting go of your favorite beer bottles, there’s a machine that’ll let you hang on to them forever. It just takes a quick slice.

Since most beer bottles only allow for one use before having to be disposed of or recycled, there really isn’t much value in keeping the alcohol container around the house once your’e done with its contents.

However, the Kinkajou Bottle Cutter, by Bottle Cutting, will slice through your bottle and turn it into a reusable glass. You then just sand down the edges until safe enough for use. As you can see from the video, the process looks pretty painless.

You can buy the machine for about $49.99 here.


You Can Now Eat Your Own Face Thanks To These Custom Cookie Cutters


Traditionally, the thought of eating your own face or that of your loved ones was a pretty taboo subject matter. Well, a company in Budapest will let you do just that.

Sort of.

Copypastry is known for creating custom cookie cutters that are designed after your very own face. Using 3D printing, the Hungary-based business allows customers to send in a photographs of anyone and the company will print them out as cookie cutters.

You can requests orders of an individual face, a couple, or one of your pet. Who wouldn’t want adorable cookies in the shape of their furry best friend?

Next time you’re looking to impress someone with a fresh batch of cookies, you might as well feature their faces on them. Should be a nice surprise, especially with the holidays coming up.



These Cookie Cutters Combine Into the 47 Prefectures of Japan


As terrible as it sounds for a guy nearing his thirties, I still have trouble naming all 50 states in one sitting. That being said, if the US had a cookie cutter set that compiled every individual state into the shape of a cookie, maybe I’d remember a little better. Not the case for Japan, however, as the 47-prefecture nation does have said cookie cutter.

Grouped by color and separated by region, the set comes with 47 pieces (one for each prefecture). The cookie cutter is detailed amazingly to form the exact curves and separations of the Japanese islands. I mean, if you’re going to make a complete set you might as well shoot for perfection, right?

Each cookie can be cut and baked individually depending on what Japanese region you’re in the mood to snack on. One can even bake them all at once, provided your oven is large enough, or assemble them afterwards as a sort of Japanese family puzzle night.

The cookie cutter is available at Amazon Japan for 1884 yen, $18 US.

H/T Rocket News 24


Pizza “Pi” Cutter

This goes out to all those math nerds out there. The pizza pie cutter has been reinvented. Introducing the pizza “pi” cutter! This cutter will run you about $20. With this kind of pi, I think your genius will be showing! (Via Incredible Things)


Pizza Boss 3000 Circular Saw

‘So what if your day job includes a cubicle and an iMac. Slice up that Digiorno Tim the Tool man style with the Pizza Pro 3000. With its laser-etched removable blade and tough engineering-grade plastic, it cuts through pizza faster than you can say Mangia! And when it’s all over and the dishes are done, it’s sure to kick your old pizza cutter’s ass’. (Thx Coolmaterial)