Apparently, Multicultural Girlfriends Love Birth Control-Spiked Yogurt


If there’s one idea yogurt commercials want to drive home, it’s that women and yogurt are inseparable. As in, when women get together with their multicultural groups of girlfriends, the one thing they can’t stop talking about is low-fat yogurt. At least, that’s what all the women sporting yoga pants in Yoplait and Dannon commercials seem to do.

Naturally, this nonsense inspired “Birth Control on the Bottom,” a faux Dannon commercial parodying the fake yogurt product, Birth Control on the Bottom. This unappetizing snack combines the “two favorite things of diverse girlfriends in commercials: yogurt and birth control.” Gosh, who knew?

Peep the clip below:

H/T Laughing Squid


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