CUCAMELON: The Cucumber + Melon Hybrid You Didn’t Know Existed

The cucamelon is the newest trending fruit hybrid, and its small size and watermelon-like exterior is everything.

The tiny, citrusy, cucumber-flavored melons have the aesthetic of a watermelon but are the size of grapes. They’re so adorable that you’re likely to feel a sense of guilt when you bite into one.

Food and Wine states that the fruit has been around for centuries, originating in Mexico, and are also known as mouse melons. They’re a fruit with many names and have also been branded as chihuahua cucumbers, and Mexican sour gherkins.  

Cucamelons are the new cotton candy grapes and they’re extremely photogenic and way too cute not to Instagram!

How have we just now found out about these?! Thank you internet.

Organic cucamelons can be found at Whole Foods, however, keep an eye out for them at your local farmers market. Another way to get your paws on them is to purchase seeds on Amazon and grow your own!




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How This Dead Worm-Covered Cucumber Fueled The Strangest Facebook Fight


One of America’s favorite pastimes is complaining about customer service through social media. It’s so much easier to jump on a company’s Facebook page and let your creativity shine through a few keystrokes and thoughtful jabs, but when a company sees that diss and responds with Drake-like precision, it makes the beef worth following.

Tesco grocery store in the UK gets hundreds of Facebook messages in the form of customer feedback, and obviously can’t respond to all of it, but a worm-filled cucumber got their attention, as customer Wes Metcalfe took a witty appraoch to his complaint, leading to a bizarre back-and-forth, filled with heartfelt poems and even funeral plans for the deceased “William the Worm.”


It started with dreams of a cucumber sandwich.



After trying to domesticate the animal, they discovered it was on its way to worm heaven, and Rob from Tesco responded with a beautiful poem, really feeling for the customer’s loss.



Customer West Metcalfe then retorted with funeral updates and yet another poem for the deceased worm.



Then things just got ridiculous, as the poem exchanges kept coming, and the love for William the Worm really shone through.



Please stop.



This conversation should have been over long ago.



William’s not coming back! Just let him be!



OK, I think it’s over now.



R.I.P. William the Worm. May no other worm ever get this much attention.



Instagram Squashes #EggplantFriday, Thirst Too Real [NSFW]

Your weekly, balanced Instagram meal plan has been disrupted. #EggplantFriday, an entire day devoted to fruit-like bulges fighting their way out of men’s sweatpants, has been pulled from the popular photo-sharing website due to the successful escapes of certain…members.


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While New Year’s resolutions to eat more vegetables are still going strong(ish), thirst levels are sure to escalate following this recent development.

For normal people who quench their thirst with water and Tinder, other fruit-related hastags have not (yet) been tainted on Instagram.

There have been cries for a #MelonMonday, which already exists as a safe, magical place for cantaloupe, honeydew and watermelon lovers alike (though some considerable cleavage has been cracking the door open to more suggestive content):



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This cucumber magically fused with a watermelon in a home garden


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Benedict Cu-Cumberbatch



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9 Genius Ways to Repel Ants Using Common Ingredients in Your Kitchen


Summer arrived sooner than we expected and while we’re all out there kidding ourselves about getting beach bodies, those curious little critters known as ants have planned their summertime assault. Specifically, they’re targeting our kitchens.

While it’s probably the easy way out, I’d have to say most people wouldn’t want to use bug spray in the middle of their cooking and food storage space. Toxicity aside, it’s just gross. Plus, you’d have to throw out any unsealed foods the ant spray gets on.

Foodbeast dug around and found a few natural food remedies to prevent that dreaded insect epidemic. Since ants are really receptive to smells, there are a number of foods that can naturally repel them. If you can get your hands on a few of these everyday food items, you can easily create an ant-free zone in your kitchen. Just place a few from the list around cracks and holes in your house, and they’ll work as a powerful scent barrier preventing ants from entering.




You can easily get your hands on powdered cinnamon. This spice is an amazing ant repellant that not only blocks ants from your home but can kill them as well. Just don’t be stingy.


Coffee Grounds


Made some extra coffee in the morning? Save those grounds and sprinkle. The nitrogen in the coffee burns ants when they walk across. They’ll definitely try to avoid it if they can help it.


Garlic Cloves


Garlic isn’t only a ward for vampires. It also works for those pesky monsters. Just leave a few cloves of garlic lying around here and there and they’ll do their thing. The only downside is smelling garlic. Which I don’t mind.




Add either black pepper or cayenne to some water and spray over ants. It’s probably the easiest spice to get your hands on. They’ll quickly disappear.


Citrus Peels


When you’re done garnishing your booze, don’t throw out the citrus pieces. Hang onto the citrus peels and throw them into a blender with some hot water and spray onto lines of ants. Should do the trick.




Bundle fresh mint together and place it around your kitchen to keep the ants out. Sidenote: Mint is incredibly easy to grow.


Chili Peppers


Like coffee, ants will not walk through a line of chili pepper flakes. Either buy them dried in bulk and grind them yourselves, your save a few red chili pepper flakes from your next pizza outing and have them handy for ants.




Dried basil leaves sprinkled around the kitchen in cracks and crevices should keep ants at bay. All you have to do is remember to replace them every now and then.




Cucumbers aren’t just for leveling up your water and removing bags from your eyes. Just skin the cucumbers with a peeler and leave them in cracks and openings. Though, like the basil, remember to change them out daily.


Note:  While some of these methods won’t directly kill ants, they will keep them at bay in a safe and natural way that’s chemical-free.

Fast Food

Subway Offers Falafel Sandwich as Veggie Option on East Coast


For those die-hard falafel fans, Subway is serving their on-again, off-again Falafel Sandwich in areas neighboring Washington, D.C.

The falafel sandwich is definitely a choice menu item for veggie lovers or simply those who wish to try something new. The veggie-packed option consists of fried chickpea patties topped with cucumber sauce. Sadly for vegans, the sauce contains dairy but luckily you can customize your Falafel Sandwich to your heart’s (and dietary) content.

Hopefully it’ll be available in the West Coast as well, but until then it’s an East Coast exclusive. Subway’s Falafel Sandwich is available for $4.75 at six-inches and $7.50 for a footlong.

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Vietnamese Bun Burrito

Powered by a recent obsession with Vietnamese flavors and the Vietnamese Bun, this bearded foodie has created what he calls the Vietnamese Bun Burrito. Rice noodles replace traditional burrito rice and tofu replaces beans. The salsa used is made of cucumber, tomato, mint, red onion, garlic, fish sauce, lime juice and salt. The steak is marinaded with fish sauce, soy sauce, brown sugar and chile paste. The other fillings include fried tofu, bean sprouts, vermicelli rice stick tossed in the fish sauce, lettuce, peanut and sriracha.