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Arby’s Just Loaded Their Curly Fries With Greek Gyro Toppings

Every year, Arby’s brings back their Traditional Greek Gyro. While the limited-time item is still fast food gyro, the meat is actually pretty good. Good enough to temper my gyro cravings when I’m in a jam, at least.

This year, the sandwich chain just added a new item that’s sure to turn some fast food-loving heads: Gyro Loaded Curly Fries.

Arby’s new loaded menu item features a bed of the restaurant’s signature curly fries topped with gyro meat, onions, tomatoes, tzatzíki sauce, and gyro seasoning.

We picked some up at our local Arby’s and and managing editor Richard Guinto had this to say about them:

I felt like it was from a legit Greek greasy spoon joint and I was eating my drunchies away at 3 a.m. after buying the wrong girl drinks all night to no avail.

Resident Greek food scientist and ranker of fast food French fries Constantine Spyrou was also present, but was unable to try the meat because he was observing Lent.

I just ate the plain fries, although it smelled like a gyro to me.

Sure you’ll probably find more authentic fare at a real Greek restaurant, but they’re an admirable attempt nonetheless Arby’s.

Arby’s is also added a Greek Gyro Salad that includes gyro meat, tzatzíki sauce, red onions, diced tomatoes, and gyro seasoning on top of some salad made with green and iceberg lettuce.

The gyro items will be available for a limited time, presumably through the next month or two.


Arby’s Alleviates Tax-Day Stress with Free Curly Fries


Who: Arby’s
What: Get a free snack-sized order of curly fries when presenting a coupon. God bless ’em.
Where: All participating Arby’s locations
When: April 15


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Wienerschnitzel Introduces Seasoned Curly Fries [Chili Cheese Optional]


Fans of Wienerschnitzel’s will be happy to hear that they’re now adding specially-seasoned curly fries to their menu. But why stop there? They’re also offering the much recommended option of putting chili and cheese on top of them. While I can see the health merits of not doing so, it could be argued why even go to Wienerschnitzel if you’re trying to eat healthy? Throw em on!


These gooey golden curls are literally dripping with flavor, just waiting for you to put them in your mouth. Sadly, they’re only available for a limited time, which gives you all the more reason to chow down now. The new Chili Cheese Curly Fries are available for $3.34 at participating locations.

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McDonald’s Has Curly Fries?!

There’s no denying McDonald’s set the gold standard when it comes to straight fried potato-ey goodness, but are they ready to seize the short and curly market as well?

Apparently so, but only in the Philippines. Already a seasonal staple over there, McDonald’s Philippines (locally known as McDo) is bringing back its popular “Twister Fries” for a limited time (a short run of only three weeks), in order to increase the product’s value.

Being Filipino-born myself, I only have one question for any of our PH readers: how many Twister Fries could we fit in a whole Balikbayan box? And more importantly, would anyone be willing to volunteer to send them?

McDo Twister Fries are available a la carte for P60 or $1.43 USD.


Sound off: do you wish McDonald’s US would start selling Twister Fries?


Arby’s: FREE Curly Fries Kick Off Tax Weekend

Free Value Curly Fries, that’s what Arby’s is offering up on Friday April the 15th, as part of an ease-of-passage into the normally stressful Tax Weekend. The coupon is currently available on the Arby’s website and has a dedicated tab on their Facebook Fan Page. The coupon faces normal restrictions, including while supplies last, one coupon per customer and at participating locations only. Free food is free food though, count me in!

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Adventure: Spike’s Junkyard Dogs (Boston, Mass.)

There are a lot of great things in the world named Spike. Rugrat’s main character, Tommy Pickles’s dog was fittingly named “Spike”. The infamous mens television network, “Spike TV” alongside famous film directors: Spike Lee and Spike Jonze. There are many other people/characters you might known that could be on this list, but I found a restaurant that should fit in nicely. My friends and I visited Spike’s Junkyard Dogs in Boston which lived up to its predecessors prestige. Check it out as we explore this junkyard full of burgers, chicken and hot dogs!