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This Is The Rarest Pasta In The World [WATCH]

We’ve made pasta by hand once in our lives and it was one of the most painstaking, meticulous cooking processes we’ve experienced. The payoff between hand-made and store-bought was night and day, however, making it all worth it in the end. We have to wonder, how would the world’s rarest form of pasta taste?

Great Big Story paid a visit to Paola Abraini, one of the only people left on the planet who knows how to create this rare form of pasta.

Called su filindeu, the pasta is said to have been around since the beginning of time, and exclusively produced in Nuoro, Italy. While the process of creating the pasta is meticulous, the ingredients themselves are simple: durum wheat semolina, salt, and water.

The idea is to create incredibly thin pasta threads through precise hand motions. It’s then placed on a wooden surface to dry, resembling a woven piece of cloth.

Knowing how to make su filindeu has been a well-guarded family secret, passed from mothers to daughters, for hundreds of years.

You can see bits of Abraini’s pasta-shaping technique in the video above. This looks so delicious. Gotta appreciate all the centuries it took to perfect this pasta.

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Watch These Bartenders Try To Guess Who’s Under Age

Every day, bartenders are faced with the difficult challenge of determining whether some of their patrons are older than the legal drinking age.

In one of WatchCut’s latest videos, a group of bartenders are tasked with determining whether a pool of people are either above or below the drinking age. The variety of experts include ones with weeks, years, and even decades of experience working behind the bar.

What’s scary is that the majority of their guesses were incorrect, though they do point out some pretty clever tells to help them determine age. Of course, all these educated guesses are done without the help of identification cards.

Check out the video above and see if you can guess who’s older or younger than the legal drinking age.

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Watch These Kids Try Vietnamese Food For The First Time

Vietnamese food was everywhere for me growing up. With a large Vietnamese family, I got to try so many dishes, desserts, and drinks that the cuisine became like a first language for me as a kid. That’s why it’s always so fascinating for me to see how other people react to trying the dishes of my culture for the very first time.

In one of HiHo Kids’ latest videos, a group of little kids try the delicious cuisine from Vietnam for the first time. Iconic Vietnamese dishes include pho (rice noodle soup), banh xeo (savory sizzling pancake), ca kho to (braised claypot catfish), and soda sua hot ga (egg soda).

Check out their hilarious reactions to trying these dishes for the first time. Man, it makes us nervous how much Sriracha that one kid threw into their pho. Pretty sure his mouth caught fire.

I’m also pretty bummed they didn’t include my all-time favorite Vietnamese dish, com tam (broken rice), in this video. I guess kids can only eat so much food in one sitting.

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11 Of The Most Popular Brunch Dishes Around The World [Infographic]

Aside from breakfast, brunch is arguably the best meal of the day. In this heavenly in-between realm, you can walk the line between breakfast and lunch with a bevy of mouthwatering dishes and drinks to kick off your day.

Have you ever wondered, though, what brunch looked like around the world?

Last Minute, an online travel group, took a look at 11 brunch dishes from 11 major cities around the world and compiled them into a beautifully illustrated infographic.

The infographic features information about both a dish and a beverage to pair with it. A tip on dining etiquette is also provided for each city as well as a fun fact about the culture.

As we feed our brains with this cornucopia of culture, our stomaches are pissed off and ready for food.

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Watch American Kids Try Authentic Mexican Food For The First Time

The kids from Cut are quickly building some pretty cultured palates with every new video they drop. The little tykes have had the opportunity to try authentic foods from Japan, the Philippines, breakfast around the world, and even Christmas foods.

Now, they’ll get to feast on some mouthwatering dishes from Mexico.

In their latest video, the panel of children get to taste some iconic Mexican entrees and desserts for the first time in their short little lives. Dishes featured in the video include: Molletes (bread topped with cheese and peppers ), Tamales (meat-filled masa husks), Pozole (soup featuring hominy and meat), and Flan (sweet custard dessert).

Kind of an awesome line-up.

Perhaps on their next venture, the kids can try some different cuts of taco meat. We’re talking cabeza (cow head), suadero (cow breast), and lengua (cow tongue) kind of tacos.

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‘Bear Ramen’ Is Being Served At This Japanese Chain Restaurant

There are so many types, flavors, and consistencies to ramen that further ensure our love for the rich Japanese noodle dish. You could enjoy ramen immersed in broth, served dry, and now even with bear meat.

Menya Musashi, a restaurant chain in Japan, boldly added a new Bear Ramen to their menu. The broth is made with Asiatic Black Bear stock seasoned with miso and garlic, reports Rocket News 24. The Japanese dish is topped with 3.5 ounces of the bear meat.

Asiatic Black Bear meat is said to be more flavorful and less gamey than other varieties of the family Ursidae.

You can find the dish at the Okachimachi Menya Musashi location for a limited time from Dec. 28-31 for 2,000 yen ($17 USD).

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Watch Irish People Try Hanukkah Foods For The First Time

There are still a few days left in Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights that celebrates the rededication of the Holy Temple. To learn more about the holiday festival, the folks over at Facts decided to try some of the most iconic dishes eaten during Hanukkah.

Classic Hanukkah dishes include latke (fried potato cakes), kugel (egg noodle casserole), Hanukkah brisket, and sufganiyah (fried jelly doughnuts). This is arguably one of Facts’ most delicious videos.

The dishes were pretty well-received, probably because the majority of them were deep-fried. Who doesn’t love fried foods? The crunch on those potato latke’s left us salivating.

Check out the video above if you ever wondered what foods are celebrated during the Festival of Lights.

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A Burger King In Florida Will Let You Trade Crappy Gifts For Whoppers


We pretty much can all relate to the awkward situation where we’ve received a gift we weren’t too fond of. However unwanted, we still manage to put a smile on our face and say thank you to the kind gift-giver, whomever it may be. If you’re really not about that gift, though, you can trade it in for a Whopper.

This year, a Burger King in Florida is offering a sandwich exchange for any unwanted gifts.

All you have to do is head down to the BK in Miami Beach, located at 910 Arthur Godfrey Road between 10:30AM and 5pm on Dec. 26 (the day after Christmas) with your unwanted parcel. In exchange, you’ll receive a fresh flame-grilled Whopper.

Patrons who live out of state or are otherwise unable to attend the swap will be able to post a picture on Twitter or Instagram of their gift using the hashtag #WhopperExchange. The first 100 to do so will get some kind of surprise from Burger King. More than likely, it’s gonna be a free Whopper voucher.

All the gifts Burger King receives will be donated to charity.