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After 10 Years, OREO O’s Are Coming Back!

Remember Oreo O’s?

The cult cereal made its debut in 1998 and found a home in grocery story cereal aisles until 2007. Then, it was gone. We soon had to find other Oreo-themed breakfast alternatives to get us through the morning.

Thankfully, Post just announced that the company will be bringing back the beloved cereal for national release. The cereal will hit store shelves on June 10 and will stick around for the foreseeable future.

Finally we can stop pouring milk straight into packages of Oreos like we had been for the last decade.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Oreo O’s relaunch in the upcoming week. For nostalgia’s sake, here’s a nearly 20-year-old commercial for the cereal. Man, what an exciting time.


Here’s Exactly When Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back


You can absolutely call it a comeback. Crystal Pepsi is making a long-awaited return to US stores at the end of this summer. Back in the ’90s, Crystal Pepsi gained a cult following for its unique color and packaging.

Pepsi Co. announced that the caffeine-free beverage will be available at retailers in the United States on August 8 and July 7 in Canada.

According to AdAge, the beloved drink will be available for eight weeks. Last year, Crystal Pepsi also made a comeback, but was only available for a couple days. Eight weeks should be more than enough to get your fix.

Who knows when the soft drink’s next comeback is. Better stock up while you can.