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Watch These Guys Try Clear Pumpkin Pie

Not too long ago, Chicago-based restaurant Alinea released a crystal clear pumpkin pie for the fall season. The dessert was specifically designed for the restaurant’s tasting menu and went pretty viral.

Unfortunately, the tasting menu is said to be pretty pricey and most folks wouldn’t be able to try the unconventional pie unless they’re willing to spend the cash.

Rhett and Link from Good Mythical Morning decided to try their hand at recreating that viral pie and then taste test it themselves. All they used were some store-bought pie crusts, sugar, gelatin, and pumpkin flavoring. Y’know, ingredients most folks can afford.

Visually, their attempt was pretty close to how the actual pie looked from the restaurant, just a little larger.

Check out what they thought of the clear pumpkin pie as well as all the other clear pies the Good Mythical Morning crew cooked up.


Here’s Exactly When Crystal Pepsi Is Coming Back


You can absolutely call it a comeback. Crystal Pepsi is making a long-awaited return to US stores at the end of this summer. Back in the ’90s, Crystal Pepsi gained a cult following for its unique color and packaging.

Pepsi Co. announced that the caffeine-free beverage will be available at retailers in the United States on August 8 and July 7 in Canada.

According to AdAge, the beloved drink will be available for eight weeks. Last year, Crystal Pepsi also made a comeback, but was only available for a couple days. Eight weeks should be more than enough to get your fix.

Who knows when the soft drink’s next comeback is. Better stock up while you can.


CRYSTAL PEPSI Might Be Making A Return After Disappearing For 20 Years


Back in the early ’90s, Pepsi introduced the world to a new type of caffiene-free soda they called Crystal Pepsi. The “clear soda” was met with pretty positive reviews, though sadly, it quickly disappeared from the spotlight. There’s hope yet, reports GrubStreet.

When competitive eater LA Beast asked Pepsi if they ever planned on bringing back Crystal Pepsi, the beverage company responded with a “get ready.”

According to Pepsi, fans will be happy with what’s in store for the brand. Devoted fans of Crystal Pepsi have since launched a campaign on Twitter with the hashtag #BringBackCrystalPepsi. They have also created a petition on with over 34,000 signatures.

Turns out, while Crystal Pepsi has been gone for more than two decades, it has not been forgotten. No word yet on when Pepsi plans to bring back the Crystal drink, but it definitely looks like it’s in the works.



How This Brilliantly Boozy Scammer Stole $60,000 In Wine


If you’re gonna use a stolen credit card to buy booze, you might as well go all out. Such was the case with a con man who tricked multiple restaurants into sending him about $60,000 in wine, reports the Evening Standard.

The guy pretended to be the agent of professional footballer Didier Drogba. He then requested multiple deliveries of expensive wines using stolen credit cards, including $44,000 of Lafite and Pétrus. Chef Daniel Clifford of Midsummer House sent a cab driver to deliver the wine, which he later learned was delivered to a local McDonald’s. There’s a red flag.

A similar grift occurred at Pied à Terre, where a man called in as a “fixer” for “rich Arab clients,” asking for a bottle of Cristal, three magnums of Cristal and a vintage Pétrus worth about $12,000. Also with a stolen card. As of yet, the con artist has not been identified.

Police say they have no leads. We’re gonna call him the “Fine Wine Bandit.”

h/t Grub Street


Put Your $6 Stella in this $500 Swarovski Crystal Chalice


Budding beer snobs are quick to write it off as the “Budweiser of Europe.” But sure, let’s go ahead and pony up $500 to make our Stella Artois slightly less high-end-piss-watery. In fact, we’re getting faint notes of pretentiousness with just a hint of this-is-why-you’re-broke.

Supposedly to harken back to the brand’s early days as a holiday-special beer, Stella Artois has partnered with Austrian luxury glass company Swarovski to create a limited-edition Stella Artois Crystal Chalice for the holiday season.


According to the press release, each glass is hand-blown and features a platinum rim around the bowl — excellent for laughing at your reflection when you realize you just dropped half a grand on a cup for a beer whose nickname in England is “wife beater.”

For that much, we’d expect this glass to be self-chilling and self-cleaning, but, of course, no such luck:

“As with all fine stemware, the Stella Artois Crystal Chalice should be hand-washed only.”



The Fancy-Shmancy Swarovski Stella Chalice: $500 @ Fancy