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Woman Had The Same Number As The Cuisinart Recall Hotline, Answered Phone All Weekend


Last week, Cuisinart issued a major recall of about 8 million food processors due to faulty rivets. These rivets caused about 30 or so lacerations, and prompting the voluntary recall from the company. Consumers were instructed to call a hotline if they had one of the many products being recalled, to get a replacement or return theirs. Unfortunately for one woman, her number was nearly identical to the help line associated with the historic recall.

To be specific, a Virginia woman shares the same telephone number as the Cuisinart hotline, reports 13NewsNow. Save for one overlooked digit, the numbers are pretty much the same for anyone just eager to get their food processors replaced.

The woman, Jacqueline McDonald, received many calls she initially believed were wrong numbers until she noticed the pattern: they were all regarding Cuisinart.

That is because the first seven digits of the company’s recall number are the same as McDonald’s (minus dialing the 1). McDonald believes that folks with a landline aren’t dialing the 1 to get to the hotline and the call goes straight to her.

She doesn’t blame the callers though, who she knows are just trying to get information about the faulty products. McDonald does hope Cuisinart will change the hotline number, or tell customers to dial the 1 first.

If you own a Cuisinart product, you may want to check out the story behind the major recall.


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