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Cuban Heritage Inspired This Unique Collaboration With Dough Doughnuts NYC

Photo Provided By: Marisel Salazar

Available now through the end of December, NYC-based Dough Doughnuts is offering a taste of Cuba with their new Guava and Cream Cheese Doughnut. This tasty idea came from Marisel Salazar, a prominent food writer and recipe developer. As a Latin American, Salazar loves to share the diversity of Latin flavors, while highlighting its unique history of gastronomy and evolution within the United States. 

Looking back to her childhood, Salazar remembers the Cuban and American flavors that raised her. Whether savory or sweet, it’s with these flavors she infuses in her creations. Her recent collaboration with Dough Doughnuts’ executive pastry chef Solanki Roy has resulted in what Salazar deems her “dream doughnut,” the Guava and Cream cheese.

Famous in Cuba, the pastelito de guayaba y queso (guava and cream cheese) pastry is a household staple. Salazar’s collab with Dough Doughnuts brings that Cuban heritage stateside.

Photo Provided By: Marisel Salavar

For this year’s Thanksgiving gatherings, Salazar wanted to offer a new and unexpected flavor option. Made with brioche dough, filled with sweet, gooey guava, and topped with a semi-sweet cream cheese glaze, the Guava and Cream Cheese Doughnut is sure to take your tastebuds for a spin.  

To add an extra layer of glaze, Salazar & Dough Doughnuts are donating a portion of proceeds from all Guava and Cream Cheese Doughnut purchases to NYC-based Cornelia Connelly Center (CCC), a school for under-resourced girls.

Donut lover’s looking for a sweet tooth fix with a twist can find the Guava and Cream Cheese Doughnut at all Dough Doughnuts locations.