Hong Kong Consumes Almost 2 Million Pounds of Rice and 10 Million Pounds of Pork Every 24 Hours [Infographic]


If you’ve never been to Hong Kong, there’s one thing you should know — it’s a food lover’s paradise. The city is packed with Michelin-Star hole-in-the-walls, amazing street food and a fast food scene that puts ours to shame.

However, for those who have yet to visit the bustling city, dissecting and comparing Hong Kong’s culinary scene could be tricky. Luckily, HotelClub put together this handy infographic, breaking down some quick, basic info on its current culinary climate.

Did you know that Hong Kong consumes around 833 tonnes of rice (approx. 2 million pounds), 2,290 tonnes of vegetables (approx. 5 million pounds) and 4,480 tonnes of pork (approx. 10 million pounds) every 24 hours? The guide also offers some etiquette tips, such as making sure to fill everyone else’s teacup before your own and to avoid turning over a fish at the table since it’s bad luck. Check out even more interesting stats below.

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