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Watch This Grandpa Crack Open a 32-Year-Old Beer After The Cubs’ Win

Baseball is full of traditions and superstitions. It’s one of the sweet, old school parts of the game that still remains. The Chicago Cubs and their fans might be the most traditional and superstitious of them all, and since their World Series victory last nigth, it’s all been coming out in full force.

Case in point, this grandpa who had a beer chilling in his fridge for 32 years, waiting for a Cubs victory before he let out its expired contents into a mug.

A tweet sent out by Chicagoan Grace Johnson shows her grandpa finally cracking open the 32-year-old Coors can he’d been saving for this very special occasion.

He probably should have saved a wine though, because the beer apparently smelled terrible, as you’d expect from an old beer.

You can hear his son joke around in the video, saying, “I think you should drink it and die a happy man.”

Thankfully he didn’t, and now he can throw in another shitty beer in his fridge until the Cubs’ next win, which might take another 100 years, with their luck. But who believes in that stuff anyway, right?