Sharks Attack When You Pour Coffee into this Heat-Sensitive Mug


Just when you thought it was safe to pour a cup of coffee, you hear something in the distance. A low sound, musical, repetitive. Duh-dum.  Duh-dum-duh dum. Suddenly, there are sharks everywhere. Look’s like you’re gonna need a bigger mug.

This heat sensitive mug releases sharks into the scenic waters painted around the cup.  A calm ocean is transformed into a shark menagerie when you pour in a hot beverage, with one beastly fish about to snap up an unsuspecting swimmer.  The good news is the sharks disappear in the dishwasher. So you’ve still got your chance to save the day.

Shark! Heat Sensitive Mug, $12 @Wanelo

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Cell Phone-Holder Cup Exists, So You Never Have to Real-Life Socialize Again


Yo dawg, we heard you like talking, so we put your phone on your Solo cup . . .

This “Cell Phone Holder Party Cup” from Perpetual Kid is the whole damn package. Take multitasking to a nerdy level when you sip, socialize and stare at your better half, all at the same time.


Although, we can’t guarantee that simultaneously dropping pickup lines IRL and refreshing your OKCupid profile on-screen will actually increase your chances of scoring.

Cell Phone Party Holder Cup $9 @Perpetual Kid

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Reversible Coffee Cup, for the Cafehead Who Has Everything


We all know there are days when a cup of coffee alone won’t do it. You’re going to need at least one shot of espresso to get you out of bed, but you’re tired of ordering Americanos just to sound hip. What’s a guy/gal to do? You can’t be bothered to go find one of those tiny coffee cups made for espresso. Just like you can’t be seen drinking espresso out of a coffee mug, because then how will people know how chic you are?

My friends, meet the C’UP. It’s a reversible coffee mug. You want a shot of espresso? Use tiny side up! Changed your mind, thinking maybe a good old fashioned cappuccino will do it for you? Flip the cup and you’re good to go!

It’s just the thing you need to display on your counter, right next to the iPhone bowl or breakfast robot.

$52 and up for single cups and sets @Your Choice On Top

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Drink Chocolate Beer Out of This Matching Chocolate Glass


Some of us like chocolate, some of us like beer . . . and some of us like both.

And for every chocoholic and beer snob out there, here’s a pretty awesome, close-to-perfect way to imbibe.

Introducing: A chocolate stout paired with an edible glass made entirely of chocolate. The geniuses behind this masterful idea? Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen, who has had an eye on chocolate beers for quite some time now. And they’ve decided to take it to the next level. Their newest endeavor includes a combo set of a 330 mL bottle of their Imperial Chocolate Stout, complete with a chocolate glass.

According to Rocket News 24, it’s entirely possible that the chocolate glass could counteract the bitterness of the the “ultra-dark beer” which has been “made with over twice the ingredients of your average dark beer including roasted ‘chocolate malt.'”

Chocolate on chocolate? Sounds delicious.

H/T Rocket News 24 + PicThx Damn Geeky


The Amazing Floating Mug Concept Bids Adieu to Those Pesky Condensation Rings

Let’s face it, we’re getting to that age where maybe we are starting to care about those pesky condensation rings on the table after a guest visits. But you still try to avoid that awkward moment where you figure out how to work “Hey asshole, use a coaster!” into the conversation. Well now, that problem can be easily fixed with the swanky new Floating Mug!

Created by Tigere Chiriga, the mug concept is designed to prevent heat from damaging tables and leaving behind those undesirable rings that can never seem to go away. The concept for the mug came to Chiriga after being constantly chewed out by his wife to use a coaster for his tea.

Chiriga has currently reached his goal on Kickstarter and aims to have the mugs ready by Christmas.

via: That’sLikeWhoa


Cat Cup & Saucer Set

Like many real cats, the mood of the kitty on this saucer depends on what he is currently eating or drinking.  Without the cup, the cat’s saucer face looks hungry and disappointed at the fact that he is not currently being fed.

But fill the cup with a delicious beverage and place it on the saucer to make him smile and lick his whiskers in delight.  When not in use, store the mug upside-down and the bottom of the cup will show his mouth slightly open, eagerly anticipating his next meal. ($26.00 @ Omoi)




With this cup and saucer set, you’re gonna hope your coffee spills, as long as it falls onto this saucer and not your shirt.  Mazecafe turns your drips and spills into a fun game, as you try to navigate your coffee drops through the maze to reach the goal.  ($14.99 @ Perpetual Kid)


Chew-Chew Train

Forget the kids, my 24-year-old self wants to eat every meal off of this little plastic choo-choo train. The set breaks down into a cup, fork, spoon, rectangular plate, square bowl, and a small dish for sides or condiments, all in a classic Thomas the Tank Engine color scheme of blue and red.


I really am impressed by all the details that went into this design.  The idea of the fork and spoon that snap onto the wheel pegs on either side of the train is very clever.  I like that the bowl has a lid, so it can keep your soup hot if you choose to eat it at the end of your meal. My favorite detail though, is the cup handle made from the white puffs of smoke billowing out of the smokestacks.  How cute is that?

My only concern is that the set might not be large enough to contain grown-up meals, but maybe some portion control would not be such a bad thing.  ($19.95 @ Neatoshop)