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This Satisfying Video Of A Butcher’s Knife Restoration Will Melt Your Stress Away

A good butcher’s knife should last you many years before you have to replace it. If you’re not one to part with a reliable kitchen tool, however, you can always try to revive it. Here’s an example that should light a fire of inspiration for those willing to stick by your mans knives.

YouTube channel Andre Will Do It attempts the impossible — restoring this years-rusted blade to brand-new condition.

butcher's knife

Unfortunately, it looks like someone fished this knife out of the galley of a sunken pirate ship. It’s pretty far gone.

Andre, however, is not deterred.

Check out how this butcher’s knife gets restored to pristine form

In one of the most relaxing videos we’ve seen this year, this guy spends hours sanding down, polishing, sharpening, and creating a new handle for the butcher’s knife. In short, the difference between what he started with to the final appearance of the knife is practically night and day.

Check out the video above to see how he does it. We highly recommend watching the entire video from beginning to end. Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) junkies will get a kick out of this eight minute immersion as they feel their stress melt away like the rust from this blade.

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This Guy Created A Knife Out Of Pasta That’s As Sharp As The Real Thing

As much as I love pasta, I also fear it. Fear it in the sense that overeating those delicious noodles will eventually lead to my downfall. Now, it seems, I’ll have another reason to fear the majestic pasta.

YouTube channel kiwami japan demonstrates the art of crafting cutlery by showing viewers two different ways to make a kitchen knife with pasta noodles.

By grinding down spaghetti noodles with a food processor, a powder is created that is turned into a paste. As the paste dries, it’s molded into the shape of a knife and dried for 10 days. Once the pasta is hardened, the meticulous process of sharpening the knife begins.

After what seems like hours against a whetstone, the knife is finally able to slice through produce and cardboard like it was made of steel.

Kids, do NOT try this at home.

Check out the video to see the tedious project. If you decide to try your hand at this craft, and you’re done playing with the knife, you can simply boil it up and serve it with some cheese — as seen at the tail end of this video. Bon appetit and happy slicing.

Hit-Or-Miss News

France Bans Plastic Forks And Plates


It seems like France has become the first country on Earth to place a ban on plastic cutlery, plates, and cups. A new law passed under the country’s Energy Transition for Green Growth Act outlawing the plastic eating utensils.

According to the Washington Post, the law aims to promote a “circular economy” of waste disposal, with the same law also banning the use of plastic bags in the country’s grocery stores in early July.

France’s president says that the ban is a part of a larger campaign to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and diversify the country’s energy model.

The law will go into effect in 2020, with the only exception being for disposable silverware that are biodegradable.


Here’s Why This Knife Raised $1 Million On Kickstarter

Every good chef needs a high-caliber knife, but the best knives out there tend to come with hefty price tags. A Google search revealed some costing upwards of $3,000. Unless it also doubles as a car, I could never afford to pay four months worth of rent for a knife.

Misen understands this.

The small company started a Kickstarter campaign for their flagship knife in early October, with a goal of $25,000 by Oct. 22. As of now, with nearly 40 hours of campaigning left, exactly $913,001 have been raised to fund the kitchen enhancing venture.

This knife is as sharp as a tack. Or as sharp as a knife I guess.

The knife boasts a higher percentage of carbon in the blade than many of its competitors in the same class, along with a higher rating on the Rockwell hardness rating, a hardness scale based on indentation hardness of a metarial.

On top of the particularly high quality of the knife, the price is set at a reasonable $65, as compared to its premium knife counterparts, averaging around $140 per blade. Furthermore, Misen promises to sharpen your knife for free for a lifetime, although it’s fairly safe to assume shipping charges will not be included.

I’m thinking of starting a Kickstarter campaign for a high end spork. Any takers?

Image Source: Misen Kickstarter


This Knife Set Assembles into an X-Wing Starfighter

X-Wing Knife Holder
So you’ve already stocked your kitchen with a Darth Vader toaster and an R2-D2 measuring cup set, eh? Now all that’s missing is the X-Wing Knife Block.

This plastic knife holder has a cool chrome finish, giving all other kitchen appliances “a rebellious kick in the vegetables”. It also comes with five stainless steel knives — cook’s, bread, carving, utility and paring — all assembled to make one badass-looking counter topper.
X-Wing Knife Holder

If you’re in the market for this Star Wars must-have, unfortunately you’ll have to wait until August to buy. However, it’s currently on pre-order over at TheFowndry, so get a move on Jedis!

X-Wing Knife Block, $120 @TheFowndry


This Bottle Cleverly Disassembles into a Drinking Glass, Lantern And Spoon

bottle 3

Throwing a dinner party can be a hassle, but it doesn’t have to be. This is especially true when you incorporate products that make decor and dining a bit easier, which is why I’m a big fan of this wine bottle that transforms into a chic drinking glass, lantern and spoon set. Ungh, magic.

Created by Spanish design studio Lucirmá, Pure-Bottle is made from a recycled wine bottle cut in two places and sanded so that each section is functional and stylish.




Pure-Bottle is the perfect way to create an elegant dining ambiance next time you entertain. Plus, chances are your guests will be impressed by the swanky set, but in reality, you’re just being environmentally-friendly.

H/T Design Taxi + Picthx Lucirmá


2-In-1 Double Helix Chopsticks Cleverly Combine Into One


Japanese studio Nendo is known for creating clever food-related designs that not only make mealtime easier but also more enjoyable. Remember those chocolate paint tubes and the handy lemon wedge pouch? Well, their most recent invention comes in the form of chopsticks.

Solving yet another first world problem, these double helix-shaped chopsticks perfectly fit together when not in use, greatly decreasing the chances of losing just one chopstick (which we all know is the worst).
Nendo Chopsticks

Nendo Chopsticks

Nendo also designed a version that features small magnets at the end of each chopstick, so a pair easily stays together when stored.

Nendo Chopsticks

Nendo Chopsticks

So what does this mean for us? The days of losing one chopstick are long gone, my friends. Long gone.

H/T Design Taxi + Pixthx Nendo


Beautiful Cutlery and Dishes Designed for Adults with Cerebral Palsy


Ting-Yin Yeh and I-Ting Chan are two designers who have come up with a truly thoughtful culinary invention — dinnerware that makes social dining easier for adults with cerebral palsy.

The set is called Benefeat, and it’s composed of five parts — a slanted bowl for easier scooping, an inclined plate, an adjustable spoon, a cup with a straw and a non-slip place-mat. Each piece also features easily-grippable material.





These calculated designs are not only thoughtful, but also extremely user-friendly. Benefeat directly caters to cerebral palsy patients’ specific needs, allowing for easier and more independent dining and decreasing the likelihood of users spilling food or drink.

Benefeat won a much-deserved Red Dot Award this year in design concept.

H/T Design Taxi + Picthx Yanko Design