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Japan’s Adorable Mock Pizza Hut Run By Cats Reopens For Business

A few years ago, Pizza Hut created an adorable mock-up restaurant that was run entirely by cats. While it wasn’t real, the concept called “Pizza Cat!” caught the attention of many cat and pizza lovers across the Internet wanting to see what kind of shenanigans these “employees” would get themselves into.

Now, in a time of great distress, Pizza Hut Japan has brought back the feline-run eatery to bring a little lightheartedness to patrons. The relaunch of “Pizza Cat!” coincides with a 22 percent coupon offered to customers through Pizza Hut Japan’s mobile app.

In the new spot, viewers meet new hire Shinjin, who in the video, is confronted by a mountain of customer coupons. Hopefully his four-legged coworkers are able to lend him a hand with all those incoming orders.

Check out the enchanting promo for “Pizza Cat!”

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Video Of Cat Just Chilling In A Watermelon Is The Cutest Thing Ever [WATCH]

Man, the Internet just can’t get enough of cats. With the summer sun blazing high up in the sky, it looks like this feline has found a brilliant way to get out of the heat.

A YouTube video channel features a plethora of cats interacting with various fruits and plants in humors ways. One video in particular, seen above, features one just cooling off inside the massive melon somewhere in the Japanese countryside.

Seems like a great way to spend a lazy afternoon outdoors. Here’s another one of a cat rocking a watermelon hat.

If you have a feline friend at home who just can’t stand that heat, maybe this is something you guys can bond over. If anything, it’ll make for a cute holiday card.

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Little Girl’s Reaction To ‘Pizza Is My BF’ Lunchbox Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See Today

If there’s one thing us foodies can all agree on, it’s the fact that pizza is one of the best things in the world. In fact, people have even written explicit poems about their love affair with pizza. There’s something special about pizza that everyone seems to recognize, no matter what age.

One adorable little girl, bashfully expressed her love for pizza in the most comedic way a pre-schooler could. While shopping at Target, the young girl picked out a new lunch box, and the precious moment was captured on video by YouTube user Brave Love, letting us fall in love with her priceless reaction.

We all remember our first crush, and this little girl will be able to look back on this innocently-romantic moment for years to come, as pizza was her very first boyfriend.


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Japanese Boy Insists On Ordering McDonald’s All By Himself & Wins The Internet’s Heart


A young boy in Japan has become an instant celebrity after a photo of him carrying a McDonald’s meal he ordered all by himself went viral on Twitter.

The story behind the photo is that the boy wanted to order a McDonald’s meal without the help of his relatives. When the boy returns, you can see the look of accomplishment in his eyes — until you notice that he took the whole meal in the tray to-go instead of a to-go bag.

“Nephew – that’s a big mistake you made there,” the caption of the photo said. RocketNews24 translated the following comments from Twitter users.

“The look of satisfaction on his face is just too cute!”

“The tray is too much!”

“Imagine the looks he would’ve gotten from people on the way back to the car”

“I’m sorry – that’s not the way we do takeout!”

There’s no way you could scold a child for doing something that cute!”

“This is a great way to give out ‘free smiles’ – the company should use this as part of their ‘smile for zero yen’ campaign.”

The boy is actually the nephew of a professional baseball player in Japan who plays for the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham fighters. He regularly posts funny photos of him and his nephew on Twitter, according to RocketNews24

Written by NextShark

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This Confused Toddler Can’t Find The Fork He’s Firmly Gripping

We’ve all been caught in that familiar whirlwind of confusion before, where you spin around in circles looking for that Hot Pocket you had in your hand a second ago when you got up to get some water, but now you have no idea where it is, so you call your sister a fat thief and threaten to tell your parents that she broke their favorite vase when she had her stupid Bachelor viewing party with her equally stupid but hot friends. Or something like that.

One especially confused kid struggled to find the fork planted firmly in his macaroni-stabbing hand. Thanks to the aid of his helpful brother and the snicker-laced guidance of his mother, this little Christopher Columbus finally found what he had been looking for this whole time.


This Wombat Eating Corn Is The Most Adorable Thing On The Internet

Lately, corn on the cob seems to be a popular food choice for viral food videos. There’s the guy who ate corn on the cob while it was spinning on a power drill, and the gal who tried to recreate the corn on the cob drill and ripped her hair out. Well, here’s another “corny” video that’s much easier to watch.

A corn-eating wombat named Pete stole my heart. Pete the Wombat was featured on the BBC program Natural World 2016, where he was filmed getting his “favorite” snack of sweet corn.

Watching Pete eat sweet corn is hilariously adorable, because he looks pretty comfy. And perhaps a little gassy. His handler seems like a chill guy, too.

After his corn, Pete the Wombat seemed to enjoy his “banana-flavored” medicine and tried to eat the syringe. We’re glad Pete is being looked after so well, because without wombats like Pete in this world, there’s little hope for humanity.


These 13 Adorable Little Pets Munching On Food Is The Best Thing You’ll Watch All Day


After a long day at work, you probably won’t mind relaxing and seeing little balls of cuteness do their thing as they munch on food.

Not need to overthink this one, it’s just a list of videos with the most adorable little animals nibbling on stuff like corn and bananas, or even pancakes. There’s even a couple ridiculously lazy participants who won’t even get off their stomach to eat their food.

So enjoy these adorable little animals as they will surely make your day:


Bunny going in on some raspberries.


Tiny tortoises munching on some pancakes in slow motion, naturally.


Yeah, it’s a rat, but tell me this isn’t super cute


Adorably vicious hedgehog tearing up some corn on the cob.


This terribly controversial, yet adorable Slow Loris that pisses off people and is going to lead to hundreds of angry messages in our Facebook inbox, video.


This piglet will not get out of bed for anything, not even a cookie,


I have no idea what a marmoset is, but it’s cute as hell.


This kitty sounds creepy to me, but I don’t trust cats and others think this is adorable.


This hamster stuffing food in his cheeks like he’s robbing a buffet.


This puppy’s got some serious upper body strength.


Another puppy trying to do handstands


I don’t know why this cat is dressed like a monkey either, but whatevs.


Aaaaaaand I’m dead.


Meet The Cat That Can’t Take Its Eyes Off Its Owner’s Omelette

Pet owners know that once you start cooking up something delicious, you’re going to have an audience. YouTuber JunsKitchen sets a perfect example of this law of nature when he sets off to make a fluffy Japanese Omelette.

Known as omurice, the dish features fried rice that’s topped with a an omelette with ketchup (or some sweet sauce) drizzled on top. Super fresh.

This dude’s cat knows for sure. As you can see throughout the video, the ever-watchful kitty doesn’t once take its eyes off of the omelette-making process.

Hilariously enough, the cat doesn’t jump at the chance to take a bite once the dish is completed. Maybe it was just more interested in the process.