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McDonald’s Cuts Menu Items And All-Day Breakfast Due To COVID-19

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, it looks like McDonald’s will be going through a pretty big change in the weeks to come. Fans of the fast food giant may soon find a much more limited menu upon their next visit.

According to Business Insider, an internal document from McDonald’s states that they plan on cutting some menu items in efforts to simplify their nationwide over the next few weeks.

This means you might not see items such as grilled chicken sandwiches, grilled chicken salads, or chicken tenders for a while.

McDonald’s senior Vice President of operations Bill Garrett, told Business Insider that this is to simplify operations in the kitchens and for the McDonald’s crew and create the best experience (in this viral crisis) for customers.

Another big blow to the menu is that McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast will take a, hopefully, temporary step back. Items such as the Sausage Egg and Cheese McMuffin, McGriddles, and Biscuits will only be available once again during breakfast hours.

No word yet on when this will officially take place, but we’re optomistic that once the pandemic ends we’ll see the All-Day Breakfast Menu and slashed items return to the Golden Arches one day. Until then, we bid a sorrowful see you later.

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McDonald’s Is Taking Wraps Off The Menu For Good


McDonald’s is getting rid of their wraps. It seems the item hasn’t been doing well with McDonald’s customers, Bloomberg reports. Because of stagnant sales, the fast food chain has eliminated the item from store menus.

McWraps were originally intended to attract McDonald’s younger patrons looking to eat something healthy. Y’know, the millennials.

Unfortunately, they were too time-consuming for employees. Twenty seconds alone account for the steaming of the tortilla. Then, the chicken had to be cooked. It really slowed down production time.

Apparently, all-day breakfast has also contributed to the fall of the McWraps. It seems when you can get a Sausage McMuffin with Egg at 3pm, the desire for a McWrap goes out the window.

Hopefully McDonald’s next healthy addition fares a little better with customers.

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Watch this Real-Life Fruit Ninja Slice 140 Lemons in 66 Seconds


We’ve all logged our share of hours on Fruit Ninja. While were were on our phones slashing at digital fruit, however, this boss was spending his time slashing real lemons. In probably one of the sickest displays of cutting I’ve ever seen, this dude has his citrus slicing technique down to a science.

Watch as he goes through dozens of lemons in a matter of seconds without his knife even touching the counter. The amount of practice it takes to time the cut so quickly mid-air says a lot about his years of experience. Not to mention such clean slices.

Though I’m in awe, I do cringe whenever he misses. Cause then it’d be a different kind of YouTube video.


Here are 12 Unamused Cats and Dogs Dressed as Turkeys

It appears that Thanksgiving brings the best (see: deep-fried Thanksgiving dinner) and worst at times. Although, in this case “worst” also means hilarious, adorable and thus, the inevitable cat-dog-in-a-costume. So, we compiled the best/worst of the internet’s cats and dogs dressed as your favorite turkey dinner. Enjoy below!


I taste delicious

turkey-cat-5 picthx ny post


Turkey Shortage? False


picthx pets adviser


Cutest turkey cat you ever did see


picthx your daily cute


Got a wattle on my head and you ain’t even know it


picthx pets adviser



picthx pets adviser


Just end me, meow

turkey-cat picthx abc


Sorry buddy, you gotta take one for the team


picthx thatcutesite



picthx atlanticveterinarycare


What’s up ladies?


picthx iheartneedlework


Overachiever Turkey dog


picthx design you trust


Turkey Peacock has swag


picthx pets adviser


Food coma in T-Minus 3 seconds


picthx gather


The Knork – Knife and Fork Combined

Just when you thought the world couldn’t amalgamate another two diametrically opposed eating utensils, the Knork shows up on scene. It’s exactly what it sounds like–a cross between a knife and a fork. No longer will hungry people have to leave the duties of cutting and stabbing to two separate tools.

I know what you’re thinking. You’re worried about cutting open the side of your mouth when using this little miracle. Rest assured, the Knork doesn’t really slice your food, so it won’t be slicing your lips either. The Knork uses selectively distributed force on its rounded edge to separate food when a bit of pressure is applied. Think of it as a miniaturized pizza rocker on the edge of your fork.

Another great thing about these little guys is that they’re reasonably priced. You can purchase a plastic 4-pack for $2 or you can buy in bulk with a 24-pack for $4.


Hit-Or-Miss Humor

United Steaks of America

Better snatch these up before it’s too late. If you love meat, steak in particular and you also claim to be an art connoisseur then this is perfect for you. There is not much, food wise, that’s more American than steak. The United Steaks of America is a art series of 5-layer screen-prints on freezer paper, rendered in the shape of a US state. There are only 10 of each state being made, each one being 9″ x 16″ in size. $100 gets you all 50 states, and makes you the owner of one of the coolest art collections known to man. I should just buy a set, and then open a steak house based on that theme with the same name. Don’t take my idea. (Thx Etsy) (Source: Coolmaterial)


Fortune Cookie Bandages

It’s like dessert for your injuries. Always keep your scratches sweet as candy with these Fortune Cookie Bandages. Urban Outfitters offers up a unique way to cover your boo-boos by telling the truth about your life, while protecting your cut. (Thx IncredibleThings)